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Libertarians Celebrate 4th of July with Fundraiser

July 4th, 2008

libertarian-fireworks.jpgEarlier today I received a campaign update from Russ Verney of the Libertarian Party which suggests that the current fundraising drive for July 4th is actually going pretty well. Two days ago, the LP sent out a fundraising letter asking supporters to contribute a symbolic donation of $17.76 toward the current ballot access drive in celebration of the American Independence Day. According to today’s update, it seems that the response was mostly favorable:

Dear friend,

Yesterday, you may have received an Independence Day message from Bob and a request for your support.

I am very pleased to report that many of you responded and it was our best fundraising day since we launched the campaign!

We are only $10,500 away from reaching our goal of raising $88,000 by July 4th!

If you have not already done so, please make a donation today of $25, $50, $100 or even $10 if you can.

If you have already donated, THANK YOU! If you can, please try to contribute another gift today so that we can reach our goal by Independence Day.

Thank you for making yesterday our best fundraising day ever!

In Liberty,

Russ Verney
Campaign Manager
Bob Barr 2008

Meanwhile, before I republish the original fundraising letter below, I might as well leave you with some food for thought. As most of you already know, the 4th of July in the USA is traditionally celebrated with ample displays of fireworks, along with apple pies, barbecues, and other assorted festivities. As my mother was talking about the possibility of fireworks celebrations this morning, I was reminded of the wild celebrations in Shanghai that I posted about back in February when the Chinese New Year rolled around (scroll down the CNY page about halfway and watch the first video to see what I am referring to here). Then my mother mentioned that the police were stopping and ticketing any drivers coming into our city of Corpus Christi who had purchased fireworks from the local vendors who were stationed just outside the city limits. It is currently illegal to even possess fireworks in the city, and people who are caught with them face fines of up to $2,000 for each piece of contraband that is confiscated from them.

As I put the proverbial two and two together, I realized that we are now in a situation where people in a supposedly communist country (China) have the freedom to celebrate with fireworks at will even in their largest cities, yet in many American cities like ours the mere possession of fireworks has been criminalized! And this holds true for the very day on which we Americans are supposed to be celebrating our freedom and independence. Does anyone else find this situation disturbing, or at least a little odd? Does anyone in this blasted country actually care about freedom anymore?

Dear Libertarian Patriot:

Two hundred and thirty-two years ago, patriots of the American Revolution banded together to draft a proclamation to the entire world that men were not meant to exist as slaves to their government. That document, the Declaration of Independence, became a rallying cry for oppressed people across the world, and still to this day is one of the most powerful declarations of the relationship between man’s freedom and the institution of government.

From then onward, Americans have celebrated the Fourth of July as Independence Day. The day marks independence from tyranny, oppression, taxation and an arbitrary enforcement of laws.

Today, we celebrate those same ideals.

In celebration Independence Day, and the freedoms our Founding Fathers put their lives at risk for, we are asking for a symbolic donation of $17.76 to help continue the new American Revolution we are currently fighting.

Government is once again at a level incompatible with the freedom our Founding Fathers designed us to have.

Your symbolic donation of $17.76 will help to turn back the tide of tyranny and help to bring a new era of liberty and prosperity to all Americans.

What will your $17.76 go towards in the fight for liberty?

It will help fund ballot access in the remaining states where voters have yet to have the Libertarian choice. It will help fund volunteer and outreach activities to bring more patriots like you into the Libertarian Party. Most of all, it will help the Libertarian Party be more effective in fighting assaults to freedom from the current Administration and those which have infringed upon it before!

Will you donate today?

If you haven’t already decided to donate, please consider this offer from one of our fellow Libertarian Party patriots:

If 232 people donate from now through July 4th, he will donate $1776 to the Libertarian cause!

Please consider his generous show of patriotism and dedication to the fight for liberty, and donate $17.76 today!

If you feel the spirit of the American Revolution whelming up from inside of you, and want to donate more than $17.76, feel free to do so. Every dollar will be used in the furtherance of liberty and freedom for all Americans.

Thank you for your donations, your dedication, your support and your commitment to liberty in America.

Your fellow patriot,

Bill Redpath
Libertarian National Committee, Inc.

PS - Please consider a donation of $17.76 to celebrate the Fourth of July! If you are not a member, and would like to become one, please visit our Web site at www.lp.org/membership.

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