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PersianPTC Adds AlertPay, Plans to Add PayPal

July 16th, 2008

The relatively new but increasingly popular paid-to-read (PTR) program PersianPTC announced that it has added the payment processor AlertPay for cashouts, upgrades, and advertising payments, joining E-Gold and Liberty Reserve as viable payment options. The program also plans to add PayPal in the near future, which should increase its potential membership base significantly.


I had joined PersianPTC near the end of May as a way of reviewing the program and exploring potential advertising options for Karlonia. In the past I have had significant success in promoting paid-to-surf and other paid-to-read sites by advertising on text links or paid emails from PTR programs. It can be a relatively inexpensive way to gain referrals for various GPT programs or even for building opt-in lists as long as you remain aware of the target audience.

Although I was not very active at first, as it turns out PersianPTC is actually a pretty good program to keep in my repertoire of small earners and potential advertising venues. The paid clicks are always at least 1 cent each with some of them appearing as 2 or 3 cent banners at the top of the PTC page. The banner links do have 30 to 60 second timers on them; however, it possible to open several links simultaneously and have them all credit properly, which allows you to save time and finish all of your paid clicks within one or two minutes.

In addition to the usual clicks, there are also paid signups that can earn up to $1 per action. With this option, you simply go to the appropriate section of the site, click on one of the banners, and sign up with the program that the banner is linked to (as far as I know, all such programs are free to join). After your registration is confirmed, all you need to do is copy and paste the text of the welcome mail (sensitive information such as passwords can be removed) into the box that appears below the program’s banner in the paid signup section. After the program admin confirms that your registration is valid, your account will be credited with the stated amount of earnings.

As with almost all PTR programs, the really serious money is found in obtaining a significant collection of referrals. PersianPTC pays 25% commissions on referrals, which is higher than most other programs in this genre. They do not, however, pay commissions on multiple levels, so only direct referrals will count. The most likely reason for this is that PayPal does not allow multi-level commission structures for any programs that use its logo or services, so in order for the program to offer PayPal as a payment option, it must comply with these terms.

The minimum payout threshold for PersianPTC is $5. Most members are cashing out via E-Gold, but AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, and AlterGold are also available as payment options. There are ample postings of payment proofs and screenshots in the program’s forum under the “Payment Proofs” and “Success Stories” sections. Eventually I will post my own payment report when I reach the $5 amount and am able to cash out. Meanwhile, here are the admin updates for the past few weeks. The program started back in April of this year and now claims over 30,000 members.


UPDATE 07/17/08 PayPal has now been added:

And now, PayPal has been added to our site.

Thank you dear Manish for helping us to have a PayPal payment processor on PPTC
We hope it can make you happy, please rely on us, we will do anything for you.

Next step to be #1 -> We are going to buy and add professional and nice live chat software on PPTC to support you better and faster.
If you have any suggestion about this please let us know.


It’s to inform you that, AlertPay has been added to our site. You have supported us when we didn’t have a proper payment processor for you and now We should thanking you, thanks for your patience. Also we will have more good news for you in the future days, one of them: WE ARE GOING TO ADD PAYPAL TO OUR SITE AGAIN.


It’s to inform that, from 07/15/08 all accounts who are inactive during 30 days will be deleted, so members who has referrals, it is possible that some refs will dissapear from your downline. It’s important for us to have active users and we don’t need inactives.

Thanks a lot for your activity and honesty membership.


We have added LibertyReserve to our site. We should inform you, LibertyReserve is the one of the best e-banks with lowest fees.


We deleted all of our members cashout requests because we added a new plugin with more equipments to PersianPTC.com in due to offer better service to payments of our members.

From now, we will able to pay you more quickly with adding this plugin. So please send another cashout request again.


It’s to inform that, you shouldn’t be worried because of a few number of PTC advertisements in our site, you should know that it isn’t because of our weakness, it is because of having professional and great team who work 24hours/day on PTS advertisements in our site to check and approve PTS ads correctly and carefully and this is the golden advantage of our site in comparison to other GPT sites.

Clever and professional members who have experience of advertiseing with our site, realized this golden point and they found out PTS advertising is better than PTC advertising for them.
Therefor they preferred to advertise with our site often by PTS and because of this , there isn’t a good balance between PTC and PTS ads in our site, only that is.

You should know that, in this advertising industry (GPT) you can earn big money by having more referrals and for earning referrals you should be an advertiser and start advertising.
Professional members realized this important point for earning more money and also they prefer to advertise with us by PTS because in this advertising option they should pay for Guaranteed number of sign-ups and they think PTC isn’t a good way for them to get referrals and they can get better result with PTS advertising. Also, inside of professional members, we have amateur members who didn’t realize this point yet and they want to earn money only by PTC with 1cent or more click’s prices.

Against this problem, we changed our Advertising packages prices list and set our PTC ad package’s prices as less than the past, also we have added Special Advertising Packages with lowest prices up to %40 discount, it was a good idea and made our PTC ads a little better but we need to fix this problem for our amatur members completely.

Now, what are you think about this? In your opinion, what should we do about this problem?

Send your suggestion/idea to customer(at)persianptc.com. We will pay $20.00 as a bonus for the best idea or suggestion.

Also, we have another idea about this:

We can allocate a portion of our member’s earnings for one PTC redemption option monthly. We think and hope with this strategy we will have balance in both PTC and PTS in our site. This stategy include the members who recieved at least 2 cashout from us only.

What are you think about this idea, please vote about this suggestion and help as to provide a better services and place for you.

We are waiting for your useful ideas, and we will pay $20.00 bonus for the best suggestion.

Best Regards,

PersianPTC Admin

2 Responses to “PersianPTC Adds AlertPay, Plans to Add PayPal”

  1. comment number 1 by: شراره

    i want submit there

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia

    @ شراره

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “submit”, but if you want to sign up or register with PersianPTC, you can do this by clicking one of the banners in the article above and then clicking on the “signup” button (second one from the left) when you reach the PersianPTC site. After that, you simply need to fill in your email address and confirm it to continue with the registration process.

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