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How to Get Rid of Frogs

August 25th, 2008

get-rid-of-frog.jpgThe idea of getting rid of frogs seems to be a controversial subject. Some people claim that frogs are endangered and caution against killing any of them, while others consider them annoying pests that have spiraled out of control in many areas. Overall, frogs are beneficial for the environment because they eat mosquitoes and other undesirable critters. In this way, they can be part of a balanced local ecosystem that enables the possibility of organic farming and gardening.

On the other hand, given the right conditions, certain kinds of frogs can multiply to the point that their numbers can create problems for certain types of humans. For example, south Florida seems to be having problems with the Cuban tree frog, which is not native to the area but has managed to migrate there and is now reportedly overwhelming the native frog population, disrupting the local ecosystem, and annoying residents with their noisy mating calls. Meanwhile, Hawaii has been battling a severe infestation of the coqui frog for the past ten years. Originally from Puerto Rico, this imported species has proliferated so rapidly on the Big Island of Hawaii that they have passed a state law prohibiting people from releasing, transporting, or exporting coqui frogs, which are classified by the state as “injurious wildlife.”

After searching through several different Internet sources, I have identified a significant demand for getting rid of frogs arising from frustrated property owners. Many of them are struggling with large numbers of noisy frogs disrupting their normal sleep patterns and even getting into their houses in some cases. Those who keep dogs in their yard also complain because some dogs foolishly attempt to eat the frogs, which often makes them sick because frogs are capable of releasing a poisonous substance called batrachotoxin when threatened. Others seem to like the frogs and don’t want to get rid of them, and animal-loving groups don’t like to use pesticides for this purpose because they claim that these produce a relatively slow and painful death for their beloved frogs.

Personally, I tend to favor organic and environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of things whenever practicable, but also favor lots of free speech and access to information. Therefore, in the classic Karlonian style I have combed through the Internet sources and brought together many different methods for getting rid of frogs that were reported to have some success. The “organic” status of some methods is debatable because although they involve chemicals, they are food-grade substances that do little environmental damage even though they can effectively kill or repel frogs. Here are the methods that I have found so far:

1. Relocate them. Although probably not practical for a large infestation, it is always possible to capture the frogs with a glass or net and simply move them farther away in the hopes that they will take up residence somewhere else. I have had to do this with a few frogs that managed to get into our house after particularly rainy periods. If you have standing water nearby, some people have advised capturing the tadpoles as well if you can find them.

2. Eliminate favorable habitats. Old wood piles, pots, ferns, shrubs, and other relatively dark, damp places can provide convenient places for frogs to hide and breed, so if it is possible to get rid of these without damaging your property, you might want to do so. If you have pets, loose pet food and water dishes can also attract frogs, so these are additional items to consider removing.

3. Turn off outdoor lights. The idea behind this one is that the lights attract bugs, which in turn attract the frogs because frogs like to eat bugs. If you don’t mind keeping the lights off, this can keep the frogs at a safe distance from your house.

4. Kill all of the bugs. By eliminating all of the insects and other critters around your home, you can drive off the frogs by removing their food sources. There are plenty of pesticides available that can kill bugs, and many of them will kill the frogs also because their skin is a permeable membrane that is especially susceptible to chemicals, even ones that are relatively non-toxic to humans. However, using pesticides will defeat the purpose of organic gardening and may also incur the wrath of environmentalists, pro-animal groups, and whatever gods of nature might exist in your corner of the universe.

5. Bring in natural predators. Interestingly, frogs have a variety of natural enemies that will happily eat them, including snakes, turtles, lizards, crows, owls, hawks, hedgehogs, foxes, raccoons, rats, otters, minks, large fish, and even other frogs. Additionally, many kinds of waterbirds, turtles, snakes, fish, and aquatic insects eat the tadpoles that eventually morph into frogs. Although some people may dislike most of these other animals as much as the frogs, if you’re looking for the “greenest” solution, this is probably it.

6. Use the power of citrus. In the case of Hawaii’s coqui frog problem mentioned above, the Department of Agriculture in that state recently approved the use of citric acid as a method of frog control. Citric acid is found naturally in citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges, and is also added to many kinds of fruit-flavored drinks to add tartness. Although generally safe for human consumption, a 16% solution of it (equal to about double the strength of lemon juice) has apparently proved very effective in wiping out large frog populations. Similar solutions may be available at chemical supply or hardware stores. If you could manage to procure some and have a reliable sprayer, this might turn into an interesting experiment.

7. Repel them with moth ball chemicals. Some people have had success with various snake repellents or even repellents that are labeled specifically for frogs. The active ingredients in these products are naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, the same chemicals used in moth balls. They work by emitting a certain odor that repels the frogs and can be deposited around the perimeter of your yard. However, in sufficient concentration these chemicals can leach into nearby water, killing fish and other types of aquatic life.

8. Bleach them out. Several people have reported that regular strength bleach is very effective at killing frogs if sprayed directly on them. Note that some people consider this a relatively inhumane method of dispatching them, however, which could incur the wrath of the same groups mentioned in #4 above.

9. Repel them with salt or vinegar solutions. A less drastic version of the bleach treatment is to spray the affected areas with a salt water or vinegar solution. This acts as a repellent by causing a slight burning sensation on the frogs’ feet but will not do any permanent damage or kill the frogs unless you use very high concentrations.

10. Turn up the caffeine. Back in 2001, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the use of concentrated caffeine to control infestations of coqui frogs in Hawaii. This came after a U.S. Department of Agriculture study found that a 2 percent solution of caffeine, which is about 125 times more powerful than what is found in an average cola drink, was 100% effective at killing frogs in laboratory tests. It was also effective in wiping out slugs, snails, lizards, and toads. Some groups have opposed this experimental use of caffeine for frog control because its effects on other “nontarget” wildlife and the environment in general are not yet known.

Below the rather extreme levels used in the USDA experiment, I am not sure exactly what strength of caffeine would be required to make an effective frog blaster; perhaps something just a little stronger than a double espresso or Jolt cola would do the trick. Or we could even try an industrial strength version of Karlonian iced tea, where I have been known to steep the tea bags for an unusually long period of time. As with some of the other methods, it is difficult for me to determine whether they would be considered “organic” or not — caffeine is found in nature after all, but we haven’t really tried to use it as a pesticide either.

At any rate, all of these experiments in frog control reinforce what was probably the ultimate takeaway lesson from my years of studying chemistry in college: it’s the dose (as opposed to the notion of a “good” or “bad” drug) that makes the poison!

Helpful Resource: 300 Frogs: A Visual Reference to Frogs and Toads from Around the World

136 Responses to “How to Get Rid of Frogs”

  1. comment number 1 by: Bing

    I’m one of the people that annoyed with their noice :D

  2. comment number 2 by: Kapricorn

    Thank you so much for this! I don’t hate the creatures–they just freak me out. And I don’t want them coming in my home or waiting for me whenever I enter or exit my home. I don’t care if they exist–just don’t want them near me or in my view!

  3. comment number 3 by: criss

    I have frog phobia, If i see one, that image stay in my mine for days, and i can not sleep, and if i do, i wake up screaming. I wish those ugly creatures never exist…Thank you for this info.

  4. comment number 4 by: kerri

    I am going to try several of these methods, bleach, vinegar and water and also citrus!! I hope it gets rid of EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!
    I too wish they didnt exist!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the information

  5. comment number 5 by: Jill

    I live in Minnesota and I have what seems to be millions in my two basement window wells. I want to kill them but anyone know if they will stink. Any ideas how to get them out? I am too deathly afraid of them and I too have found them in my basement. HELP anyone

  6. comment number 6 by: Sharon

    I agree with Jill. I also live in Minnesota and have found frogs in my window well and also in my basement. Anyone have any suggestions as to how we can remove them from our home. We do not know how they are getting in to our house.

  7. comment number 7 by: ernestine

    I too have a phobia and have been itching and scarred out of my mind because we live in the desert of Tucson Az. and have lots of frogs who sit at our entry door and garage door every evening and this freaks me out!!!!! Help

  8. comment number 8 by: Frog Pictures

    Earplugs work well for individuals concerned about frogs croaking at night.

    The kill all the bugs suggestion was pretty funny.

  9. comment number 9 by: cassie

    Thank you so much! I just heard a very loud thud on my bedroom window and went out to investigate the noise and stuck on my bedroom window was one of those HUGE Cuban frogs! I am terrified of them and will try several of the solutions mentioned. Tonight, it got a dose of pepper spray.

  10. comment number 10 by: Fox

    I am from the Caribbean island of Antigua. Over the past three years or so, the cuban tree frogs have migrated here. They are very annoying and fearless. They do not run from people unlike the indigenous frogs and toads that live here. I will be using the moth balls (tip #7) to keep them away from my home. I don’t hate frogs but I just don’t want them anywhere near my home.

