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Triond Releases July Newsletter

July 11th, 2008

triond.jpgOnline article publisher Triond.com released its July newsletter last week, focusing most of its content on providing tips to authors in an attempt to help them maximize the site’s advertising revenue. Triond is a site much like Helium; aspiring freelance writers or other authors can submit articles to the site in exchange for a portion (in this case 50%) of the advertising revenues earned from the page on which the author’s article is published.

In theory, this seems like a pretty good deal because it allows authors to earn a passive, residual income on all published articles for the life of the site. In practice, however, most authors who work for Helium, Triond, or other similar sites have reported that the earnings derived from publishing their articles are so small that it is hardly worth the time of setting up an account with the site and going through the required motions. In most cases, a better alternative is to publish the articles your own site and keep all of the advertising revenue for yourself or sell your articles directly through a site like Constant Content and earn more of a residual income through recurring sales of usage licenses.

However, for those of you who may be interested in Triond, here is the text of their latest newsletter:

Dear Karlonia,

July and the sizzling summer heat can be too much for some, but those breezy days bring relaxed mornings, laid-back afternoons, and leisurely evenings. So spend the perfect summer day reading the latest highlights at Triond!

Keeping It Trendy

Things move fast these days — when a certain topic becomes the talk of the day, everybody will hear about it and want to know more. And what is the first thing they’ll do when they go online? They’ll punch some relevant keywords into their favorite search engine.

If a topic is really hot and trendy, the readership potential of relevant articles is enormous. But how can you know if a topic is trendy or not? Several services, such as Google Trends, show the search volume for any term you enter. Google Trends also provides a daily list of 100 trendy search terms, so you can find a topic that both interests you and fits in with a trend.

Even if you are not using the top trends list, you can still use Google Trends to your advantage. An article on a trendy subject has a better chance of succeeding than an article about a less trendy subject, so Google Trends helps you determine if the article you’re planning to write is about a trendy subject or not.

Here are two examples of recent content items that succeeded because they were trendy:

  1. Top Picks: The Movies of 2008 was published in January of 2008 and covers the year’s upcoming films. The film industry has a huge and eager fan base that anticipates the new movies of each year, so this topic was growing in popularity as the year started. Google Trends shows that the search for “top movies of 2008″ increased in late December of 2007, and has been constantly rising ever since.
  2. A much less predictable trend than the first one, Unsolved Mysteries - Part 1: Cabin 28, was published on May 15, coinciding with a renewed wave of interest in the mystery case. Google Trends shows that search volume for “Cabin 28″ peaked around that time, and has remained high ever since.

Writing on a trendy subject cannot guarantee success, but it can surely increase the potential for success. So keep it trendy!

How to Enhance the Quality of Your Content

In this part of the newsletter, we will provide a series of tips and suggestions on how to improve the quality and ultimate success of your content. This month, we will discuss research.

Often when reading articles on the Internet, you come across information or facts and ask yourself, “Is this true? Why should I believe what this person has written?” Sometimes you even catch mistakes, which clearly undermine the authority of what you have read. Even one blatant factual mistake can stop you from reading an article, or from reading material written by the same writer completely.

This is why research is so important. Articles are usually comprised of factual data and accompanying opinions. While criticism on opinions is normal and can even ignite a healthy debate, criticism on factual inaccuracies can result in a total loss of your audience.

So in order to get your facts right — do your research! Gather factual data from trusted sources, and check that it fits with what you already know. Also, make sure you get the most recent data about your subject. When using sources, be sure to paraphrase the information in your own words, or, if you choose to quote, make sure your audience knows whom you are quoting. One more tip: when publishing on the Internet, it is better to reference your source with a link from relevant keywords, rather than with traditional footnotes.

A well-researched article will gain you trust from your readers, enhance the accuracy of your article, make your article less prone to criticism, and generally improve your article’s performance.

What’s Hot - An Analysis of Publishing Successes

Publishing with Triond can lead to great success in terms of recognition, readership, and royalties. There are many different ways to become a successful author with Triond.

There are times when success takes the form of a hit article, spreading around communities like wildfire, or receiving traffic spikes from social sites or search engines. However, success can also take other forms. You don’t have to see a content item in the Hot Content list for it to be a success.

For example, success can take the form of a writer with many good articles on various subjects that perform well on search engines, but still don’t make it to the Hot Content list. 1000 articles, each of which receives an average of 100 monthly pageviews, add up to 100,000 pageviews for the month. Now this sounds more like the numbers of a hit article, doesn’t it? And here’s an advantage: While the excitement surrounding a hit article can eventually subside, the thousand articles will statistically continue to perform their average. This means that next month, the articles will again have 100,000 pageviews!

So being highly productive has its advantages. Of course, in order to keep the average pageviews per article at a high level, the active author must preserve the quality of the submitted items. We suggest following our tips for better performance on search engines.

There are many examples of such prolific writers. Here are just a few:

  1. Kristie Leong M.D., with more than 1000 articles, and an average of 71 pageviews per article last month.
  2. Louie Jerome, with more than 300 articles, and an average of 106 pageviews per article last month.
  3. Liane Schmidt, with almost 450 articles, and an average of 38 pageviews per article last month.
  4. Shergill, with almost 300 articles, and an average of 48 pageviews per article last month.

This is just one way to achieve success by publishing with Triond. There are many more successful writers and stories! We know that you have great ideas and will continue to share them successfully with the world. So keep publishing!

We hope you enjoyed receiving this message. If you don’t want to receive future editions of this newsletter, please update your communication preferences.

3 Responses to “Triond Releases July Newsletter”

  1. comment number 1 by: Daniel Canfield

    If promoted properly you can makes some great money on Picable which uses the triond platform. Picable is where the pictures are published. If you get a few picable images listed in a popular search term on google your page views and thus your earnings will rise dramatically.

  2. comment number 2 by: Liane Schmidt

    I was just searching the internet and happened upon this article! I am so touched to be on named on this list - I LOVE Triond and stand behind it 100% and it’s newsletters like these that further solidify my great feelings for the site!

    Writers you CAN and ARE making your dreams come true - just believe that success comes with perseverance, passion and an unwavering belief in yourself!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  3. comment number 3 by: How to be a Triond Super Star | Writinghood

    […] net, curious about what other people were saying/writing about Triond.com when I came across Triond’s July 2007 newsletter. In it, it states the […]

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