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Search Query Sunday, 28th Edition

August 31st, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-28.jpgOverall search traffic increased somewhat this week, with the topics of rejection letters, cell phones, and the various quote pages continuing to top the list. The big surprise came from a surge in visits to my low carb zucchini page, which managed to obtain a #5 ranking for “zucchini pasta” for a few days before suddenly dropping back down again. I quickly placed Chitika units on the page to take advantage of the rise in traffic, but now that this has subsided I will need to look for additional pages to target for Chitika testing. Meanwhile, here is the next batch of questions from our search queries.

what is the meaning of newbies — The term “newbie” roughly translates to “beginner” or “neophyte” (in other words, someone who is inexperienced in a particular genre). On forums, message boards, and in various social settings, newbies sometimes face ridicule by more experienced members of the group, especially if they behave in ways that clearly display their ignorance or are perceived as unprofessional. Fortunately for the beleaguered “n00b” (a variant spelling of newbie), Karlonia is a relatively friendly place for such people because our overall mission is to stamp out ignorance regardless of experience or social status.

usaa is it lagitimate — USAA (officially USAA Federal Savings Bank) is definitely legitimate. This is a financial institution that offers all of the services normally expected of banks and is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Although their interest rates on savings accounts leave something to be desired compared to online high yield accounts in the same category, they do reimburse other banks’ ATM fees, which makes access to cash convenient even if you do not live near any of their branch offices.

clickbank account login — For some reason this query has been popping up surprisingly often lately. I’m not sure why people would come here for account logins instead of simply bookmarking the appropriate page on the Clickbank site and going there directly, but just in case you happen to be one of these people, you can log into your Clickbank account from here.

correct english were ran or were run — The correct wording would be “were run” in almost all contexts, for example: Although this group of money making sites had good theoretical potential, we did not agree with the way they were run.

which is correct your welcome or you’re welcome english grammar — According to social convention, the usual reply to a “thank you” statement is “you’re welcome” because we are actually saying “you are welcome” as opposed to indicating possession.

how to keep cpu usage down — In general, you need to close any currently running applications that you do not need to have open. Note that this includes websites displaying in browser windows or tabs; I have noticed that many sites have certain scripts or image animations that will tie up your cpu, even as much as 100% in some cases, which is highly annoying and will definitely slow down your productivity.

should remain in effect or affect? — The correct spelling would be “remain in effect” for almost all contexts.

clickbank philippines sign up — Unfortunately, Clickbank has not yet opened up to client signups from the Philippines, much to the dismay of the many bloggers and other work-at-home enthusiasts from this country. Until Clickbank finally sees the light, the closest alternative is probably PayDotCom.

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