  11. comment number 11 by: Kristine

    I’m also scared of them, especially as they try to get inside the house. I don’t want to kill them (i live next to a stormwater ditch, so I don’t think I could even if I did want to). I just want them to not hang out by my door where they may eventually get in (which would cause screaming, a little crying, and me calling someone to come and get it). That said, I welcome them anywhere else in my yard. I think I’ll try the salt water treatment first and see what happens… then I may have to move to spraying the door area with bleach.

  12. comment number 12 by: Judi

    I’m so happy I found this site. Everyone teases me because I am scared of frogs. I’m glad to see others feel the same way. I was begining to think I was the only one.

  13. comment number 13 by: queen

    i, too, was beginning to think i was the only one…
    i don’t want them killed. i just want them to go away. frogs where i live are small,jump high… this morning there was one on my bike, i almost didn’t notice because of the size(thought it was a leaf) i went nuts!!!

    i swear frogs could kill me by giving me a heart attack..
    or brain damage…


  14. comment number 14 by: Lance

    Ok first, Mothballs dont work. I have toads and green tree frogs EVERYWHERE, hundreds of them,I put mothball clusters all over my yard with no effect but the stink. The bleach is highly effective but inhumane, I tested on 1 last night, it died quickly. I may try the salt or vinager solution next but something has to give. They are about to drive us out of our home.

  15. comment number 15 by: Siobhan

    I need to try something major and effective soon. Not only are the frogs, either green tree frogs or cuban tree frogs, keeping me away, they crawl behind some siding by my front door and now water has leaked in damaging the door frame. I don’t want to kill them, but they are out of control. Salt and vinegar or the snake repellent sounds like a good start. I am even thinking of buying some rat snakes and letting them loose. I live near woods.!!! I don’t like snakes either, but I need sleep and can’t afford to keep fixing my door.

  16. comment number 16 by: c harms

    I wish they did not exist! I have frog phobia and they totally disturb my life. I love animals but cannot live with the idea there may be a frog on my front yard! I found toads on the flower bed today - will never get near it again! Hope some suggestions to get rid of them I found on this site will work - I’ll try them right away

  17. comment number 17 by: emma

    yes. I will try the salt or the bleach. I am one that doesn’t want frogs to suffer, however I have them around my swimming pool. I want to enjoy the outdoors and the swimming pool and all I hear them is croaking and see big and small frogs everywhere. This is the first year I have had problems with them. Thanks for the suggestions. Will try…Tomorrow

  18. comment number 18 by: shirl

    I live next to vacant lots that’s waiting to develop into a community, accept now they are high bush of woods that have a infestation every year of a different rodent. This year it’s the frogs, next will be the snakes. I tried the snake repellent, when the frogs are babies it dont fase them. I will try the bleach spray tomorrow. I walk out of my house and step onto baby frogs, I hate!!!!! them. I hate snakes too but the repellent keep them away. I will try the citric acid also.

  19. comment number 19 by: Denise

    I have a little dog…he goes outside in the padio to go to the bathroom and eat.. However I have problems with toads. I have tried moth balls. What eles can I do to get rid of these frogs. I have a gate, mesh on the gate. I am at my ends wits. I am worried that my little dog will die if he gets a frog.

    Please advise.


  20. comment number 20 by: Lelee

    I have a frog phobia also….I’m so glad i came to this site……I can’t leave my house at night because their on the porch all the time. My family and friends pick at me all the time about them….I can’t help it i dont like them….That’s why i hate when summer comes……..I’m so afraid of them, but im willing to try the bleach and vinegar thing…..I hope it works!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. comment number 21 by: lisa

    It’s 230 am I have never been bothered by frogs until tonight . Man they are very loud can’t sleep and I have two fans running full blast ..Tommorrow I am getting a lot of these things to try and run them off,,,I don’t care if they die a bad death…..

  22. comment number 22 by: ely

    thank you so much with this advise on how to get rid of these frogs ! they are all around my neighbor hood, and i don’t really mind them but they can be posionis to my dogs who find it fun to chase them, they almost killed my dog the other day but thankfully we had the medicine to help save her,so i’m trying to find ways to keep them out of my backyard! thank you again.

  23. comment number 23 by: Anna

    I am so happy to have found this website. I too am deathly scared of those awful little green things. Have been teased for years about it too. We have had a sudden increase in the tree frog population outside our home. I love gardening, but am now too scared to go outside. They are every where. The spray thing sounds good, but I could never get that close to one to spray it. I am going to try some other ideas mentioned here. I just want them to go away, I don’t care if they die a bad death either.

  24. comment number 24 by: Val

    Someone told me about the salt water treatment last summer because I had a very big problem with frogs being on my front door everyday, and I can say that it really does work. I use a lot of salt with the water treatment and it really works well!! The only problem about the bleach spray is that it makes them jump all over the place, so if you are afraid of frogs don’t spray them with the bleach, because they will start jumping all over the place, this is very scary LOL!

  25. comment number 25 by: Valerie

    I have a saltwater system in my pool but it does not deter the frogs. I went out tonight and there are literally thousands of eggs floating in my pool as well as several frogs just hanging out having a nice swim! It is DISGUSTING!!!! Obviously the salt water is not working and I do not know what else will work that will be safe for my pool - any help would be appreciated.

  26. comment number 26 by: zee

    little grren frogs try and jump in my car in the morning. i poured sat all on my drive way no water mixture just the real thing this morning i didnot see any of them i dont like them and they give me the willys.

  27. comment number 27 by: Rebecca

    Hey thanks for the info. I also have a ditch that surrounds my house. I call it my moat. I have both green frogs and cuban frogs who like to hang out by the light and crap all over the front door. big poop everynight. leaving the light off is less of an option for a single gal. I have relocated them in the past (i am sure the neighbors loved that). but they are back every year. i don’t want to kill em if i did i would just shoot em with a beebee gun. bleach sounds awful mean. a sack of moth balls doesn’t sound attractive either. i going for the salt water and vinegar combo and spray it on the light and wall and see what happens.

  28. comment number 28 by: kikolito

    Believe it or not but, I found that if there is a dead frog in the water that has floated there all day, then at night the frogs stay away from that area! I guess they do not want to mate around a dead frog, and the dead frog gives off a rotting oder in the water. And this works where water has set up after a good rain.

  29. comment number 29 by: Fox

    Ammonia solution works well for those annoying Cuban tree frogs. Spray ammonia around your house just before the sunsets and that will certainly keep away the Cuban tree frogs. Salt works well too.

  30. comment number 30 by: Jenn

    I live in florida, so frogs are very common. We recently ran into frog investation because of a neighbor not properly maintaining her pool and property. I am an animal lover and did not want to kill the frogs, but when my son wakes up in the middle of night crying about scary frogs or can’t sleep, well that’s just too much. I have to worry about him first before the frogs! I will be trying some of the more humane ways of dealing with these creatures , hopefully cutting down on some of the noise. Thank you !

  31. comment number 31 by: Dee

    I live in Florida in the country i love the look of nature in the mornings the rabbits running in my yard the sand hill cranes all the beautiful birds but i hate those frogs at sun set they are all over i cant use my front door cant use my husbands pick up truck because they hide in between the doors and when you open the doors they jump right in not to long ago i almost had a wreck due to a frog in the car i hate those critters please help!!!!! hopefully some of those solutions will work because I tried snake repellent it didnt work well wish me luck Im going to need it. Thank You:)

  32. comment number 32 by: Brian Meagher

    About a year and a half ago I was having a problem with frogs in my pool. I invented a product that we now call Critter Skimmer. It is simple and very inexpensive and it works. You just replace the existing skimmer cover with the Critter Skimmer and your done. The Critter Skimmer has a spiral ramp that allows the little friends go up the ramp and back wher they came from to eat bugs another day.

  33. comment number 33 by: Gloria

    We live in Florida. For some time, our outdoor a/c has produced a ‘fishy’ rotten smell. When it first began, we thought it may be the new ’sticky’ tile that was recently laid in our washroom. We decided to rip all of it out and replace with linoleum. This did not deter the odor. Yesterday we poured bleach all around the a/c and a big frog jumped out dancing all around us and our carport. Today we used the ‘leaf blower’ all around, inside,under the a/c and under in connected hoses. We did notice quite a few leaves blown from the area. We have also had an overwhelming amount of daily rains this year. We do see some of the little green frogs now and then, but they dont seem to cause any damage to anything. We were wondering if anyone else has had this problem with their a/c or if it is possible for the icky smell to accumulate through the a/c system due to frog infestation. It is a very old system. Hopefully, this will help to eliminate the smell when the a/c is in operation because one cannot survive in Florida without a/c.

  34. comment number 34 by: taylor

    i love little green frogs!

