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How to Get Your Kids to Like Eating Vegetables

August 4th, 2008

eat-more-vegetables.jpgThis article by Wanda Long provides a few simple tips for enticing children to eat more vegetables, something that has been notoriously difficult to do for many families. If you’re interested in this topic, I have another similar article that became popular in StumbleUpon recently called Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love.

Today, many children request hamburgers or pizza as their choice for eating, and often their choice of sides has little to do with anything that looks green, leafy or fresh. Yes, it’s no secret that many children dislike eating vegetables with their meals. Children are often turned off by their different taste, which in their minds isn’t a good thing.

Therefore complaints and excuses are often heard as to why they shouldn’t eat them. This leads to many parents faced with the challenge of overcoming this obstacle. But this task doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Follow these tips to help your child become fond of eating vegetables.

  • If you dislike eating vegetables, try to refrain from repeatedly telling your child this. Parents are the biggest influence in a child’s life and your opinion counts. If your child constantly hears how much you hate vegetables, he or she will follow suit.
  • Make vegetables tasty. No, that doesn’t mean fatty! But you can jazz up your vegetables without adding a lot of calories. There are thousands of recipes in cookbooks and online to cook vegetables deliciously.
  • Make vegetables just as important as the meat and carbs when you are at dinner. Also eat them yourself. Once your child sees you are doing as you speak, it sends a strong message.
  • Compliment your child every time he or she eats vegetables. This will encourage your child to eat more.
  • Keep yourself informed on the benefits of eating vegetables and teach them to your child regularly.

Once your child enjoys eating vegetables, it will make your job as a parent much easier.

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