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Search Query Sunday, 19th Edition

June 29th, 2008

search-engine-logo.jpgThis week we have a good variety of search queries to deal with, including some for pages that were not previously indexed. The most popular pages have not changed much since last week, although the compilation post on short funny sayings has made it into the top ten.

increase alexa rank without toolbar — If you want to do this by surfing your own site, you can use the Firefox extension Search Status and you will get Alexa credit for the page views just as if you had the toolbar installed. For other tips on increasing Alexa rank generally, see 10 Methods for Increasing Your Alexa Rank.

computer running too slowly — Try some of the tips from my Fix the Computer CPU Speed page. Most of the time a slow computer is a symptom of too much clutter, either in terms of installed programs that shouldn’t be there (viruses, malware, and the like) or having too many processes running at one time. On the other hand, if you’re trying to run a high-end application such as a modern PC game and it’s too slow, you may have a hardware issue to deal with as well.

how can i have weblog for free — Interestingly, I came up #5 in Yahoo for this one, and the listed result was my page on free text links. As for the question, you can always get started with a free weblog rather easily with blogspot.com or wordpress.com. However, if you’re really serious about blogging, I would recommend getting your own domain name and a reliable paid hosting service.

eponyms with examples — This is a page I have not received traffic to in a long time, so I am glad to see that someone searched on a relevant query for it. You can find my essay with examples of eponyms here.

is sendearnings.com real? — Yes, SendEarnings is certainly real. Better yet, they actually pay! See SendEarnings Confirmed as Paying Program for details.

can i put my cell phone in the refrigerator — Sure, why not? If you have any other household members, they might see this as a little odd but I certainly won’t mind!

dual monitor aquarium screensaver — Fortunately I have an article that deals with a virtual aquarium screensaver program, and my mother confirmed that it actually works well with dual monitors.

what could you make your kids as a sweet quick snack? — There are lots of options here of course, but one thing that I have used myself for a quick snack is the good old bowl of cereal. Most cereals are pre-sweetened anyway and it is certainly easy to prepare. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a somewhat more nutritious alternative, you could start with an unsweetened cereal and add some of your favorite fruit to it for sweetness.

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