  35. comment number 35 by: nana

    well!! i am sorry that frogs are such a problem for some of ya!! wow!! i am from Puerto Rico. We have frogs galore!! big ones little once deadly ones. I lived in Florida many years and never once saw a frog problem but i surely missed mine!!! We have coqui frogs that sing all night long and even during the day when it rains. If i dont hear them i cant sleep. they are everywhere and get into everything cause they are the size of a quarter or smaller.
    I relocate mine back to theyard when they come in the house.
    My grandmother however cannot bend down and relocate them to the yard cause she is 87 yrs old. so she uses Downy fabric softener sheets and rubs the in the areas that she does not want them in. It keeps them away from the front door and windows for weeks at a time!!
    Try it!!! it also keep roaches and mices and ants from comming near the doors!! Amazing!!
    Good luck!!!
    coqui! coqui! coqui-qui-qui-qui!!

  36. comment number 36 by: melissa

    I dont want to hurt the little tree frogs I just want them out of my plants so I can bring them in for the winter..I live in Michigan and it is starting to get a bit chilly at night for my house plants but I cant get the frogs to leave so I dont bring them into my house..Can anyone help?..

  37. comment number 37 by: Alex

    i have frogs in my front porch but its funny because i have a pool that is salt water and thats it for another 6 blocks that they have a small canal.. i dont wanna hurt them just make them go away.. please give me some info.

  38. comment number 38 by: sherrie

    Can anyone help me keep frogs out of my window wells, and they get in the basement I’m going crazy and used to think frogs were cute, now I despise the thought of going in the basement as I usually find 6 jumping around. I’ve tried covering the wells and I can hear the things jumping and hitting the cover until they eventually find the air vent. `

  39. comment number 39 by: Serena

    I am so glad to see there are others that share in my frog phobia! My fear of frogs is so major that to encounter one makes me feel as though I would have a heart attack or a stroke!! ;) If someone were to try and put a frog close to me or play in that manner…I would probably do harm to that person and I couldn’t be held accountable for my actions because I would be OUT OF MY RIGHT MIND!! Just moving into a new home and on the first day there (after a rain) there were frogs on the front door, back door, in the driveway and the yard. The fear of them getting in my home is too much!! And it’s raining today which lets me know when I go there….frogs!!! I want them to die! I want them to go away…

  40. comment number 40 by: jim

    the vinegar mite work if you spray it rite on them. but they will be back. Idont like them because they get under my grill cover and crap all over. I am going to try some dilluted ant killer to see if that works.I have dogs also.Let youall know.

  41. comment number 41 by: jim

    they dont like wd40 to much.!!

  42. comment number 42 by: GREEN FROGS IN GA.

    I hate frogs. When I head out to work they are in the door jams of my car. I’m afraid they will jump in. If one gets on me oh my my my. I now enter through the passenger door climbing over the seat. I was coming out of walmart one night and guess what was sitting on the trunk of my car? Yes super frog wet,green and nasty. I was very upset driving fast hopeing he would fall off. No chance of that, he got closer to my back window and hung on for the thirty minute ride back home. PLEASE HELP!!!

  43. comment number 43 by: Andrew

    This site is great (and funny)! I have a couple of them frogs around my pool area and they drive my wife and I crazy at night with their mating calls. I don’t really want to kill them and I don’t mind them mating, just want to drive them away from my house!!! I live in South Africa and have looked for a frog repellent in some of our major shops with no success. I think I will try the salt water thing. But they have to go because I won’t mind going the bleach way.

  44. comment number 44 by: DJ

    Frogs and all insects give me the willies. Twice in two weeks I have found a frog in my toilet. The first one ended up in my panties while I was using the bathroom. I freaked out and almost had a heart attack.I don’t know how it got there, but from that point on I have been checking to see if there’s a frog in the toilet before I use it. They stick to the side of the toilet or under the rim. How they get in there is a mystery to me. I can’t stand these creatures. They are plastered to every door and window. It’s so annoying. I am so greatful that I found this site. I will be trying some of these things mentioned. I sure hope they work because I am scared to death to use my own toilet. Tonite was the last straw. My husband flushed this one instead of taking it out, now I am paranoid as hell to use the bathroom. That’s why I am on this site searching for solutions.

  45. comment number 45 by: Jacquie

    I am from Puerto Rico and I remembered when my friends used to play with them and didn’t annoyed me at that time… but one night I was driving and one of this nasty, ugly, cold, disgusting and so on criature jump on me, that cold, sticky and horrible sensation lasted in my skin all day long, it was traumatizing for me, since then I cannot control my frog phobia… one day I was taking a shower when I saw one in my bathroom, it was about to jump on me, I start creaming and naked running all around the house and to my front yard where everyone in the neighborhood could see me just naked… and my little kids running after me with a towel trying to cover me… If I am by myself at night and I go out, when I come back I have to make sure someone open the door for me to run inside the house, if there will be no one to do so, I start calling people by phone in advance to come over my house to help me getting in… THIS IS JUST NOT HEALTHY FOR MY NERVES!!!… I feel that they are intruders that keep me away from doing a regular life… I cannot enjoy my life because of them, I love gardening and my gardens are neglected because of this situation… THEY ARE TOO MANY, BUT MY DAUGHTER KILL THEM WITH PURE SALT SPREADED ON THEM AND I ENJOY WHEN I SEE THEM JUMPING LIKE CRAZY & THEN DYING… BURNED!!! SALT REALLY WORKS!!!… TRY IT

  46. comment number 46 by: Deirdre

    I am so pleased to read so many comments from people like me who have a frog phobia. My whole system goes into overdrive - even looking at a picture of one. Recently there was one in our basement and I had such a shock I drove into a pillar there. I have been trying salt - from a distance - but I will try some of the other remedies suggested. Thanks to everyone for your comments and I hope you manage to have peace of mind soon!

  47. comment number 47 by: Judith

    I just moved to the country side of Puerto Rico. I have never seen so many weird creatures before. I really don’t mind the frogs in the backyard or any place outside, but in my garage!!??? They poop all over the floor and I really hate it!!! It is completely disgusting. I am using already the moth balls in the garage, because before I even noticed the frogs, I was watching THE SNAKES!!! So they really works for the snakes, I haven’t seen them anymore in my garage but the frogs, they still around. I will try to spray with ammonia or the salt method. I’ll let you know the outcome. Wish me luck!

  48. comment number 48 by: Alex

    I am so glad to see I’m not the only one terrified of frogs. I live in Orlando, FL and they are EVERYWHERE during the summer, on the windows front door, etc. Everyone makes fun of me and threaten to throw one on me, I don’t really think they understand that I am truly scared of them. One time there was one in my car that jumped on my stearing wheel, and I truly almost crashed!!! I too have had to call my daughter at night if there’s one by the front door so that she can chase it away and I can run inside! People may laugh, but it’s hard to not want to leave your house at night, just so that you don’t go near a frog!! I feel trapped in my own home at night! I go to school at night 2 times a week, and I am literally speeding to get home before it gets too dark, so that I can get home before they come out! I’m going to try some of the salt and water solution, maybe even sprinkle salt in my car just to help me out!

  49. comment number 49 by: Natasha

    I use to think they were cute because I only saw them once and awhile but now they are everywhere. My main problem is that their in my letterbox and I can’t get them out. It’s not that I am scared of them but I don’t want to pick them up and have them jumping on me. I tried the vinegar/salt solution but I think they like it cause their not reacting. Is there a certain amount or formula I need to use? Cause I don’t want them dying in there, I just want to repel them away.

  50. comment number 50 by: Bonbon

    I live in South Florida and the poisonous Bufo (cane) toads seem to be proliferating each day. I don’t mind frogs but I have two small dogs and these can kill a small dog if they lick or eat one. I’m not so much for killing them but I’d sure like to find out how to repel them. This article seems to say you have to spray them directly for it to work. But I only see them when it’s raining hard so I would think the rain would wash off anything you spray with. What I want to know is what to do to keep them away.

  51. comment number 51 by: froghater

    OMG! I HATE FROGS!!! I am so terrified of them, & they get in my car all the time. I live in FL & have called exterminators to ask opinions on how to get rid of them, but they had no advice. I have looked for frog repellent & found nothing. I have a spray bottle with bleach that I keep on my porch. Anytime I come home & there are frogs on or around my door I spray them. I don’t care how inhumane this is! It is MY HOUSE, NOT THEIR’S & they are not invited to hang out & torment me! Beware, when you spray them with bleach they start jumping like crazy! But it definately kills them! Until I found this site, I had no idea they are harmful to animals. I am now scared for my cats, because they chase anything & everything! I long for the day the stupid little gross things are extinct!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. comment number 52 by: chewy

    OMG My husband is outside smashing the second one this evening!!!! THat makes three in the last week!!! and they all have beeen sitting on the shutter next to the front door…Tomorrow I’m getting a suppy of bleach and a big squirt gun. It’s on now! We live in Palm Beach County , FL and just bought our home last year. I’ve been dreaming of sitting on my porch and now forget that…I AM TERRIFIED. Hubby just took puppy out to pee and I’m scared he will get some on him. This is Hell…

  53. comment number 53 by: Melanie

    We recently bought and moved into a house and there is a fountain/rock garden out back. I never noticed all the little frog statues among the plants and flowers in the flower bed until 2 am this morning when we were out looking for these freaking frogs that were keeping us awake. Well, there is a new sheriff in town. We caught two frogs tonight but we can still hear the others as if they are inside the house. From reading this website and other sites, we will probably have to drain the pond that the fountain feeds from which is sad because the fountain was a selling point for the house.

