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Search Query Sunday, 26th Edition

August 17th, 2008

search-query-stats.jpgThis week was mostly uneventful, with the usual rejection letter and cell phone queries topping the list of pages receiving search traffic. Near the end of the week, my page on Ask BigNews picked up some unexpected traffic from StumbleUpon, indicating that someone probably gave it a recent vote even though the page was originally submitted by an Entrecard member back in February.

Interestingly, I have noticed that Stumble traffic has a much lower bounce rate than search traffic or any other type of traffic that I have received so far. This means that Stumblers are more likely to click on links to other pages of the site than other visitors, which is generally a good thing because it means that they are probably reading at least a portion of my articles. Unfortunately, most of what I have read indicates that Stumblers do not like to click on AdSense or other types of ads, which means that this traffic is not very profitable from a monetization standpoint.

Meanwhile, here are the next batch of answerable queries, most of them held over from last week. I have also been saving up a batch of computer-related queries that I will deal with eventually, perhaps in a dedicated post or separate articles, but many of these require further research in order to provide adequate answers for them.

purpose of pork barrel — The primary purpose of pork barrel programs is to get incumbent politicians reelected. They do this by voting for “earmarks” that send federal tax dollars back to their congressional districts to pay for various local projects that would otherwise be paid for by private donations or fundraisers. Such earmarks are often slipped into larger appropriations bills, where they remain undetected and unread by most members of Congress until after passage unless someone brings the relevant sections of the bill to their attention. Pork barrel programs are almost always unconstitutional and are not a proper function of the federal government.

can ants eat your house — Although they do not eat your house directly, it is possible for carpenter ants to do significant damage to homes if they are allowed to build nests inside of wooden sections that present a favorable environment for them. This can be prevented by keeping stacked wood away from the house and repairing any water-damaged wooden structures, as these seem to attract this particular kind of ant.

information on scurvy can you die from scurvy — Yes, it is possible to die from scurvy, although it is a fairly lengthy process, usually requiring 60-90 days of complete vitamin C deprivation. Any significant intake of vitamin C will reverse the symptoms and lead to recovery.

does barnes and noble use banner ads — Yes. You can find an example of such a banner on my Barnes & Noble magazine subscriptions page.

what is the meaning of the word blog — The word blog is actually an abbreviated form of web log, which is a kind of online journal distinguishable from other types of websites by the fact that entries are posted in reverse chronological order (that is, newest first). Blogs also tend to update their content more frequently than static sites and may vary in content from news aggregators to personal journals.

is oil used to make coke — Yes, but not the kind of coke that you can drink or snort.

is opinionoutpost safe — Opinion Outpost is safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and is not tested on animals. Although it has not been certified organic as far as I know, it is one of the better paid survey companies out there in terms of overall frequency of surveys and reliable payment history. For more information, see my Opinion Outpost approval page.

surcharge fee atm what is it — An ATM surcharge is a relatively small fee (usually between one and three dollars) that banks charge non-customers for using their machines to withdraw cash or make other transactions. Some banks will reimburse these fees at the end of their statement cycle if you have an account with them. For a list of these banks and discussion of other ATM-related issues, see How to Avoid ATM Fees.

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