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Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Clutter Free

June 21st, 2008

bathroom-shower-caddy.jpgThis article by Shery Russ addresses the issue of excess clutter in the bathroom. The author’s main suggestion is that the use of a bathroom or shower caddy like the one displayed in the image to the left can improve the overall appearance of your bathroom while also optimizing your available space.

The bathroom is the one room in the house that is often overlooked when it comes to both tidying and organizing. This is because the bathroom isn’t specifically any one person’s room. However, it is easy to organize the bathroom in such a way that will make items easy to locate, identify, and assign to each member of the house.

The bathroom is the one area of the house that has items belonging specifically to each family member and also a room that can generate a lot of arguments if items are misplaced or used by the wrong person.

A bathroom caddy is the single most useful item when it comes to organizing the bathroom. More specifically, one bathroom caddy per person is ideal. This useful item can provide you with the room to house all personal items including toothbrushes and other hygienic items that are considered to be personal to each family member.

Bathroom or shower caddies also allow each family member to put in his or her own shampoo and other bathroom essentials. The unauthorized use of these items is probably one of the biggest reasons for family fights, so organizing the bathroom may help to prevent accidental misuse.

Of course, another reason for organizing the bathroom in this way is that it looks neater. The bathroom then becomes a lot easier to manage. When there is mess, items get lost, damaged or broken and the bathroom is no different in this respect.

Clutter in the bathroom can be dangerous, causing people to have accidents or at the very least to injure themselves. By ensuring that everything in your bathroom has its place, and is in its place, you can easily prevent accidents, injuries and arguments from happening.

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