  54. comment number 54 by: bobular

    keep trying to release the dog on them, but being that she is a 8 year old black lab with no idea where they are…..makes it funny to watch as she runs around in circles! i have caught a few and threw them into a area across the complex where i dislike a guy!! harmful yet funny!

    website is helpful!!!

  55. comment number 55 by: Jeff

    I have a frog problem around my pool. The frogs come back every night. They sit around the pool and in it, croak really loud, and drive us crazy so we can’t sleep. They even hide in the pipes of a waterfall we have.

    We have to relocate a dozen or more every night which is driving us nuts also. Problem is, we can’t always find them all. They sit in low trees among the branches and hide in large bushes right near the house. They blend in so perfectly that they are really hard to see.

    Anyone have a solution for getting them out of their hiding places? You can’t spray them or relocate them if you can’t find them. Thanks!

  56. comment number 56 by: Kelly

    I am beyond terrified of them. It is so “nice” knowing others share my pain and burden. I have literally been confined to my house at times during the summer (this summer and last… never had an issue before this) and once I spent nearly 2 hours in my car one night because a frog was directly above my front door. I was scared to death. It was very late and luckily my across the street neighbor was walking out to his car and I had him come over and move the critter very far away. A few nights later, I was on my back porch chatting on the phone and when I opened my sliding glass door, one JUMPED into my house! I was beyond frantic. My mother tried to find it but had no luck. I didn’t sleep at all that night. The very next day, my mother and my daughter went out the front door and when I went to walk out I saw a frog sitting on the outside of my door knob!!!! I tried to slam the door to keep it outside but he jumped into my house!!! Never found that one either. I assume one of my dogs took care of it for me, but I literally lost sleep for nights about it. I was terrified with every step I took in my own house. Thank goodness we (here in Florida) had a very long and harsh (harsh for us) winter. I was good from November until about mid-April. People make fun of me. They don’t understand. I think they think I am over reacting or making it up. But I am frozen when I see them. I have had close to a nervous break down over the one in my house. I have lost sleep. I am scared of going outside and scared to come home if it is dark outside already. I am going to try a few of these ideas to try and prevent them from coming near me. I understand the benefit they add to our ecosystem, but I just can not live this way. Even a picture of them makes me jittery. I wish people with this undying fear could understand what we go through.

  57. comment number 57 by: Sandra

    We have a beautiful vegetable garden on each side of our house. The ants (fire ants) were kind of bad around the greens and the cabbages.

    After the rain we began to notice an abundance of tiny frogs on our closed-in carport. Well…yesterday I was pulling up in the shade and looked down when I was about to open the door; right under a tomato tree there was a snake (dark brown or black, around 2 1/2 to 3 feet long and about an inch wide toward the middle and he had a small head). I called my husband to warn him. I waited until my husband came out with the hoe. When he got there the snake had headed toward an azaelea bush next to the house and we could not locate it, but when the snake had left a frog emerges; I figured that it was hiding right next to a tomato tree next to the one the snake had just left from. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it.

    Today I put moth balls under the house incase the snake had gone there. Tomorrow I will throw some of them around the outside of the house. I don’t want to kill them [the frogs and snakes] just chase them away. I am not afraid of frogs. I just do not need them attracting snakes. We live in an area that has lots of marsh land near and I can deal with the deer and cats but snakes (cotton mouth, water moccasons and rattlers) are a different story.

  58. comment number 58 by: jessy

    I hate frogs!!!!! I have a doberman and i’m scared he will get to one. My husband and I have seen a few inside his water pale, i tried sea salt around the fence and it worked for a while but i just went outside to give my dog fresh water and Bam!!! there it was i sprayed it with a hose but it kept coming back :0( I’m gonna try bleach and salt again.

  59. comment number 59 by: niru

    frogs enter my house from my bathroom.
    i hate the sight of them.
    they hop around the house and shit all around the place.
    my bedroom is stinking.
    i’ll try more than one of these methods to get rid of them.
    thanx a tonne.

  60. comment number 60 by: OverFlow

    OMG! Just reading the stories of frogs in the house, door jams, toliet, and car is terrorizing. Thank God they don’t get in my house. They used to hang out in the sago palms in my front yard. I got rid of those, but I still have an occassional tree frog that hangs out over the front door. I am going to kill it with bleach. I really don’t give a damn about the inhumanity. They are pest and spiritually demonic.

    I’m in N. FL and every morning I dash out the front door then look back to see if a stupid frog is over the door. If so, I get the straight vinegar out of my car and spray it. I used to use wasp spray but too expensive. Either one will make frogs move on immediately and sometimes kill them (kills toads). However, I want to kill those things every time I see one. I will pour plain salt around the front door and driveway to see if that works. If not, bleach everytime I see a frog!!! If I sound obsessed, I am because of those damn frogs and occassional lizards.

    *****I did learn how to keep frogs, lizards, big bugs, etc. from getting between the screen and windows of the house. Just take the screen off the window in the winter or anytime (if you’re brave), clean and place clear caulk on the edges of the screen, then put back into place and press against the frame, let caulk dry. You can open your windows with no pest invasions, I promise!!!!!! I can get fresh air in the house without being scared now.

  61. comment number 61 by: kytorya

    Thanks for the info there are frogs always waiting by my door when I’m entering & exiting my home & neither do I care if they die or not but I will try the greenest way to get rid of the critters first

  62. comment number 62 by: anna

    I am terrified of these ugly things and like many people on here i have now given up looking after my garden cant enjoy it thinking a frog will jump on me i now know i have a phobia tried salt coffee citric acid nothing works.

    Please please someone help …..

  63. comment number 63 by: suz

    Last week my silky terrier found a bufo toad in the fenced yard this toad was so small I didn’t see it…in seconds she was foaming at the mouth, seizing and almost died. the vet saved her…beware these toads are dangerous. If any ideas of how to get rid of them please post!

  64. comment number 64 by: texan2

    I am tired of frogs climbing glass windows and doors - then leaving
    a trail of dried ‘poop’ on the glass, window sill and door sill.
    What should I do to try to keep them off the glass ?
    Straight undiluted salt ?
    Spray vinegar on the floor outside under the window or door?
    Something else?
    I read about the olive oil - but I don’t think that would be good for windows !

  65. comment number 65 by: Lisa

    I am tired of the frogs in my toilet, one moring I woke up really early to go pee and I lifted the lid on the toliet barley awake only to my suprise there was a frog in the toilet, terrified me!!! Needless to say that was not the last one my husband had to get rid of, now I not only have frog phobia but toliet phobia as well! I am trying these methods now I cannot stomach frogs coming into my home through the toilets!!!!!

  66. comment number 66 by: Heather

    This is the first year we have had to deal with the annoying noise these stupid frogs make. As soon as the sun goes down they start and go right until it comes up. At first it wasn’t too bad, there was maybe one or two….but now they have multiplied and you can hear then in every room of the house. I feel bad thinking i might have to kill them…..i read that this is thier mating call…..and apparently the frogs around here aren’t getting any action. Do they stop once they find a “mate”? Does this go on all summer long? And will they be back come next summer?? Also, we never see the nasty little things!!! They apparently are hiding in the trees…..so if i were too get uber frustrated ( i’m thinking another week of this that will be the case) how do i find them and kill them!!!!!!!??????!!!!!

  67. comment number 67 by: TIFF


  68. comment number 68 by: yanet


  69. comment number 69 by: Jody

    I have an irrational fear of them & despise them. They are all over the place where I live in Central FL. I do not leave lights on at night, but they still make their home in my window wells, screen enclosure, pool, eaves, etc.

    Their poo is disgusting and they messed up my house siding and rain gutters - and right after I just had my house power washed. I tried cleaning the nasty brown poo off w/hose and some cleaning agents, but it didn’t work.

    Has anyone found a product that will clean frog poo off stucco and aluminum rain gutters (without messing up the paint)?

  70. comment number 70 by: Nina

    We have brown small frogs all out side of our house. The don’t bother me while they are outside but when I find on inside, that certainly makes a difference. My husband went into the bathroom one morning to wahs his face and on the towel hanging on the towel rack was a frog. He put it in the comode. We have a rock wall by the tub, so I figured it came in through the cracks in the rock, which are just one or two. He put the frog in the commode. Well a few days after I went into the bathroom looked down at the tub which is a sunken tub, between the rock and the tub was what was a small hole where the mortar had come out. I saw what I thought was a snake’s head but as I looked closer I saw it was a frog. I managed to get it out and flushed it down the comode. Well last night as I was getting ready to go out for dinner I went to the other bathroom which is back to back to my susbands bath, in the hole for the over drain the little monster was sticking his head out! Now I’m not afraid of them but I do not like them in my house. I called my husband to see it and he turned and walked away. I put a towel over the lab and stopped up all drains and over drain holes, tried to fix the towel down tight where it could not get out. This morning he was sticking his head out from under the towel! My husband got it and threw it out the door. These two baths are upstairs. Where are they coming from and how are they getting in the house? Needless to say I have stopped up the holes in the rock with cement. We use viniger for lots of things so I will try anything.

