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Search Query Sunday, 25th Edition

August 10th, 2008

search-traffic.jpgThis Sunday was the end of the first full week in which I have been able to test the Google Analytics tool and use this data to select the favorite search queries for this series of posts. Although the overall traffic numbers seem to be a little lower than what FireStats was reporting, the data is presented in a better fashion and there is more of it to look at and analyze than there was under the old FireStats system. The only major exception is that I cannot seem to view individual IP addresses with Google Analytics; however, simply being able to see a combined tally of each day’s search visitors instead of having to manually count each query probably more than makes up for this.

can having crumbs on the floor cause ants — While they do not really “cause” ants directly, having crumbs of food on the floor is one of the factors that can attract ants into your house. Keeping spilled crumbs off the floor and kitchen countertop areas is a good preventive measure against future ant problems.

is it possible to change your wordpress url — Yes, you can change the URL of any WordPress post by changing the “Post Slug” from your writing interface. Remember to separate words with hyphens - this will become the text at the end of the URL that is created when you publish the post. It is also possible to change the permalink format, which will change the URL for all posts.

what foods need to be taken to cure scurvy — Eating any food that contains vitamin C can prevent or cure scurvy. Most fruits and vegetables seem to work pretty well, although you can always use vitamin supplements if you are not sure.

is it correct to use “an”? — Yes, as long as it is used as an article before a noun that begins with a vowel sound (this is not necessarily an actual vowel). Otherwise, use a instead of an if the noun begins with a consonant sound.

will ron paul be on presidential ballot — Unfortunately no, at least not for the general election. However, you can still vote for the Libertarian Bob Barr, who seems to be the next best candidate.

why would atm machine eat card — Some machines do this as a kind of security feature if the user fails to enter the correct PIN after a certain number of attempts (usually three). It is also possible for an ATM to simply malfunction and fail to return the card after the transaction is completed.

which hyip sites are legitimate? — The notion of a legitimate HYIP is much like the idea of a necessary pork barrel program or a progressive tax; it’s essentially an oxymoron. In practice, none of the HYIP sites are really legitimate for serious investment purposes. However, if you know how to play this particular game, it is possible to make money from short term speculative plays.

what kind of rice do you use to fix your cell — The rice should be uncooked and as dry as possible so that it can draw moisture out of the phone. As far as I know, the exact brand of rice does not make much of a difference.

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