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Search Query Sunday, 22nd Edition

July 20th, 2008

adsense-earning-percentages.jpgWhile the overall search traffic has not significantly changed since last week, I have finally managed to implement some Google AdSense units on selected pages of the site. The basic idea is to target the pages where most of the search traffic is coming in while preserving a clean layout on the front page and on any pages where low quality traffic would noticeably reduce CTR values. So far the strategy seems to be working as far as CTR goes, but the earnings per click seem pitifully low compared to the values that I am seeing for my targeted keywords in the AdWords tool. It is clear that my life has become little more than a numbers game; I must either increase traffic to this site several times over or acquire other sites in order to make my efforts worthwhile and avoid a humiliating demise. Meanwhile, I suppose that I should tend to the business of answering this next batch of search queries.

what is atm surcharge — An ATM surcharge is a fee that is charged by banks for using ATMs that are not owned or affiliated with their particular company. This fee generally ranges from one to three dollars per transaction and can be avoided by either using an ATM that is affiliated with your bank or having an account with a bank that reimburses these kinds of fees. For more information on this, see How to Avoid ATM Surcharge Fees.

clixsense how many ads can we click — You can click on as many ads as are available on the screen after selecting “Get Paid to Browse Ads” from the left side menu after logging into your account. After you have clicked all of these and received credit for them, it’s a good idea to check back fairly often (at least once or twice per day) because new ads appear frequently as the advertisers purchase more clicks. Also, the number of ads available for clicking greatly increases when you upgrade to the premium membership.

does usaa accept paypal transfers — If you mean transfers from your PayPal account to your USAA account (or vice versa), yes. I have done these kinds of transfers both ways before, and my experience shows that the transactions take about three to five days to fully settle and allow usage of the received funds.

treasure trooper multiple accounts — According to Treasure Trooper’s FAQ item #5, you cannot have multiple accounts within the same household. It is possible to have multiple people operate a single account within the same household, however. For more information on this program, see Treasure Trooper Payment Report and Review.

did we have a leap year in 2000 — Yes. We also had a leap year in 2004 and 2008. Next…

correct grammar they’re work or their work — It should be “their work”. “They’re work” would be the same as saying “they are work”, which would not make sense in most contexts.

metal lead or led — If you’re talking about the metal, it’s lead. Led is the past tense of the verb “to lead”.

correct usage for WE WAS — It’s “we were“. Was is used with singular subjects such as I, he, she, or you (if you’re referring to only one person). For plural subjects, use were.

Image Credit: Problogger.net, showing the percentages of bloggers who earned various ranges of income per month with AdSense.

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