  71. comment number 71 by: Molly

    I only want to deter them from my garage door and drive. Yesterday I ran over a little guy and only smashed his head. This made me so sad and I actually cried for about 1/2 hour, because the frog was still alive although his head was barely recognizable. He slowly tried to move, so I put him to the side of the drive in the rocks. Didn’t have it in me to finish him off, but that probably would have been the humane thing to do. This morning he was gone, so I imagine he was another animals dinner.

    I love the frogs, just don’t want to sqish anymore. Any ideas? I don’t have any lights or landscape next to my garage door, so I’m not sure what the attraction is. The only thing is, I do have a grate in front of my Garage door that catches water and shoots it to the side of the house when it rains.

  72. comment number 72 by: Lynn

    I live in Gardnerville, Nevada. I have frogs coming in my bathroom and living and breeding under my bathtub.!!! If they didn’t make that annoying croaking sound they could probably stay unnoticed. But the croaking is what drives me INSANE. I got a few different bug bombs figuring if you have to cover and unplug the fish bowl and remove your pets and self for 2to4 hours. it should kill the f*****g things….not. I bought a box of moth balls today to place in there after the bug bomb is done

  73. comment number 73 by: Laurie

    I live in south Florida, and I an absolutely terrified of these frogs, or any frogs as far as that goes. I find them in my wreath on my front door. So my solution was take the wreath down. Well, that worked for a day or so, until they show up on the walls, doors, and anywhere they can watch me. They are aggressive little critters, and they will jump on you. Happened once to me in the garage, turned on the light and he landed on my leg. I screamed like I was being mugged. It was horrifying. As for the saying “they’re more afraid of you than you are of them” is so not true. So, my dilemma is I want to hang my Christmas wreath on the door. Well, I am putting moth balls in my wreath and I’ll live with the smell, it beats those slimy ungodly looking frogs that love to pester me. I hate them, and they seem to show up wherever I go.

    When it rains here it seriously seems like its raining “FROGS”. So, my advice is to shut off your lights, and plant moth balls around your house and pray they head for the hills. (Can’t kill them I don’t have the guts to do that YUK!) lol

  74. comment number 74 by: Beauty sleep

    I live in Australia & recently moved home. Somewhere next door there are a number of frogs. It’s summer here & at night they come out & are so loud that I have trouble sleeping. I am a train driver & start work anywhere between 2-6am so it’s important to me to get a good nights sleep. The frogs sound like the veloceraptor from the movie Jurassic Park. I can hear 3 different mating calls & it’s really annoying. Even with all the windows closed, they are quite loud. Not gonna use earplugs because i wont hear my alarm or my 20 month old son if he cries.
    I know they are beneficial because they keep the mosquito, roach and flies population down but i need my beauty sleep. I don’t know which neighbors yard it is & don’t really want to approach that neighbor incase he tells me to get f&@d. Then if I try to get rid of the frogs, he/she will know it was me. What I find suprising though is why other neighbors close by haven’t done something about it. Aren’t they bothered by it. I don’t want to call the council incase they aren’t helpful & again if I take matters in my own hands after talking to them, they will know it was me.
    I’m planning to fill up a bucket full of water balloons with bleach and at night try to throw them at or near the frogs using their mating calls to try to pinpoint their location. (too dark to see and trees in the way).
    Bleach seems to be the most effective method from previous posts. I hope to do this in the next few days & will get back to give my result.

  75. comment number 75 by: Mel

    We have recently moved in to our new house in Rural Sydney Australia and the frogs are driving us crazy!! After reading this website, my husband has made up a bleach/water solution in a spray bottle and gone hunting! It does appear to be quieter since he has been out there. I cant believe how loud they are! As the guy above me said, why didn’t the neighbours complain?? The previous owner was a little old lady on her own, maybe she was deaf??!!

  76. comment number 76 by: JJ

    OMG!! I came home one night and heard crocking!! I was suprised, so I went into my back yard and remembered that the pool next door hasnt been treated!! Its an abanded home!! Now all I hear is crocking and I dont know what to do!! Will the frogs damage my home/property in any way! Is there someone I can call from the city to look into this?? Help, I am terrifed!

  77. comment number 77 by: Penny

    I have a family of frogs living in my roof, they don’t make any sound, but because they sit between the cornice and the block work they piss and shit and have made the plaster walls, roof and cornice moldy!! How do I get them to get out of my roof and not come back?

  78. comment number 78 by: Sue

    I just read this whole list of comments and finally found a situation similar to mine. I believe I have more than a family of frogs living in my roof! They crawl around at 6:30 in the evening and then again at 6:00 in the morning. They make a warbling sound. I thought it was probably bats at first but I’ve sat outside a few evenings staring at the roof to try and catch a glimpse of what is going on and I haven’t seen one bat. However, I did see one little frog peeking over the edge of the gutter. I have had frogs on the walls of my front porch pooping all over the walls and burrowing in all my potted plants. I live in the Virgin Islands and we have cisterns under our houses. The gutters collect the rain from the roof and deliver it to the cistern. Although I use bottled water for drinking, the cistern water is what we bathe and brush our teeth with etc. etc. I am worried that all that poop from the frogs living under the corrugated aluminum roof is going into my cistern. They wake me at 6:00 in the morning and it sounds like they are multiplying prolifically! I don’t know how to get them out of the roof. If I put salt and vinegar in the gutters it may make the frogs crawl up higher into the roof. If I spray poison up under the corrugated they may all die up in the roof and not only will their remains end up in my cistern it will probably stink! I don’t know what to do. If anyone has any idea how to get them out of my roof please let me know. Thanks!

  79. comment number 79 by: guyana's darky

    Thank you so much, you have been such a great help. I live in Guyana South America and I have an infestation of these fearless pests. At night they take over; every place in my house has them. Now i see small ones. I like the salt and vinegar method. Since I was a small girl I heard about throwing salt on them to run them off. If that doesn’t work I’m prepared to take them out because they excrete all over and my 2 babies are getting rashes and sick since they appeared. Again thank you for your research.

  80. comment number 80 by: Tim

    Has anyone else noticed the post about Downy fabric softener sheets? (09/21/2009)

  81. comment number 81 by: Toni B

    Thank you all so much. I live in the South in Louisiana and they are redicoulous here. My Co-workers think it is so funny that I am terrified of these frogs. When I pull into my drive way there is on always one waiting for me as if I miss it all day. Sonme times on my door keeping me from using my front entrance. I’m going to try the Bleach and Vinegar today. I pray this works. Thanks again everyone.

  82. comment number 82 by: sowmya

    a frog entered my bath area and was troubling for weeks. the salt water idea worked, though i felt bad to see the frog jump off hurriedly outside, yippeee. thanks to whoever suggested this

  83. comment number 83 by: Grossed Out

    I have a very real phobia of frogs, lizards and all creepy crawling things. My whole family picks at me for this, but I do wait in my car for my husband to get home if there is a frog on our front door. Thanks so much for these suggestions. I live in N. Florida. I will be having my handyman apply the clear caulk to my window screens and will try the downy sheets and salt/citric acid/vinegar for now. I have a toddler so I want to avoid chemicals if possible.

    Rainy season is coming up, though, and I am not interested in having my front and back porch serve as incubators for the little green and brown monsters! I’ll try the bleach if those don’t work. They hatch babies all over my screened-in back porch so we can’t even enjoy it.

  84. comment number 84 by: Camryn

    My frogs are about to drive me nuts i want to KILL them!!!!

  85. comment number 85 by: Darin, new wife, and kids

    OMG, we just bought a house with a swimming pool and can’t wait to jump in…but this night we saw 1 million (ok not quite) of these slimmy, little, noisy creatures. We love animals but, this creates a problem with the new wife, she is scared to death of these things and will not jump in the pool. So we are going to try the non-toxic methods mentioned above for ridding us of the little guys.

    Thanks for your website.

