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Search Query Sunday, 20th Edition

July 6th, 2008

search-query-share.jpgSearch queries to my wet cell phone page have really taken off this week. At last count, the 30-day visitor total was up to 1,593, which translates into about 53 visitors per day who are dropping their cell phones into various bodies of water and then hoping that they can somehow be fixed. If I had the means to do so, I could probably make some good money by setting up some type of cell phone repair service, but for now I will have to be satisfied with commissions from whatever affiliate products I can find and use for monetizing the page. I should probably look into setting up some AdSense placements on there as well. Meanwhile, here are some questions from people who were searching on other topics:

Next leap year is when? — The next leap year should be 2012. The current year (2008) is also a leap year, but the relevant date of February 29 has already passed.

coke blak homemade — This is a page that has not been receiving much traffic recently, so it is good to see that there are still folks out there who are searching on this topic. I have a page on how to make coca cola blak, but the basic process is pretty simple - you can just use a regular coke and put a small amount of coffee (about half an ounce) into your glass before pouring in the coke. The taste is very similar to the “real” coke blak without all of the extra flavorings and chemicals that were included with the relatively high-priced product.

when are coke reward points counted — The reward points are counted after you log into your Coke rewards account and input a valid code from one of the eligible Coca-Cola products. These codes can be found under the bottle caps of most Coke products and on the insides of the cardboard packages that contain Coke beverages in the aluminum cans. By the way, Pepsi also has a similar rewards program that you can register for through Amazon.

symptoms of adult recovering from salmonella — Typical salmonella symptoms include diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, and general gastrointestinal problems. Dehydration may occur as a result of the diarrhea if adequate fluid intake is not administered to compensate. For more details, see my recent article on salmonella symptoms and treatment.

can you change statutory laws in tx — It is possible, but ultimately this must be done through the Texas state legislature. If you’re seriously trying to get a law changed, expect to deal with your fair share of politicians, lobbyists, special interest groups, and bureaucratic runarounds. Welcome to the world of politics!

make money by referrals mysurvey — In order to make money from referrals, you first need to sign up with MySurvey, which you can do here. After that you can apply for their affiliate program, and once you’re approved, you will receive a referral link and some banners that you can use to promote the program. If someone clicks through from your referral link and registers with MySurvey, you will be paid for each referral.

skills needed to be in keyforcash — You don’t really need many specialized skills for the KeyForCash program; it’s pretty much just typing and data entry. If you are able to type relatively quickly and accurately, this can help you to earn faster, but the program does not have any minimum speed requirements to join or receive assignments.

what is the meaning of goodbye — Goodbye is an English expression indicating that you’re about to leave, hang up the phone, terminate your message, etc. It is a relatively polite way of ending a conversation.

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