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Google Affiliate Network Replaces DoubleClick Performics

July 1st, 2008

google-doubleclick.jpgYesterday I received an email from one of my affiliate networks which seems to indicate that the merger between Google and DoubleClick is now officially complete. Back in April, Google announced that it was paying $3.1 billion for the online advertising company DoubleClick in a move that initially drew skepticism from various privacy advocates and the European Union but was eventually approved by regulators. The merger was seen by many in the business community as a strategic attempt by Google to expand beyond its core operations in search and into the market for online display advertising, something that DoubleClick had managed to do relatively well.

Meanwhile, back on May 16 I had joined the DoubleClick Performics network in order to take part in the Barnes & Noble affiliate program while also gaining access to a plethora of other high-end companies offering affiliate programs with widely varying commission incentives and qualifying criteria. Although the recent email states that the platform for our accounts will continue to be hosted at ConnectCommerce.com, DoubleClick Performics will now be officially renamed and operated as the Google Affiliate Network. There will also be changes to the user interface happening over the next few weeks that reflect the changeover to Google. Here is the full text of the email update from the new company’s Group Product Manager:

We are pleased to introduce Google Affiliate Network . Effective Monday, June 30, 2008, DoubleClick Performics Affiliate will operate as Google Affiliate Network. The integration with Google’s brand is a reflection of efforts to quickly assimilate our business and teams, as well as reinforce Google’s commitment to the Affiliate channel. Together with our new colleagues at Google we are creating new opportunities for monetization, expansion and innovation in Affiliate Marketing.

Within the next couple of weeks you will see some exciting changes to the user interface reflecting the new brand. The platform will continue to be hosted at www.ConnectCommerce.com, but will eventually migrate to a google.com product url.

As noted in earlier communications, DoubleClick Performics’ Search operations are being spun off and sold to a third party. While many advertisers have relationships with both DoubleClick Performics’ Affiliate and Search, there have always been separate account teams and product-specific specialists servicing clients’ search and affiliate programs. These teams remain intact. While the formal separation will occur when the Search business is sold, the businesses are functionally separate today.

We are proud of what we achieved as Performics and this name change signals a new milestone. Google provides world-class resources and enables us to continue to attract the best talent to support our advertisers and publishers. Now as part of Google we have an exciting and unprecedented opportunity to advance our industry. We remain committed to ensuring you receive the quality service you have come to expect from us.

We appreciate your business and look forward to doing great things together.


Chris Henger

Group Product Manager
Google Affiliate Network

UPDATE 07/09/08: Google Affiliate Network released another quick update today regarding the ConnectCommerce user interface:

Google Affiliate Network, formerly DoubleClick Performics, is pleased to unveil a refreshed ConnectCommerce user interface. We have made improvements to overall navigation and usability and have updated colors and styles to reflect the new Google Affiliate Network brand. This update should leave the interface simpler to understand and navigate. Please note that we are not currently integrated with Google Accounts and you must continue to use your ConnectCommerce username and password to log in.

Google is dedicated to providing the best possible user experience. This release is another step toward our goal of improving user experience and delivering value for our partners.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Homebusiness Online

    Thats another good move by Google team in positioning the highly competitive ads online business. Great for existing Google AdSense members also, this could mean an opportunity to ear CPC and CPA under the same Google account once the merging finally completed.

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