    Darin and kids

  86. comment number 86 by: Kelly

    I am terrified of frogs. I have a couple of them that sit right outside my back door on my patio. I am so scared to even open the door to let my dogs out at night! I swear if one actually ended up in my house I would either move or burn it down. I know every single place in my yard where I have seen a frog and I will never go back in those areas. I am so glad to know I am not the only person with this fear. While I realize it is irrational I can’t help it! I have no gardens in my yard, no pond, nothing. I don’t understand why they want to be near my house! Everyone always tells me that if I didnt look for them I wouldn’t see them. Too bad it doesn’t work that way! I can’t help but look for them! I can’t even stand to see pictures of frogs. Just thinking about them makes me sick to my stomach, I get chills and goosebumps. I have used mothballs and I think they work as long as you keep them fresh. The best way I have found for mothballs is to put them in a mason jar, poke holes in the lid and lay them on their sides in a few spots around your yard. Laying them down keeps the rain out of the jars and keeps the mothballs fresher longer. Unfortunately for me I am too afraid to even go outside to get the jars and put the mothballs in it! Luckily my fiancee will be back from the Army in a few days…

  87. comment number 87 by: April

    The only reason they drive me crazy is because they are invading our pool area witch is caged and have had one find its way into my 3 year old room and jumped on him while trying to go to sleep. Now he hears them outside his room and is triffid to sleep in his own bed. They got to go but I don’t want to kill them just make they move.

  88. comment number 88 by: Tiffy

    Unfortunately… It doesn’t say that California has a problem with frogs…. But my house has a frog coming every year!!! I have thought of trying the salt water but I’m too afraid that it will jump all around!! Someone please help me!! I so don’t want to see a baby frog or anything of one.. I don’t wish to hurt this species, but I REALLY want it gone!!

  89. comment number 89 by: Janene

    Shock is an understatemnt when I read that so many people (including myself) are petrified by frogs!! Have a fairly new house on a cement slab and they’re getting in! Absolutely cannot figure out how the “spawns of satan” are getting inside! Didn’t think anyone could understand my irrational fear until I read the posted comments. And I “love” the fact that the only time our family has EVER seen them inside the house is when I’m home alone. Just lovely! The only thing that I found the nerve to do is get out the vacuum cleaner with the looonnnnggggg attachment and suck them into the cannister and wait for the hubby to come home and empty it. Chills go all over me, but it’s the only way I found to take care of them when I’m alone. HATE THEM!!! I have dogs, so I can’t try the chemical methods, but I’ll try some of the other stuff. PLEEEAAAASEEEE LET SOMETHING WORK!

  90. comment number 90 by: Syed Arbab Ahmed

    Well I have directly sprayed KINGTOX pesticide on them, they feel bad about it but both of the frogs still living happily (when u spray it in the room its difficult even for human to stay there), what should I do?

  91. comment number 91 by: Corkie Smith

    I love all creatures, EXCEPT Cuban Tree Frogs… and I only hate them because

    1.they are poisionous !
    2.they ATTACK people !
    3.they live in colonies
    4.they seem to have communication skills
    5.they make cats and dogs sick
    6.they get in the house through duct work
    7.and MOSTLY …..they are eating our native tree frogs and lizards (which I adore)

  92. comment number 92 by: Nadia

    I live in CA and this is the first year with the rainy season that we have experienced small itty bitty frogs. At first I thought it was just my home until we went to the gas station a few blocks away and found hundreds of the little creatures jumping around. Well today we got some rain and my 13yr old jokingly said uh oh frog duty tonite. Well sure enuf we’ve (she) captured close to 15. I’m so disgusted and feel like I have to move.

    We’re going to try the salt/water solution. Thank you for the suggestion.

  93. comment number 93 by: LouDogg

    I don’t hate frogs but the little bastards keep pooping on our patio and patio furniture. And it is so unbelievably hard to get a straight andswer on how to kill them or keep them away from our patios, there’s no water around, no plants back there for them to find food, the lights aren’t on, they just love to come up on our patio.

  94. comment number 94 by: Alicia

    Thanks God I’m not alone with my “Frog Phobia”. None of my relatives understand the awful feeling they produce me. This summer is the worst in my life, they are everywhere in the front and in the back of my apartment. Two weeks ago, one jumped inside the house and it drove me crazy, I cried and screamed. I don’t know how I did, but I sprayed it with insecticide. It was the first time I killed an animal. I felt so bad :( .

    Tomorrow I’m going to spread salt all over my place. I hope it works….

  95. comment number 95 by: Jamal

    I live in Antigua and I have to say I can attest to alot of your stories. i have a frog phobia myself. just a couple weeks ago i saw a big cuban frog the size of my hand. in our store room when i went to do my laundry and now it’s gone i just hope to god it doesn’t come into my house. I’ve grown a little bit from fear to outright hatred for these nasty little demons. three of them came into my room already and I’m scared of that big one. thankfully my dad is working on securing mesh for the windows. I’m going away this summer and I hope and pray they don’t get into my room.

  96. comment number 96 by: Rod

    Tree frogs are great at eating unwanted bugs. However, their large appetite causes them to defecate more, covering my walls. I’d rather have the bugs, versus crap all over my walls.

  97. comment number 97 by: Otis

    I live in central Florida and I am having a problem with the red head toad or more commonly known as the Florida Cain Toad. They range from very small about 1 inch high all the way to about 4.5-5 inches tall NO JOKE! I have a very expensive and rare bread dog that decided to chase one down and she promptly got a large mouth full of poison and almost died. The dog stays inside when not supervised but is allowed in the very large fenced in back yard. More so at night but even in day there are so many it looks like the ground is moving. I don’t understand were they could be nesting, but they must go! I know some will object to killing them but they are not indigenous to this area and are extremely invasive. My next pay check I am going to try all of the plausible methods listed, ie… killing them. Florida fish and wildlife refuses to do anything but demands I rid them. Thanks for your help!!!!

  98. comment number 98 by: Susy Martin

    Get a bat house, bats will eat the mosquitoes and other bugs the frogs eat. One bat can eat 6,000 bugs in one night!

    I HATE frogs! Some bats will even eat the frogs! Bats are harmless creatures, they don’t make noise and they only come out after dark. You will never even know they are there. I plan to move to the country and I will have many bat houses and water guns with water/salt solution placed everywhere, a water gun in my car, front door, and back door. The fabric sheets sounds like a cool idea. I tried moth balls and it just made everything stink and they are harmful to you and your family.

    By the way don’t use too much salt, it’s not something you want to see or be near if you are afraid of those stupid critters. Just squirt and RUN!

  99. comment number 99 by: Katy

    Wow, yay first time I have known of others with the Frog Phobia. It’s the first day of rainy season here in Honolulu, and guarenteed we get big ones all over the neighborhood. Having grown up in S Florida I can atleast say there are less here (the big toad-y kind in my neighborhood) and not the smaller ones that are EVERYWHERE, in the toilet, car, stuck to walls, trying to get in. It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about them! cant look at pictures and most certainly can never get close enough to spray them.. the hopping is what truely sends shivers throught my whole body. I get extreme panic when I see them, will scream without being able to control and can NOT walk past them without shielding my eyes and running. No one has ever understood and most people say “oh ill surprise you with one to help you get over your fear” “NO YOU F***ING WONT” is my stern reply. I guess I try to just be in the house before dark and pray to God they are not on my steps. One time, I was coming out of my friends house at night with the light off, reached down to get my shoes when the light flicked on. BIG FROG RIGHT THERE BY MY SHOES. I screamed like someone stabbed me! haha I wish I could get over it, I have tried just about every “psychological” technique and it doesnt seem to help. I was reading that people are usually scared of one thing, like spiders or rats, and that serves as a focal point for our fears of the unknown, and if we were to rid ourselves of it than it would transfer to something else. Also, seeing this many people with the same type of dear reassures me that its not something thats “messed up” about me, its just a fear. I run them over when I see them in the road, which is satisfying. Terrible, I know! I know humans have taken their territory and blah blah blah but why cant they just stay in the woods like other animals whose habitat we have ruined (sad) and why isnt there a good way to kill them off for sure? Proof they are SPAWN OF SATAN

  100. comment number 100 by: Elly

    Like many others on this site I am TERRIFIED of frogs and lizards, I had a lizard at my front door today and I couldn’t come into my own house I had to get my neighbors to get rid of it. They are so disgusting and I am tired of hearing people say how great they are because they kill bugs, I would rather have the bugs. I will try BUG B Gone in the yard to cut down their food source also bleach around the front doorway and mothballs. Thanks for the tips

  101. comment number 101 by: mc

    I have that very same problem, “frogs” in my garage. They make a mess everywhere and they smell really bad. Gross!!!! For the last two weeks I’ve been cleaning the garage every single day, at the same time trying to get rid of them, (yes, them). They hide between tiny gaps they could find. Yesterday I saw, I thought, a couple but found out it was a family. I did not stop until they were all ouuuuut. What I did was filled in the gaps with my leftover powder laundry detergent and hopefully will not come back. I will also try the salt. They get in my nerves!

  102. comment number 102 by: Gene

    Frogs eat insects, yeah. They can eat up all the insects and I won’t have an insect problem. Happy days,happy days. Just might have a noise problem.

  103. comment number 103 by: Maria

    I HATE frogs. I opened my front door last night to walk my dog and two baby frogs jumped inside my house but it only got worse because Big Momma was waiting for me. I screamed so loud that my neighbor came out to see if I was OK. Of course my husband didn’t even hear me. I was scared for my life. I want to kill this monster. Please help.

