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Search Query Sunday, 24th Edition

August 3rd, 2008

google-analytics.gifThe big news of this week is that I have now switched over to Google Analytics for retrieving the search queries. The FireStats application that I had been using previously malfunctioned when I tried to upgrade it to the latest version. Although I could probably reinstall the old version, the initial reports from Google Analytics seem to be providing somewhat more data overall than the old FireStats plugin did. Most importantly, I am now able to see a full accounting of exactly how many visitors landed on each page of the site, and I can view this data for any time period of one day or more in increments of one day. Previously, I had been restricted to seeing only the first 10 pages that had most visits, and I was further restricted to viewing only the 30-day totals. These new abilities will be a great help in determining which pages are the best candidates for AdSense monetization, affiliate link placement, or other methods that could be used to monetize the traffic.

Another significant development was my discovery of the relatively new KeywordLuv plugin yesterday, which allows commenters on WordPress blogs to submit both names and keywords into the name field of the comment form and have it formatted so that the commenter’s link appears with the desired anchor text beside the name. This is a great boon to SEO enthusiasts like me who obtain a significant portion of our backlinks through blog commenting. With some savvy searching to find KeywordLuv enabled blogs that cover topics relevant to our pages, it is now possible to significantly speed up the process of obtaining backlinks with the correct anchor text from other blogs without having to worry as much about comments being deleted because keywords in the name field look “too spammy”.

Last night I tested out the plugin by commenting on some blogs that had posted about the new Cuil search engine and linked them back to my page that had covered that topic. The plugin really works well as long as you use the proper format, which is Name@Keyword with no spaces between the words or symbols. Afterward, I checked the Google Analytics reports and began to examine the first search queries that have arrived. Here are some of the ones that I can easily answer:

what is correct ” a hour ” or ” an hour”? — It’s “an hour”.

lead me on past tense — The correct past tense form is “led me on”.

what day is the middle of the year in a leap year — Because a leap year has 366 days, which is an even number of days, there is no true “middle day”. You could count it as either the 183rd or the 184th days, which correspond to July 1 and July 2 respectively. For regular years with 365 days, the middle day would be July 2.

minimum wages essay against it — Here is a pretty good minimum wage essay that I wrote up and posted last year. Note to Googlebot, Yahoo Slurp, and other assorted spiders: this page could use a fresh re-crawling as traffic and rankings to this page seem to have declined recently.

will eating popsicles make me fat? — This is not likely unless you eat an excessive amount of them over a long period of time. If you’re really worried about the possibility, you can look at the ingredient labels and choose ones that contain less sugar or corn syrup, which are usually the main contributors to the calorie content of popsicles.

processor specs — You can view the details of your processor specs with the CPU-Z application. Yes, it’s free.

is zucchini low carb — It is relatively low in carbohydrates compared to most other foods. Specifically, it contains 3.5 grams of carbs per 1/2 cup serving according to LowCarbYummies.com and 8 grams per 1 cup serving according to AnneCollins.com. Both figures assumed that the zucchini had been cooked.

will theraflu cause a trip — As far as I know, probably not, but I suppose that if you took enough of it while walking around, you would eventually trip and fall…

2 Responses to “Search Query Sunday, 24th Edition”

  1. comment number 1 by: monaco

    Thanks for this. I never knew how useful the keyword plug in was until I read about it here.

  2. comment number 2 by: Tom At The Home Business Archive

    Good post. I’m off to install the keyword plugin on my blog as well. Come by and leave comments.

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