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John Stankiewicz Warns Against WorldPassive and DollarMonster

June 23rd, 2008

dollar-monster.jpgJohn Stankiewicz of 9PlanetReviews.com is warning his subscribers and any potential members of the WorldPassive program (formerly DollarMonster) that it may be turning into a scam. DollarMonster was a popular doubler-cycler program that had its heyday back in 2004 when such programs were in vogue among certain populations of the alternative investment community. After the original program ran out of funds, it has since been resurrected twice, the most recent reincarnation being published under the WorldPassive moniker. Below is the letter I received from the admin of 9PlanetReviews earlier today. Fortunately, I did not “invest” any funds here.

Below is what I posted in my blog yesterday.

I will never again recommend that outfit. It used to be that one could make a few bucks there, so I recommended them each time they came back out.

I now hear that Blondie (Judy) just got booted today as well, and she had over 50 folks signed up in that one. Am not sure how many I had. So Admin at WorldPassive are biting the hands that have fed them.

UPDATE: WorldPassive Cycler (DollarMonster)

Looks like a reader of mine ratted me out. I simply made a one line statement, and here it is: “Actually, new developments. Avoid DollarMonster, am about to publish that in my blog. So if your fifty cycles? Get it out and stay out.” And looks like my “friend” sent that in to support. So they canceled my account and my payout of two cycles. Here are the details:

I originally bought a $50 position, that cycled, and then I put all of that back in and that cycled too. Then I made w/d request.

Guess what?

I just received an email saying they had shut down my account and are giving me my original $50 back. Why? I was in violation of their agreement. It says basically I would not do anything to harm their programme. Well, I did not. Check my blog. (I merely made one comment to a reader of mine that sent that in to support! Not as if I posted this all over the Internet! But now I have. And so should you!)

But, I did mention to one reader, in a private e-mail that I would not put any more money in that one as I thought it was about to fold (as most cyclers do, and this one did twice or thrice before). I guess that reader sent that one in to support.

So I replied to support and basically said they had better pay my cycled positions or I will make this into a story. And here the story is!

They have done the wrong thing. I have not said anything negative in my blog about their latest scheme. And now I am. They gave me the opportunity. It’s not about the fifty bucks. I could care less. But that kind of treatment? Say anything negative about them and your account will be shut down? Sounds like desperation and totalitarianism. Sounds like a scam. Sounds like a poor decision by some flunky support person.

And scam it is! Spread the word. Spread this word far and wide so you cannot get cheated ever again by these three time failure goons! I sure am!

PS: WorldPassive Admin/Support have renegged on even refunding me my $50 that I put in at the start. Well, I hope they have some fun with it, maybe buy some candy or chips. But I hope they do avoid the Aspartame laden pop and gum.


By the way: there was no real harm done by my post up above. Why? Because they were pretty nearly dead already. Too few members, not enough money, and they failed three times before. Plus it is summer. The absolute WRONG time to launch an opp such as this! Stupid or what? Stupid mostly. At this point I will not even likely get my fifty bucks back! But am laughing all the way! Not at you. But with them! We’re all just having fun here, right? Until the next memory-wipe!


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  1. comment number 1 by: john peters

    MY turn into a Scam. Hate to tell you, it always was a Scam. It just got bigger.

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