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Treasure Trooper Celebrates 3 Year Anniversary

July 21st, 2008

treasure-trooper-logo.gifLast Saturday (July 19) the popular GPT program Treasure Trooper celebrated its three year anniversary and published a newsletter that was somewhat of a departure from the usual short summaries of recent events at the site. This time the site owner decided to write a longer letter and explained the story behind the program’s origins. It was actually a pretty interesting read, as I had never known about how the site started since I wasn’t really into paid-for-offer sites at the time. As usual, I have reprinted the text of the newsletter below for your informational pleasure.

Meanwhile, if you want to find out more information about how to make money with the program and see my latest payment report, you can go to the Treasure Trooper review page. If you’re looking to join the program (yes, it’s free and they accept international members), please click the banner below and click on the “Register Now” button after the page loads.


Dear Troopers,

TreasureTrooper is officially 3 years old now, and I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic. I have decided that this newsletter will be a departure from the usual format. The bonus offers are still there for those of you that can’t live without, but for the rest of this newsletter, you will have the forced honor of listening to me, your humble site CEO, ramble. I’d like to begin with the story of how TreasureTrooper came to be.

Just over 3 years ago, I was on a 7 day hiking trip with multiple male members of my family. We were endeavoring to hike the great Appalachian trail. Not all of it, mind you, but a good 10 miles per day or so. It was the third day of the hike, mid-day, when the 7 of us came to a split in the path that, according to our maps, would reconnect further down the rocky trail. One path, a high mountain peak pass with stunning views. The other, a longer route through a beautiful forest without the steep inclines of the other. The party, unable to agree on a route, quickly split into 2 groups. I was among those that took the forest path, and my brother, well, he opted for the more treacherous of the two. No more than 10 minutes had passed since the group split, and we were making good progress. My senses were treated to the sights of forest and wildlife, and the sounds of wind, birds, and…. screaming? I stopped my group and we listened carefully, waiting….

Then, as we began to re-embark on our journey, the scream, “HELP!” could clearly be heard as it made its way through the forest and echoed into our eardrums. I immediately recognized the voice as that of my brother’s and, armed with the understanding that there were numerous black bears and large heights from which to plummet, I took off running towards the voice. As I sprinted down a trail that was never meant to be sprinted upon, my foot caught a root and quickly punished my ankle by causing it to pop loudly. I screamed out in pain as the rest of my body fell to the ground. My uncle, who was behind me, stopped to check on me. Through tears of pain, I instructed him to continue on and see if he could help the other party. As I lay there nursing my sprained ankle, the time seemed to crawl. Finally, after maybe half an hour, the whole party came walking back up the path with smiles on their faces. My brother explained that he had been yelling “HELLO” and not “HELP!” “That idiot,” I thought to myself. I finished out the day on a sprained ankle.

Back at the cabin, we assessed the damages. My ankle had swollen up to about 4 times normal size. It was with great pity that my father confirmed my fears and advised me to sit the rest of the week out. And so it went, that as the rest went out hiking, I was stuck alone in a cabin with only a laptop on a dial-up connection for the next 4 days. It was during these long hours that I began to create the world and characters of TreasureTrooper. I began plotting some of the features that you now enjoy, such as the pearl game, the treasuremap, Mabutu’s trading hut, and more. Bit by bit, the ideas came together and I formed the plan to turn that concept into a real working website. (This process, of course, would take the next few months). And so you see, TreasureTrooper was forged from the fires of injury and idleness.

Over the course of the next three years, one man’s vision became the project of many. I surrounded myself with a team of creative, hard-working individuals that really made TreasureTrooper what it is today. We have continued to add new features, opportunities to make money, and an environment to have fun in during it all. Many newer sites have since taken and used our ideas, making us a true industry leader.

However, even with all of this going for us, this site would be nothing without one key ingredient… you. We truly value each and every one of our members. It is your loyalty and dedication that keeps this site going. I am encouraged countless times a week by the strong testimonials that I read in the forum. Stories of TreasureTrooper earnings being used to purchase a new puppy, make a car payment that would have otherwise been impossible, or pay that pesky landlord days before certain eviction. I even recall one individual who told a story of driving his in-labor wife to the hospital and having literally no money to purchase gas other than what he had just received from TreasureTrooper. I suggested that he name the baby “Trooper” or “Mabutu” to commemorate our part in his child’s safe delivery. He kindly declined… In all seriousness though, it is truly our members that make this site great. We love and appreciate each of you, and look forward to serving you for many more years to come.

We hope that you are enjoying the new site design and features. There are lots of new goodies including a currency converter which will allow you to exchange pearls, gold coins and platinum coins. There is a new ignore offer button which will allow you to remove an offer, that you have no intention of completing, from your Cash Offers list. You also now have the capability to sort your referrals to see which are active and which aren’t.

Many other little tweaks have gone into the new layout, all designed to make your experience with us even more enjoyable. For the 7913 of you that have joined TreasureTrooper since our July 1st newsletter, thanks for bearing with me. I promise that your August newsletter will be less wordy and more to the point! Thanks again for your participation on TreasureTrooper.com. We look forward to adding to the millions of dollars, that we have already paid our members, over the course of the next 3 years!


Your TreasureTrooper CEO

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