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Clickbank Introduces Direct Deposit for Receiving Payments

July 17th, 2008

clickbank-logo.gifThe popular affilate network Clickbank released its July newsletter to subscribers today. Probably the most interesting news for Internet marketers is that the company has finally implemented a direct deposit system for receiving our coveted payments. As you can read from the excerpts that I have reprinted below, there are some qualifying conditions for this, namely that you must have already received at least three standard check payments within a 90-day period. You must also reside in the selected group of countries that Clickbank has chosen to make available for this option.

This means that I will probably need to wait until my overall Clickbank income increases somewhat before using this option because I do not yet receive checks often enough with my current minimum threshold. Of course I could always lower the threshold to the minimum of $10 and receive enough checks to qualify for the direct deposit, but then I would not have the actual checks available to use for those enticing Clickbank payment proof posts like the one I published back in May.

Meanwhile, if you’re just looking to make more money from Clickbank and would like some tips and strategies for how to do this, you can read through my bum marketing methods page where I have put together some of the best advice that I have gleaned from emails, newsletters, case studies, and my own experience.

Direct Deposit is Here!

ClickBank is pleased to offer Direct Deposit (ACH & XACH) into both domestic and international bank accounts to eligible clients, at no extra charge.

Direct Deposit is a fast and reliable method for receiving your account payments. Additionally, it allows you to receive payments in your local currency, alleviating unnecessary bank fees.

To be eligible an account must have first received three paper paychecks within any 90-day period. Additionally, only accounts in the following countries are eligible at this time: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

For more information about direct deposit refer to the 2008-07-15 Release Summary.

Tools and Tips — Enabling Direct Deposit

To enable direct deposit within your account, follow the instructions below. For more detailed information, including screen shots, refer to the Direct Deposit Release Documentation.

Steps to enable Direct Deposit:

  • Login to your ClickBank account.
  • Click on the “Account Settings” tab.
  • Click “Edit” next to “Payment Information”.
  • Select the “Direct Deposit” payment method radio button.
  • Add the requested data to the direct deposit information area.
  • Click “Save Changes”.
  • The system displays a notification in your account and sends an email to the email address you have listed as your “Account Email” with instructions for completing the enrollment process.
  • Go the email account specified in your “Account Email” address.
  • Locate the email recently received from “ClickBank Notifications” and follow the instructions provided in the email.

That’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation email from us that the change has been made.

Enhanced Page Usability

To better serve your needs the “My Account” and “My Site” pages now have an improved layout. Both pages now feature:

  1. Simpler navigation
  2. Better content organization and presentation
  3. Easy to access FAQ content

Along with these enhancements, you now have the power to change your own address and payee name within your account. Simply login to your ClickBank account, click on the “Account Settings” tab, and click “Edit” in the account information area.

Be certain to remain logged in to your ClickBank account through each step of the address change process until you’ve received confirmation that the change(s) have been completed successfully.

For security purposes, if you change your Account email address or your password, you are not able to change your payee name, physical address, or payment information for 7 days. Changes to your Customer Service email address or Transactional email address will not affect your ability to update your physical address or payment information.

Login to your account and go the “Account Settings” tab to see these changes in use.

New Advertising Opportunities for Publishers

One of the best ways to attract affiliates to your product is to advertise in the ClickBank Marketplace. Up until recently, current advertising opportunities often had a long waiting list. So on July 1, we added 160 new advertising spots. These spots are featured on some of the most popular sub-category pages.

We will introduce even more spots all through July and August. Most of these new spots have no waiting list. All feature new, low introductory pricing.

One of our regular advertisers had this to say about her experience advertising in the ClickBank Marketplace:

Ordinarily we don’t rely on any paid advertising; rather we leverage all our traffic using our vast Affiliate Network. However, the only exception is paid advertising with ClickBank — as ClickBank is the most superior advertising that’s truly targeted to our goals and specific audience. Advertising in the CB Marketplace increased our affiliate network’s growth by 186% in just 30 days and increased our sales nearly 226%!” –Dr. Suzanne Godakunst, CEO - Ask Dr. Suzanne, LCC

Recurring Billing Equals Recurring Customers and Revenue

ClickBank Recurring Billing continues to grow in popularity because it provides a steady income stream to augment one-off product sales. This recurring revenue model benefits both product publishers and affiliates.

Andrew Fox, a successful ClickBank product publisher and affiliate, is one of thousands of clients taking advantage of what ClickBank Recurring Billing has to offer.

To read more about Andrew Fox and his experiences with ClickBank Recurring Billing go to the ClickBank Case Study Library and click on “Recurring Billing = Recurring Customers and Revenue.”

ClickBank Attending Affiliate Summit

Have any questions for ClickBank? Want to meet some of the ClickBank executives? Now is your chance!

ClickBank is attending the Affiliate Summit in Boston Aug. 10-12 at the Seaport Hotel.

Attendees from ClickBank include Bob King, CEO; Dush Ramachandran, VP - Business Development; Bob Dunlap, Director of Marketing; and Terra Goeres, Manager - Client Account Management.

Come see us at Table 23 at the Meet Market on Aug. 10, between 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there.

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