  104. comment number 104 by: kauailady

    OMG put bufo toads (poisonous to pets) and a centipede in my garage and have a double heart attack. RAID … works on me too. The guy with a moat … put plastic buckets and bury … They go in and can’t get out. They come out when dark and the lawn moves. Thank goodness I’ve never had one in my house, only garage. I hate killing things but a dog is more important. Thanks for the vinegar salt water ammonia concoction.

    P.S. Golf clubs work too.

  105. comment number 105 by: Peter

    Frogs can be a real asset to your area removing insects and bugs. However for some people their constant load croaking thought the evening hours could destroy ones life to a point of sheer misery. Many people in this situation feel that Napalm and burn the little critters is the best solution.

    However on the serious side because frogs breathe through their skin there are few things that will resolve the problem. You can simply spray into the grass or ground at the border of your property a thin trail of “cloudy Ammonia” no need to spray the frogs directly the smell will deter them along with rabbits and stray cats from coming on your property.

    Repat this process once every couple of months. The frogs should eventually leave your property. If they are on an adjoining property or your neighbour loves and encourages frogs and the croaking is driving you cuckoo. Try “white noise” Leave your car radio on between the sound of croaking frogs, barking dogs and brainless yobos playing load thumping music.

    It does not have to be too loud so you cannot hear it inside your home as that would be to annoying for you, the white noise from music on the radio will break the piercing croaking of the frogs. Male frogs are sexy little critters calling out to as many girlfriends in a widespread area as they can. Ever noticed when there is the sound of rain on your roof how other annoying distant sounds are not as apparent. If the radio thing works you could install a small portable one or an old car radio with a time switch to come on at sundown and switch off at dawn.

    You can also for a few dollars buy a white noise pad that has several restful sounds on it such as a river, rain, thunderstorm and sounds of a waterfall. So even if you feel like the frogs have won the battle, you can win the war and blank out their infernal croaking.


  106. comment number 106 by: atty

    Thank you so much! We just moved into a house and were fixing up the garage and found four of them!! They gross me out! I’m heading out now to go buy some of this stuff!

  107. comment number 107 by: George H

    Well after many years of trying all the recommended things to get rid of nighttime croaking frogs (Apart from buying a secondhand military flame thrower and cooking the little croakers) the thing that seems to work is mix 1 litre of Cloudy (not clear) ammonia with 100 ml of Dettol put this in a sprayer and use it on an area.

    Remember some of the frogs even though their croaking seems to come from the ground they may be hiding in a bush or up in a tree. Frogs like many other creatures can actually bend sound to throw off prey so when they hear you coming they will “Croak echo” to throw you off their position. The cloudy ammonia and dettol mix smells foul so as frog’s breath through their skin if it doesn’t kill them it will surely drive them away.

    If you ever feel guilty about harming these little critters don’t be. Man comes before the planet. After all us humans kill everything that moves at Christmas time just so we can cook up Christmas dinner and celebrate a religious festival. I think in France and around the world they eat frogs?

  108. comment number 108 by: presha

    all you ppl need to be exterminated frogs are a healthy part of the ecosystem earth needs frogs be not disgusting human beings! stop being selfish and cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. comment number 109 by: George H.

    I have tried just about everything to deter frogs some things worked and some, where useless. However the one that seems to work the best are mothballs. Place them near the roots and under bushes about a foot apart. If you live near the ocean place a few mothballs in a 5 gallon drum of water of saltwater, leave for a week then the water reeking of mothballs can be poured into a garden sprayer and sprayed around your fence line and any areas that a frog might seek refuge. Make sure you use rubber or plastic gloves as if you get any of the water mix on your hands it is very difficult to get the smell off your hands. Should you get any on your hands use vinegar and liquid soap to wash off the smell on your hands.

    The smell of the mothballs should also keep your cat or dog at a distance as they do not like strong smells, you could experiment with this. Before you use the mothballs place a few in a cloth and then go to your pet and place the bundle near to its nose. You should get a reaction as your pet should be repelled by the smell and either pull his head away or move away from the mothball bundle. If this happens you will be assured that if he moves near to any mothballs out in your garden he will immediately smell the mothballs and move away.

    The main thing of the whole exercise is you will probably cause the frogs to move away from your home without actually harming them. Course your next-door neighbour may have to put up with Kermit and friends romantic moonlight serenade.


  110. comment number 110 by: Troy

    I have a problem with frogs getting in to my air conditioner, they hit the fan blades and make all sorts of noise.

    i wish them no harm, as i think they are wonderful creatures!! one of my favorite animals, and here in australia, we have hundreds of them around the home.

  111. comment number 111 by: Anonymous

    I use a machete

  112. comment number 112 by: Bec

    Thanks, I will sure try 1 if not all of these. I live in the country side and do not want to harm the creatures, but, my pool has become the party spot for all the frogs in the state, even though i properly treat my pool the buggers still get in and lay eggs, needless to say my pump gets full of eggs and dead wigglers, yuck!So anyway last year the frogs won i drained my pool so neither they nor I had a place to swim.I will b posting again, if I have any luck

  113. comment number 113 by: catherine

    I thought I was the only one scared of green tree frogs. That started at a young age for me, when I saw my mother screaming and yelling around the yard. She went to check the gas meter and when she lifted the lid several jumped on her. Well now, I am scared of them, hate them. The house I am living at each year I would see them hanging around the front of the house so I would have my husband catch them and he would put them in a plastic bag and I would take the bag and drive it down the road quite aways and let them out. I didn’t want to kill them but as long as I don’t see them we get along just fine. Well my husband and I are going through a divorce now and low and behold they are back… More of them than ever. Yesterday it rained and I went to let the puppies out, it was 11:00 am and I could see them on the under leaves of my palm trees and hanging on my ginger stalks. OMG are you kidding me, there was on the front of the house. He is always there someone by the front door. So around dusk dark I don’t like using the front door. He was missing for two days I thought great he gone. I came home yesterday it was almost dark. I got out of the car as I was walking to to door I thought Ok is he back where is he? I saw him hanging on the side of the house about 4 ft from the door, so I went to put the key in the door, I thought that he looked strange color wise. Well that was a new one, my trusted annoying frog sat right by the door about 5 inch from the door handle. My hands are full of food I just bought for dinner, there is no way in hell are you kidding me and I going to open the door. So I had to go back to the car and get the umbrella to hit the door to make him jump away. It worked but now there two of those dreadful things, one was bad enough. I have allergies so I can’t use bleach or vinegar. I am going to try the dryer sheets and rub them around the door area. I will put them in the cracks around the door if I can. I hope this works I can’t stand the little tree frogs, toads don’t bother me, since then won’t jump and stick to you, they run from you. That is fine. But tree frogs they gotta go, I don’t even like looking a pictures of them, yuck!!!!!

  114. comment number 114 by: lou

    Yes, what a mess I had to clean up after the frogs got into my emergency storage. They were in my shoes and all the clothes and camping equipment. So right there was dropping all over all the stuff.

    I used your method and got rid of the ones I could catch and then all has to be cleaned all over again. Nothing but a pest. They were small but I do not know what they eat in all my things.

    I can only bet they will be back with the winter weather since it is inside and no telling how they got in. I wrapped all with saran wrap and the case with a plastic tarp. Have to hope for the best! Many thanks for all the info about the frogs. It was a great help. Tell them good bye.

  115. comment number 115 by: Maruchy

    OMG! I can be the queen of “Scared of Frogs Land”… I don’t wish to harm them, just to keep them away from me and specially my home front entrance & garage doors. I mean,this house was bought by us, not by the frogs. I think we’re entitled, at least, to enjoy our house the same way they have so many other places provided by nature for them to enjoy their lives too… Fair enough, right?

    I’m so glad I found this page… and definitely will try the suggestions presented… then will let you all know how it went.

    Again, THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  116. comment number 116 by: Donna

    I have laughed so hard reading everyone’s experiences with these ugly little creatures, I feel like I have experienced them all with you. I live in Alabama and I’m a prisoner in my own home after dark. These little creatures are all over my doors and windows after dark and even had one to jump on me opening the door to let my dog out. Scared me to death and they just feel nasty!! Can’t wait to get my home back from these damn frogs. I have read that citrus spray, like lemon juice, will repel them too.

  117. comment number 117 by: Doris

    My husband and I live in a rural part of north Florida. Built a house on several acres 5 years ago and the first thing we noticed was that all of our floor to ceiling windows were covered with these little green frogs as soon as the sun started going down. Now don’t get me wrong, they are here in the daytime as well, just not all over the windows. Well, if climbing on the windows was all they did, I would not have a real problem with them, however - they poop ALL OVER everywhere! We have 8 sets of white columns and all over these columns are frog droppings. It takes forever to clean these things, I can clean them one day, and the next day they are full of frog droppings again. The droppings are on the house, pavers, windows…. everywhere these little things go. So, I don’t care if they are on the property somewhere else, but I promise I will find something to keep them away from the house!!!

