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LinkShare Rolls Out “Easy Links” System for Publishers

July 9th, 2008

linkshare-logo.jpgToday the Linkshare Corporation released its July newsletter to publishers. The first part of the newsletter was simply a summary of the company’s recently-held 2008 symposium; it seemed to consist of little more than congratulatory corporate back patting that most of you probably don’t care about, so I see no real need to reprint it here. However, below this text there was an “Easy Links” section that may be of interest to those of us who are into affiliate marketing or who may have signed up with LinkShare as a publisher at some point.

LinkShare Referral Prg

Apparently LinkShare is finally catching up with Google and Amazon in offering contextual product links that automatically detect the main keywords used on our web pages and serve up ads based on the content of the text. In other words, it works pretty much like the ubiquitous AdSense that most aspiring bloggers are already using. This is good news for people like me who are hoping to expand our affiliate marketing endeavors beyond the confines of Clickbank and offer a wider variety of relevant products to our readers from companies that have already been vetted for legitimacy and reliability.

Here is the company’s official explanation of the new pilot program:

Easy Links

Have you heard about Easy Links?

LinkShare is currently testing a Pilot version of a new creative type called Easy Links.

linkshare-easy-links.jpgEasy Links are contextual product ads that utilize an advertiser’s Merchandiser file. All you as a publisher need to do is copy the code onto your website. Once you have done that, we will “crawl” your page and identify keywords associated with that page. LinkShare then queries the advertiser’s Merchandiser file on the back end using these keywords. We then use LinkShare’s unique knowledge about Merchandiser conversion rates to display products both relevant to your website’s content, and with a relatively high chance of conversion based on past performance.

Easy Links are a simple set-it-and-forget-it way to promote products. If you have a nice content site, this link type could be a great solution for offering your visitors exactly what products they are looking for without having to do all of the work to set up individual product links.

During Pilot testing we are only offering one size - a 160×600 skyscraper. You will find an example of the Pilot design below. Also, you will only be able to find Easy Links in the Traditional Publisher Interface during this testing stage.

The full release is coming later this summer, with these enhancements:

  1. Product and Price in the Ad Unit
  2. 8 IAB sizes
  3. HTML color customization for the Publishers
  4. Link, border, product text
  5. Match the look / feel of your site

To read more about Easy Links please visit our website: www.linkshare.com/publishers/managing_your_account/

Inside the Publisher Dashboard — The LinkShare Deal Dispatchers

Have you ever checked out the LinkShare Deal Dispatchers? On the left hand side of the Publisher Dashboard homepage you will see two buttons — one that says Consumer Promotions and one that says Publisher Promotions. When you click on either of these buttons, a new window will open up with some exciting offers from our advertisers to help you earn even more commission with LinkShare.


The Consumer Promotions Deal Dispatcher is a listing of deals from advertisers that will benefit your website’s visitors, for example free shipping, or $10 off of a purchase. These offers can be very helpful for turning clicks into sales and increasing your conversion rate.

The Publisher Promotions Deal Dispatcher is a listing of deals from advertisers that will benefit you directly through your commissions. These awards can be anything, from sign up bonus offers for new publishers, to increased commission rates or return days for loyal supporters.

Explore the Deal Dispatchers today for some great promotions that will help you earn the big bucks!

One Response to “LinkShare Rolls Out “Easy Links” System for Publishers”

  1. comment number 1 by: Steve

    Easy Links do not offer text links.. So easy to implement, yet LS drops the ball… AGAIN!

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