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Karlonia Approved for Chitika Advertising Network

August 20th, 2008

Get Chitika eMiniMallsAbout two weeks ago, I read an income report from another blogger at DuckelDanny.com who claims to have made $374 last month with an advertising network called Chitika. After looking through the archives at DuckelDanny, I am still somewhat skeptical of the claim. This other blog has only half the number of posts that Karlonia does, and most of his posts have less content. Judging by the content, keywords, and Alexa rank, it’s probably receiving less traffic than this blog does as well. But I am only generating about $50 per month from AdSense even after placing units on the high search engine traffic pages and receiving a relatively high CTR on them.

Nevertheless, I am always on the lookout for better blog monetization options, so I applied for the Chitika program and managed to get approved. Here is the official email notification:

Hi Karl,

Thank you for your application for Chitika Ads. We are excited to tell you that you’ve been approved to start using Chitika Ads on: http://www.karlonia.com/. Welcome aboard!

If you get a significant amount of US search engine traffic (users coming directly from any major search engine), you should use our Chitika|Premium ads. These ads are behaviorally targeted to show to your US search engine traffic (and certain other traffic): *This code works BEST when placed directly above or below your article titles (or right near the top of your page content)! Copy the following code into your HTML template to get started:

[Chitika JavaScript code was placed here]

To preview the ad: paste the code up on your site. Then add #chitikatest=mortgage to the end of your URL in your browser’s address bar - Example: www.yourwebsite.com#chitikatest=mortgage. Now press enter, then refresh the page. This will show you what the ad would look like to a user who is interested in “mortgages.” –>
If you do NOT get a significant amount of US search engine traffic, then you should choose one of our other ad units which will be able to monetize your site better!

Popular Questions & Answers:

How do I access my account?

To log in to your Chitika account, go to https://chitika.com/affiliate/user.php and enter the following information:
User Name: xxxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxx

I’d like to change the color or font of my Chitika ad… and, actually, can I change the size, too?

If you want to customize your Chitika ad unit to match up with your website, just click here and select the ad unit of your choice to see all the options available.

Okay, I’ve been accepted for http://www.karlonia.com/, but can I use it on my other sites?

You can use the same code on any number of sites as long as:

  1. You continue to use Chitika Ads on http://www.karlonia.com/
  2. The sites don’t violate our Terms and Conditions

Can I use Chitika ad services with Google Adsense on my website(s)?

Yes, Chitika and Google Adsense are compatible to run on the same pages.

I want to find out what’s working for everyone else; where do I go?

You can meet other Chitika members, get your site optimized and hear their tips and tricks on our official forum!
And also learn about new products and features on The Chitika Blog. (You should subscribe the the RSS feed so you don’t miss anything!)

How else can I make money from Chitika?

Earn 10% commission by referring your friends! For more information click here.

What if I have other questions?

We have an extensive knowledgebase with answers to many popular questions. If you cannot find your answer there, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to answer you!

Thank you for joining our network, and best of luck to you!

Best Regards,
The Chitika Team

I especially like the fact that Chitika is supposed to be compatible with Google AdSense. This means that I can place their ads on the same site or even the same page where I already have AdSense units installed. They also offer PayPal payments, have a minimum threshold of only $10 (vs. $100 for AdSense), and generally have fewer nitpicky rules and restrictions than Google does.

It looks as though Chitika could probably serve as a reliable monetization alternative should I ever get banned from AdSense — I would simply need to replace the relevant sections of code. Finally, Chitika seems to have optimized their ads for U.S. search engine traffic, which happens to be a good fit for my blog because this is mostly the type of traffic that I am currently receiving. If the report from DuckelDanny is accurate, perhaps this is an indication that their ads are better targeted and therefore pay a higher amount per click.

At this point, my main challenge is figuring out how to install the Chitika ads to maximize revenue on my pages without cluttering them up too much and detracting from the reader experience. This is going to be tricky because I already have AdSense units deployed on most of the pages that are receiving any significant amount of traffic. I am not sure if CTR (clickthrough rate) counts as far as earnings per click goes; I know that AdSense has a “smart pricing” feature that penalizes publishers with lower CTR or less relevant ad displays. If CTR does not make a difference, then I could go ahead and place some Chitika units on the pages without AdSense or even on the home page if I could get the ads to show something relevant enough to attract clicks or sales.

In any event, I could always test the Chitika ads on any new sites that I manage to acquire in the future. This should increase my overall income while also diversifying enough to avoid the “too many eggs in one basket” syndrome. Meanwhile, if any of you are currently running Chitika on your sites or have some prior experience with it, please let us know about it in the comment section. Any relevant information that you can provide about Chitika or any other monetization options will help us to determine what actually works when attempting to make our blogs profitable enough to be worth the effort.

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  1. comment number 1 by: Rajiv

    I want to ask you what are the other ad network I can place along with Chitika. I am talking about CPM ad networks.

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