  118. comment number 118 by: Lynn

    My dog is eating the frogs. I just want to chase the frogs away. We have used snake away. Did not work. I am going to go to Starbucks and get the used free coffee grounds start putting it around the fence line and everything else. Fingers crossed.

  119. comment number 119 by: Rae

    My mom is terrified I mean terrified of frogs if she see them she pukes and almost a passes out as of now she knows one got in the house and she suspects that she killed another but she didn’t have her glasses on so I tried to convince her it wasn’t so she would freak out well I just saw a third in my room and I’m freaked out now it got away before I could kill it I want them out of our house we have a dirt floor basement and when it rains it floods and its been raining for like the past three weeks I want them out bleach sounds like a good idea but I don’t want to spray them and then they get away and die somewhere and I can’t just spray them and then like scoop them up after they die its just to much for me will the salt water just make them leave the house I can’t tell my mom she would have a panic attack and in freakin out to I’m only 14 I’m freakin out they are tree frogs and I’m scared to death I will wake up and go out of my room and find my mom on the floor because a frog got on her and she passed out or had a heart attack when will they leave will they leave when it starts to get colder please help!

  120. comment number 120 by: Shirley

    I’m relieved to see that there are so many other cases of tree frogs being everywhere. I thought it was just me or just where I live. They are far worse than they have been in any of the prior years I have lived here in Florida. I keep an old, cleaned out of course, mayonnaise jar and a washcloth next to the door and when I go out at night to walk my dog before bed, there are always 3-4-5 little frogs plastered to the side window by the door. As I exit, I try and capture as many as I can and take them “on a walk” with the dog, then release them away from my house. This worked last year, but I bet I had to do this 50 or more times over the summer and fall. I’d really like to just kill them because the way I figure, each year there are more, and the more there are left, the more new children we are going to have next year. It’s getting to be a plague…

  121. comment number 121 by: Sherry

    Oh how sweet it was to read of other people who have the phobia. I once couldn’t drive my car because one was in it. I finally had to use the vacuum cleaner with LONG handle to suck it out. Sorry if that offends you. Currently I am reading on this site because of the multitude of frogs we have on the windows, doors, ceilings, walls…. you name it, and besides the horror of having one jump on me, the mess is horrendous. Tried the vinegar/water solution last year, but with our salt and without satisfaction. Trying salt this year. May have to go the extreme and try the Bleach…YUK. Dead body disposal could be tough.

  122. comment number 122 by: Dave

    I seen numerous tree frogs in my lawn this year, have never seen them before and I fear that snakes may come since they’re predators. Don’t mind the little tree frogs (for now) but do not want to see any snakes on my property. I want to repel, but not kill the tree frogs.

  123. comment number 123 by: Ted

    I have never seen a frog in my huge hanging fern baskets but the racket they make as soon it gets dark is annoying. They squeek for the whole night and I cannot even enjoy sitting in my porch at night. I have tried looking for them but they are so small and live in the core of the baskets. What should I use to get rid of them without damaging the plants.

  124. comment number 124 by: valerie w

    I too hate the little slimy things, I live in the country. I was on my front porch earlier, there was so much poop in front of the front door . lifted up patio pillows there was a nest of them , they are disgusting, thank you for your input , hope something works for me. disgusted!!

  125. comment number 125 by: Jay


  126. comment number 126 by: Taylor

    if you are from South Florida you already know..they are everywhere!!!! I hate them because if you get anywhere close they jump at you. If i die of a heart attack you will know its because a frog jumped on me. I am gonna try spreading salt around my porch and spraying ammonia around the doors..wish me luck.

  127. comment number 127 by: Linda

    Excellent info
    I want to email this to a friend whose neighbor unwittingly put some in her pond yikes
    Now the cannot sit and enjoy there new backyard

  128. comment number 128 by: tien tran

    I live in Houston,TX. We get coqui (tree frogs), introduced from Mexico & Central Amer. The male frogs mating call at night are LOUD !!! At first, I tried to hunt them. However, they stop their mating call when they sense someone near them. They are SMART. It took me 45 min. To catch one.

    The BEST way to get rid of them: 1) clean/clear out under the bushes as much as you can. Get rid of leaves/branches/etc…that they can hide; 2) BUY “HYDRATE LIME” powder at the hardware store. Large 20lbs cost about $7.00; 3) WEAR goggle/gloves/face mask when dealing with the “HYDRATE LIME” powder. I use a big scooper to spread the “LIME” powder ALL OVER the soil (under the bushes).

    Next day, I see TONS of dead tiny frogs and slugs on the powder.

    NOTE: You can also use BAKING SODA instead of HYDRATE LIME!! They work because the PH level is so high. The frogs skin will “burn” when touch !!

    I have been using this method since 2006….TRY IT!!!!

  129. comment number 129 by: Msdori

    I live in Central Florida and the Cuban Tree Frog, who eats the smaller green tree frog, has dominated the tree frog population…they are 4-5 times the size of the small green frogs and seem to hide & poop everywhere near a light source. I have motion sensored lights for security so they are not on all the time; but the frogs still keep coming back to hide under my grill cover and, including inside the grill…yuck! I am going to try some of the sprays mentioned above…not sure how I could use the baking soda trick. I don’t mind if they are out in their own environment, just don’t like having to clean out my grill every time I want to use it.

  130. comment number 130 by: Dimples

    I am so happy that I found this site. I just moved into a house and had 2 frogs that greet me every evening. I started keeping a mixture of Clorox and water in the car. I sprayed two of them last night and hope the mixture was strong enough to kill them. I am deathly afraid of them and these things are not afraid of humans, they just sit there and stare at you without fear…I HATE THEM. I have also placed the moth balls around but will try some of the other things listed here. I won’t dilute the Clorox though. I want to make sure these creatures die a horrible death :-)

  131. comment number 131 by: sunset.808

    not afraid of them at all, love killing them, I hear them in my hanging plants and its on lol have found eggs, throw coffee does a little , bleach hurts my plants , so the citrus cost a lot and so does vinger, so read that lime half the price will work so got a big bag, now a sprayer is next and will give it a try!
    Live in Hilo Hawaii and those little son’s of bitches love it here…

  132. comment number 132 by: FergyGirl

    So glad to have found this site and to know I’m not the only person freaked out by these little tree frogs.

    My family and I live in northeast Oklahoma. Up until a couple of years ago, I just considered the tree frogs to be a noisy pest. They were “cute”, because we only ever had seen one or two, way out in the yard in the trees or down the hill by the creek.

    Then 2 years ago, one of the frogs suddenly moved to the front windows of our house!!

    It would stay there all night, so loud and constant, it would seriously drive any sane person nuts. As soon as we tried to find it, it would get completely silent and seem to disappear. Sneaky! And don’t tell me they’re just innocent little animals. They seem evil and weird.

    Worst of all, was the pooping. OMG. SO gross, and with young kids and pets around, the frog poop is a health hazard. Scientists should investigate tree frog poop to develop some kind of superglue because that stuff does NOT easily wash off the house, the porch, the windows, everywhere — you have to scrub it off with industrial-strength cleaners, and you know what that does to the wood, vinyl, brick, and paint of a home, not to mention the groundwater.

    Then, last year, there was some sort of bizarre frog population explosion!!! It’s beyond disgusting, and spooky.

    We don’t have any Downy fabric softener sheets, so until we can go to the store, we’re going to try the ammonia today as we go back out and try to clean the poop off the windows, walls, and porch AGAIN.

    To all of you who live in fear of these disgusting horrible little frogs, you are not alone!!!!

    It’s TRAGIC how these things have caused such terror and dread to the extent that it disrupts our enjoyment of life. It’s like chemical warfare against the human race!!

  133. comment number 133 by: FergyGirl

    PS my email address is FergyGirlOK at GMail if anybody here wants to discuss the fear of tree frogs!!!

  134. comment number 134 by: Anonymous

    Years ago my aunt catched some frogs with a vacuum cleaner in front of her garage.

  135. comment number 135 by: Katherine

    This site is a life saver. I think the best idea to try will be the Baking Soda and Moth Balls.
    There is a particular Cuban Frog that would sit on my Kitchen Door Window which sits under a light. I now only put on that light after I have reached home from work at night. Sad how these creatures rule my life. I park and I have to scrutinise my Front Porch for any sign and make a mad dash inside. *sigh. This is madness!!

    Does anyone know how to deal with frogs in the roof guttering? I have a cistern under my house and I have a strong belief that is where they are making a vacation home.

  136. comment number 136 by: ann

    I actually cannot believe what I’m reading. I agree with another comment that all the people should be exterminated I’m sure they were here before you build your development. Frogs eat many many insects and other animals eat frogs it’s a cycle that human should not interfere with. Unbelievable

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