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How to Resize Pop-Up Windows in Firefox

July 22nd, 2008

firefox-resize-windows.jpgAlthough generally considered annoying by most Internet users, there are times when being able to fully view a pop-up window is actually necessary for certain types of online transactions. For example, I ran into a problem yesterday when I needed to make an E-Gold exchange, went to the site to log into my account, and clicked on the SRK (Secure Randomized Keyboard) button to bring up the window that allows me to input my password without exposing it to detection by keyloggers. The window appeared, but it was much smaller than the normal size and did not allow me the full range of characters necessary to input the password.

I attempted to resize the window with the usual click-and-drag method on the edges, but to no avail. The window would not budge, other than being closed by the infamous red X, so I wound up having to use the less-than-ideal Internet Explorer browser to complete the transaction. Afterward, I became so annoyed by this and similar instances of abnormally small, inexplicably locked out windows that I called upon my amazingly savvy research powers (in other words, I used a search engine) to find a solution.

Fortunately, the solution to this annoying situation for Firefox users is actually pretty simple; in fact, I’m not sure why the Firefox browser does not simply use these settings by default. In order to bestow yourself with the magical powers of being able to resize pop-up windows, here is what you need to do:

  • Go to your browser bar (that is the place where you type in a URL to go there directly) and type in the text about:config exactly as it is displayed on this page. Press Enter.
  • You should see a menu that is appropriately labeled about:config in the title bar. It appears in table form with the columns “Preferences”, “Status”, “Type”, and “Value”. Under the Preferences column, scroll down through the alphabetical listing until you see an entry with the following text: dom.disable_window_open_feature.resizable.
  • Double click on this text or anywhere along this particular row in the table. If done correctly, you should see the text change from regular font to boldface and the Value for this entry will change from false to true.
  • That’s all! Now you will have the amazing ability to resize your own pop-up windows to any size you want (within the limits of your monitor screen) by simply clicking and dragging on the corners or edges of the window.

As stated above, I have no idea why the developers apparently thought that the ability to resize popups was too dangerous for newbies to handle, but at least it can be easily enabled without any programming degrees or purchases of expensive ebooks.

Thus another tidbit of ignorance has been stamped out of Karlonia and effectively banished from the minds of all visitors who are fortunate enough to stumble upon this article. In our next mini-tutorial, we will learn how to prevent other web sites from involuntarily resizing our Firefox windows so that we will not have to worry about altering their size again later just so that we can read all of the content on the page.

3 Responses to “How to Resize Pop-Up Windows in Firefox”

  1. comment number 1 by: ireland5

    Ha- good one! I had the same problem on the USAA site as well as others where we need to see what’s in the pop-up. Now - no problem! Keep up the tips!

  2. comment number 2 by: Angelika

    Thank you!

    I had done this before, but The Boy did something to my computer and this is one of the things that changed. I couldn’t remember where I found out how to do it.


  3. comment number 3 by: Mike Corbeil

    In FFx 3.5.2 and 3.5.3, so I assume all 3.x releases, so far, I see the default value for this resizing preference set to true as the default.

    And since your article is about enabling users to resize popup windows, I think that the value of the “dom.disable_window_open_feature.resizable” preference should be false, instead of true. After all, false is like ‘OFF’ and true is like ‘ON’, so if the ‘resizable’ feature for popup windows is disable(d), then a user won’t be able to resize the windows. By making “disable(d)” false, the user should be able to resize the windows.

    Either that, or the perference name is wrong; logically speaking.

    UNFORTUNATELY, this does not work for dialogue boxes, like the Add Bookmarks dialogue box of the FFx browser.

    I’m trying to use the OpenBook add-on, for it’s supposed to provide resizability, and it does, but NOT well at all. It resizes vertically and towards the left-hand-side of the visible screen area, not resizing proportionally or symetrically, with the screen area, and the right-hand-side edge or really the whole dialogue box is then [pinned], can’t be moved at all. This is very poor for so-called resizability and I’m unable to find a solution; being unable to post at Mozillazine Forums as well as at many other websites; having some serious internet connectivity problem starting over a week ago.

    But I did manage to get a few posts in a one website, just that most attempts fail there, and the ones that succeeded wouldn’t allow more than a very few short paragraphs.

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