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High Prices Lead to More Promotion of Gas Saving Products

July 18th, 2008

hypermiling-intelligent-powered-car.jpgAs consumers continue to struggle with unusually high prices for gasoline and other petroleum-based products, promotions of various gas saving products and gadgets are on the rise. This trend has followed through into the Internet marketing world, as we are now seeing increased sales of ebooks designed to provide useful advice and strategies for saving money on fuel costs either by increasing our overall gas mileage or seeking out lower-cost alternatives that can replace some or all of our current petrol consumption.

Last night I received a promotional email from Daniel Hill, an Internet marketer who has managed to put together a series of five ebooks that cover the topics of hypermiling, gas saving devices, fuel efficient vehicles, living green, and renewable energy. He is selling them as a package called “Intelligent Powered Car” for $19.20 through PayDotCom, an affiliate network similar to Clickbank that uses PayPal as its primary payment processor.

Although I do not remember opting in to this guy’s list, I will save him the embarrassment of putting his email into the Spam & Scam section for now so that you will have a chance to review the product and find out if it is something that you might find useful. I have reprinted the text of the email below, with some slight modifications to correct spelling and grammatical errors in addition to removing superfluous product links and optimizing the anchor text for the ones that I have allowed to remain.

Meanwhile, if any of you have already obtained a copy of the product and have had a chance to read through the material, please relay any impressions or opinions that you might have about it in the comment section. This information may be useful later in putting together a full review of the product for the benefit of our readers.

Hello Karl,

Do you own a car? I own one and I’m starting to get more irritated each day by the continuous rise in the gas price. With prices that go over $4 a gallon and very dull projections for the near future, we must do something to compensate for this crazy, never-ending increase of prices.

WE MUST do something, we must act now…

I’m a sales agent and my car is as a second home for me. Due to the new economical reality, I found myself in need of developing a series of techniques that would help me cut down on the daily fuel costs. This way I managed to save 40% on my gas costs! I drive pretty much so 40% adds up to a lot of savings.

You can find my online guide here:

Intelligent Powered Car Gas Saving Guide

If you’re interested in saving up to 30-40% on gas, I can help you achieve this. Maybe you don’t drive as much as I do but if you follow my advice you can easily save up to $2000 annually or even more!

Think about it, is it really necessary to throw away a few thousand dollars? I know how hard it is to work for them so why just throw it away? You could use that money for more important purposes like going on a mountain trip, relaxing at the sea side with your family and friends, or saving money to get a new car or a MacBook Air in a few months. Or do you actually prefer wasting your money?

If the answer to that last question is NO, I think you should really start learning how to save money on gas.

I’ve got the perfect solution for you. I’ve put on paper all my knowledge and managed to make a guide that would help you save good money everyday.

Being very happy and grateful to all those that already bought so many of my books, I decided to make you a one time offer.

You can be one of the lucky ones that gets to have my guide for just HALF THE PRICE. With a minimum investment you can save thousands of dollars every year!

Go to this link to purchase your very own gas saving guide right now, for just half the regular price:

IPowerCar Gas Saving Package

Try My System For 50% Off And Get a Free Gift!

If you’re one of the 200 buyers that will get the package for half the price you’ll be happy to know that I have yet another surprise for you: a book especially made just for you that teaches you how to benefit from RENEWABLE ENERGY. Yes, you heard that right! The book that teaches you about all the renewable and alternative energy sources is available now for FREE along with the 50% discount I mentioned above.

That’s a lot of goodies… and you get it all for just a few bucks.

Hope to hear from you soon,

P.S. This half off sale ends as soon as all the 200 copies of my books are sold. Once all 200 copies are sold, the price will be again the regular one and you’ll have lost the opportunity to benefit from the 50% discount.

You must know that there are a lot of people that want to save the money they pay on gas and I’m sure that the 200 books will sell in no time. Grab one right now by visiting:

Save Money on Gas - IPowerCar Guide

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