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Chitika Newsletter Explains Premium Features

August 28th, 2008

Get Chitika eMiniMallsAfter being approved by Chitika earlier this month, I am beginning to learn more about how their system works and have now installed ad units on two of my older pages that were not already monetized. Preliminary results are too sparse to draw any conclusions, but I have managed to receive two clicks so far, which means that the units seem to be functioning properly.

The company also offers 10% referral bonuses on new publisher accounts, so if you have not signed up with them yet, you may want to do so in order to make money by referring other bloggers who are seeking additional monetization options. To reach the signup page, simply click on the banner in the upper left and then click the big button that reads “Apply Now” after the page loads. Meanwhile, Chitika sent out a newsletter today that explains more about how their new Premium search targeting works in light of recent additions they have made to their overall program:

Chitika Network Search Volume Gaining Towards Microsoft Sponsored Search

Publishers getting search engine traffic are benefiting from Chitika’s newest product Chitika | Premium — that targets ads to search queries. With its laser-targeted ads and its flexible integration options, Chitika | Premium is delivering higher revenues for publishers and much better ad experience for users.

Advertisers are extending their SEM campaigns beyond Google and Yahoo to benefit from this new traffic source — yielding high conversions and increased targeted traffic. Chitika calls this “Search Behavior Marketing”.

Chitika | Premium and Google Adsense

The most common question we often hear is: Can I use Chitika and Google Adsense on the same page ? The answer is definitely: Yes. But dont take our word for it. 20,000+ of our publishers are using Chitika along with Google (and of course — for further confirmation, you can always contact your Google rep). So why would you want to use Chitika | Premium and Google Adsense on the same page anyway?

  • Increased Revenue: Google Adsense + Chitika is a lot more than Google Adsense alone. The incremental revenue from Chitika and the diversification of revenue is a huge bonus.
  • User Experience: The Chitika ads do look a lot different from Google and are super-targeted to the exact keywords that the user is looking for. Users love targeted ads.
  • Flexible Integration: If we don’t have a super-targeted ad to show, we don’t show anything. Yeah — we collapse and the ad disappears. This allows creative integration on your pages (like between content). This is not something you can do with Google (which always shows up).

Chitika | Premium For Publishers: How It Works

Search engine traffic is the lifeblood of most web publishers. When a user comes from a search engine to your site, Chitika | Premium targets the ad to the exact keywords that were typed by the user. The ad is super targeted and the user is much more likely to click on it (this has been confirmed by our high CTR — which beats all other ad units, including Google AdSense, about 99% of the time). If a user comes directly to your site (like your regular readers), the ad collapses and does not show up. This way you are not bothering your regular readers, many of whom are unlikely to click anyway.

Hey, Wasn’t Chitika About Products Like Ipods and Cameras?

This was true up until April 2008. Since then, Chitika has expanded into all types of websites. In fact, while we still have great product ads for product websites, finance websites are some of our best performing publishers. If you’ve stayed away from Chitika thinking that Chitika is only about products, its time to look again. Case in point: b5media is a network of 350+ blogs featuring various types of content running Chitika | Premium ads.

Chitika | Premium for Advertisers: Search Marketing, Beyond Google and Yahoo

Chitika now lets you expand your SEM efforts beyond Google and Yahoo. Your keyword-based text ads campaigns (like the ones you have with Google Adwords) can now be extended to the Chitika network and targeted to the same type of users (i.e. search engine visitors typing in your keywords in the major search engines). We call this “Search Behavior Marketing”. Why would you want to do this ?

  • New Traffic Source: With the Chitika Network, on a PPC basis, you get to target the same users you are targeting with your Google Adwords campaigns. These users have typed your keywords in the major engines and will then see your message as they hit the sites in the Chitika network.
  • High Conversions: Your campaign is targeted to the exact keywords being typed by the users in the search engines. This represents “high intent” and consequently high conversions and ROI.
  • Scale: The Chitika network is currently serving over 400M+ sponsored ads per month (and growing at around 25% month-over-month).

Are you a Blogger/Affiliate Marketer?

Get Chitika PremiumChitika has one of the most generous referral programs in the industry. If you refer a publisher to Chitika, you get 10% of whatever they make for 15 months. This is true for even our newer products like Chitika | Premium (which is in high growth mode). If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer, you can earn a lot of commission by promoting Chitika | Premium using our referral program.

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