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Triond August Newsletter Has Useful Information for Publishers

August 18th, 2008

triond.jpgEarlier this month, article publishing site Triond released its August newsletter by email to its membership. Most newsletters of this type typically do not hold much interest for non-members because they usually focus almost exclusively on site updates or self-promotion. However, I am republishing this one because it contains some information that may be useful for article publishers and bloggers who are trying to maintain a professional quality site. In particular, the sections on successful subjects, dealing with images, and enhancing content quality may be of interest to beginners in the blogging or article writing genres.

It’s the last month of the summer vacation, so it’s your last chance to travel to exotic places, host a beach barbecue, or engage in your favorite leisure activity – and then write about it on Triond! Read on for this month’s exciting updates.

In This Issue

  1. Triond Toolbar for Firefox
  2. Profile Skins
  3. Beyond Jane Launched
  4. Successful Subjects to Write About
  5. Give Credit To Image Sources
  6. Embed Photos in Your How-To Articles
  7. Block Users
  8. How to Enhance the Quality of Your Content
  9. Stay Updated

Triond Toolbar for Firefox

This month, we launched the Triond Toolbar for Firefox, a great way to improve and simplify your Triond experience. The toolbar is embedded into your Firefox browser, so you can instantly access your account information and perform actions within your Triond account. Once you’ve installed the Toolbar, you may:

  1. Access the content submission form instantly
  2. Get a random Triond content item with just one click
  3. Receive updates on Triond’s news, friends’ activity, new comments on your content items, and new community messages you’ve received
  4. Stay updated on today’s statistics — income, messages, comments, likes, and page views

At Triond, our top priority is your satisfaction, and we hope the Toolbar will make our service easier and more enjoyable. So install the Triond Toolbar and enhance your Triond experience!

Profile Skins

This month, we released a new feature letting you choose a skin for your profile page. The color scheme is visible to everyone who views your profile and adds yet another dimension of personalization to your Triond account.

At this time there are five skins to choose from: Classic Triond, Triond Negative, Rose Petal, Earth Colors, and Simple Skin. To change your profile’s color, go to the Account tab and find the drop down menu called “Choose a Skin for Your Profile Page” in Public Profile Details. Change your Triond skin as often as you like, according to the season, your mood, or even your outfit!

Beyond Jane Launched

Jane – the generic but iconic female figure from “Dick and Jane” and the phrase “plain Jane.” From this early connotation of “Jane” as drab and uninteresting, the evolution of women’s rights is one of the most fascinating in history. Women have come such a long way so quickly, and are now sophisticated, intelligent, and professionally successful while retaining the right to maintain their femininity. So whether it’s family, fashion, lifestyle, or relationship insights, log in and help to celebrate women as we continue to move BeyondJane.

Successful Subjects to Write About

We are often asked what subjects are more successful than others. Though the answer to this question varies (remember trends from last month’s newsletter?), it seems that lately items on these subjects were more successful than others:

  1. Art, design, culture, and architecture
  2. Life improvement tips and ideas
  3. Green living and environmental issues

So, if you’re suffering from writer’s block, or just want to venture into new areas of writing, these could be good writing genres to explore.

Give Credit To Image Sources

When you embed images into your articles, be sure to include the source of an image as a link. This gives credit to the person who took the photo or drew the drawing, and enhances your credibility as an author. Reward your fellow creative minds by making sure to credit work you choose to use in your own writing.

Embed Photos in Your How-To Articles

When writing how-to articles, be sure to embed photos or other visual explanations. Users find written material much more appealing and eye-catching if they can see what they’re reading about. For example, an article explaining how to kite surf moves from interesting to wildly entertaining if visuals are included. To learn more about how to embed photos and other visuals into your articles, visit the How do I embed a photo? or How do I embed a video? sections of the Triond Help Center.

Block Users

Receiving unwanted messages? Uninterested in what a fellow user has to say? Overwhelmed by too many messages? If so, we have added the option to block community messages from specific users. At Triond, we want our users to have as much control as possible over their account and publishing experience, and we hope this feature helps!

How to Enhance the Quality of Your Content

In this part of the newsletter, we will provide a series of tips and suggestions on how to improve the quality and ultimate success of your content. This month, we will discuss tags.

When a person encounters your article, the things that strike him or her the most on first impression are most likely the title, subtitle, and visual elements. But what happens when a machine encounters your article? And why is this important?

Well, first of all, machines are a big part of our lives today. Many computers all around the world, belonging to many online services, are indexing every page on the Internet. When they encounter your article, you want them to understand it better - because when they understand it better, they will make better use of it.

Tags help indexing computers to understand what your article is all about, and solve ambiguities that might otherwise occur. For example, if you write an article about how to train your dogs, an indexing service might think that your article is about:

  1. Animation - because your dogs are named after famous animated characters and you use their names throughout the article.
  2. Trains and locomotives - because you use the words “train” and “rail” a lot throughout the article.
  3. Dog training - because you use known training commands, and the word “dog” throughout your article.

So how will the indexer decide what your article is about? By tagging the article meaningfully and correctly, you give it a hint:

  1. Animation - if you tag “animation, characters, drawing, cartoon”
  2. Trains - if you tag “train, locomotives, railways, railroad, engine”
  3. Dog Training - if you tag “dog, training, commands, heel, leash”

How is this beneficial? Let’s say the indexing service that went through your article was a search engine. When somebody uses that search engine to search for “dog training”, you have a better chance of being found if you’ve tagged your article effectively.

Tags serve one more purpose – from a human perspective. Tags are visible on the article page, and give the reader a short summary of what the article is about. In this way, we humans are very much like machines - if we read just a couple of tags, we get a clear idea of an article’s subject matter, and can determine if it is something we would like to read about.

So when you submit content to Triond, make sure you tag correctly - try to include as many relevant keywords as you can without straying too far off topic. Effective tagging will draw more attention to your articles and improve your Triond experience.

Stay Updated

A lot has happened this month at Triond. If you want to be the first to know about future developments, just subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed and you will receive automatic updates.

We know that you have great ideas and will continue to share them successfully with the world. So keep publishing!

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