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A Pocket PC Plus ListPro Software – The Busy Person’s Lifeline

June 19th, 2008

This article by Katie-Anne Gustafsson is a recommendation for a program called ListPro, a software application that allows users to create, store, and keep track of your favorite lists. According to the author, ListPro works especially well with pocket-sized PCs such as the T-Mobile MDA.

listpro-review.jpgI’m a mom with two pre-schoolers. I am also a freelancer who runs a writing business. I have deadlines for clients and kids coming out of my ears. I need to know whether there’s something to eat for dinner in the freezer, what to buy at the grocery store, whether the bills are paid, if I have any invoices outstanding, what projects need completion by the end of the week, which days the boys aren’t at pre-school, whether I’ve sent out the right number of birthday cards this month – and so the list, or should I say lists, go on. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find something that would help me keep up with all of this, and then one glorious day last summer, a friend handed me a gadget that has completely revolutionized my life — an unlocked T-Mobile MDA pocket PC!

By inserting the SIM card from my old cell phone, I suddenly had everything at my finger tips…well almost everything. I could make notes, put in appointments and deadlines etc, but the lists were still not really accessible enough.

Then an Internet search brought me to a software program that has changed my life and lowered my stress levels dramatically — ListPro from Ilium Software. I used the demo not expecting anything out of the ordinary but boy was I ever mistaken. This software allows me to make lists either via the computer and sync them to the MDA, or to make lists “on the go” and have them sync back to the computer when it’s linked up. I have lists now for everything from shopping to deadlines, and from a systematic cleaning routine for the entire house to a list of threads I need to buy for a stitching project. It helped me keep track of which gifts I’d bought for Christmas presents and which were still needed and it even automatically totals up my income for each month by balancing the column with the project invoice total. I can’t believe how much easier this one piece of software has made my life.

As for the MDA, a birthday gift of a 4GB memory card has allowed me to transfer all of my music from the computer so that I have a portable jukebox with me – it’s like an iPod, but better! I can even play my favorite board games of Monopoly, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit whilst I wait for hospital appointments!

For anyone who has a busy lifestyle, whether you’re a corporate executive or a mom juggling too many things at once, I thoroughly recommend a pocket PC such as the MDA, and once you have this, try the free version of ListPro – I’m pretty sure you’ll pay the license fee at the end of the trial!

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