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Turquoise Jewelry: Fashionable at Any Age

September 30th, 2008

turquoise-jewelry-concho-belt.jpgToday I have managed to dig up another article by Ashley Ludwig. This one deals with turquoise jewelry, including its types, characteristics, and popular uses. Meanwhile, if you would like to see your articles published here at Karlonia.com and don’t mind getting a free backlink out of the deal, you can submit your articles or queries through the contact page. If you’re looking for ideas about what kinds of topics to write about or what might be accepted, just look along the right sidebar under the word “Categories” and you will see the current category listings. From there, you can click on one of the category topics and view all of the previously published articles under that heading. You can also look at the titles of all articles by clicking on the Sitemap link from the top navigation bar.

It is as blue as an Arizona sky. Turquoise jewelry is timeless as the desert itself. The birthstone of December, a gift for the fifth and eleventh wedding anniversaries, the gem is easy to identify and as dressy or casual as you want to wear it. The question is: what makes turquoise jewelry the right decision for you this holiday season?

Easy to mine, and easier to shape, turquoise jewelry has graced cultures from ancient China to the Pharaohs of Egypt. It is, however, Native American turquoise jewelry that captures the attention of all who wear it.

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Turin, Italy Travel Information

September 29th, 2008

turin-italy-buildings.JPGThe city of Turin, Italy, also known as Torino in Italian, serves as a major industrial center as well as a significant attraction for tourists due to the many historical buildings and landmarks that are found here. The city proper has a population of about 900,000, but the greater metropolitan area that has grown up around Turin includes approximately 2.2 million inhabitants. It is located in the Piedmont province, which is situated in the northwestern part of Italy adjacent to the border with France. This article by Patrick McGougan highlights some of the main attractions in Turin that may be of interest to anyone thinking about planning a vacation to this area.

Located on the River Po in Northern Italy, Turin is a major business and cultural centre in the region. The city is fairly near to Milan; however it is far more satisfying for tourists. With a mixture of urban areas and tranquil parks, Turin provides beautiful buildings, pretty greenery and a mountain backdrop, enough to make any city attractive.

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Search Query Sunday, 32nd Edition

September 28th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-32.jpgOverall search engine traffic increased slightly again this week to 3,309 unique visitors, but the big story was a boost in referring site traffic from StumbleUpon. Someone managed to Stumble my post on Ron Paul opposing the proposed bailout, after which it received 12 “thumbs up” votes as of this writing along with 308 visitors. I also received my first “thumbs down” review from this page when a reader objected to the obvious your vs. you’re grammar error in the post’s image. Apparently “Torchiest” did not realize that my choice of image was intentional and did not understand the overall message of the article. Nevertheless, we still had plenty of interesting search queries for the week. Here is a small sample:

effects of pork barrel spending — Probably the main effect of pork barrel spending is to increase the size of annual deficits and the national debt, which is now nearing $10 trillion. It also has the unfortunate side effect of helping to reelect incumbent politicians because many people are still dumb enough to get fooled into voting for them.

add an apostrophe to a day or a week correct — As far as I know, we don’t add apostrophes to days or weeks. I have noticed a trend in recent grammar errors, however, where people will insert apostrophes into plurals of days of the week, such as writing “Monday’s”, “Sunday’s”, etc. These are almost always incorrect. If you just want to tell someone that you would like to take Fridays off, you don’t need to put an apostrophe in there!

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Film Review: Napoleon Dynamite

September 27th, 2008

napoleon-dynamite-poster.jpgThis article by Patrick MacGougan is a review of the movie Napoleon Dynamite, an independent film produced in 2004 by Jeremy Coon, Sean Covel, and Chris Wyatt. Jon Heder stars as the main character Napoleon Dynamite, while a cast including Efren Ramirez, Tina Majorino, Aaron Ruell, Jon Gries, and Emily Tyndall play the various supporting roles. The movie is a rather offbeat comedy that deviates from the usual Hollywood style, but according to our reviewer manages to remain entertaining and appeals to a general audience.

Napoleon Dynamite is an interesting character, an alternative hero. He lacks charisma, attitude, fashion sense, and many other attributes which generally seem to appear in the stars of Hollywood movies. His life is going smoothly, he goes to school, finds entertainment by pulling an action figure on a string behind the bus, gets bullied, and returns home to his brother and grandmother. A number of events turn his life around slightly. His grandmother ends up in hospital following an extreme sports accident, making his Uncle Rico move in to look after them. This happens at the same time as Napoleon meets two new friends, Pedro and love interest Deb.

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EasyBid Updates Site, Releases Newsletter

September 26th, 2008

easy-bid-auctions.jpgEarlier today I received an email confirmation request from EasyBid Auctions, a relatively new UK-based online auction site that may provide an interesting alternative to larger sites like Ebay. The confirmation email caught me by surprise because I had actually registered with the site several months ago just a few days after their launch. It seems that the company switched the autoresponder system that they were using for managing the email lists, so they needed me to officially opt in again. After I did so, I received this rather long newsletter that explains some of the recent changes to the site as well as some of the program’s important features. Meanwhile, if you would like to sign up with the new EasyBid Auctions site, you can do so from here.

EasyBid Auctions News — Changes To The Site

First of all thank you for requesting our newsletter. We can now keep you up to date with everything that is going on here at EasyBid.

You may have noticed some changes happening to the site. This is all part of a site wide update we are preforming to improve our service to you and give you more features and benefits.

Part of this update is a re-arrangement of the site categories - this may affect listings you may have posted, and may result in you having to re-list some of your items. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Another section that is being improved is the referrals system. If you did not know it already EasyBid gives you a small cash bonus whenever you refer a new user to the site using your personal URL. We also pay you a small cash bonus whenever one of your referrals lists an item. These cash bonuses will now be added to an all new feature - your membership account.

Credits in your account can now be used to pay for listing enhancements or if you are a gold member transferred to your affiliate cash account. Your balance can be found in your main members area summary at the top of the page or in the section labeled ‘My Account - Manage Account’. As a member you can add to this balance at any time to use on enhancements or to pay for store subscriptions.

Members will also be able to have a small debit balance on their account, however if this balance reaches the limit and is not paid your account will be suspended and all selling privileges revoked until it is.

Another new feature is called ‘Second Chance Purchasing’. This allows you to control who you sell your items to and to end an auction early if you have the amount you require. Second chance also allows you to offer duplicates of your items to a non winning bidder if they did not win an item but in your opinion bid enough for it. It is all up to you.

Over the next 7 days we will also be improving our site community and forum section, so keep an eye out for that. We will keep you informed as the changes and improvements take place, please watch the site news section on the home page and the member’s announcement section of your back offices.

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Montpellier, France Travel and Tourist Information

September 25th, 2008

montpellier-arch.jpgNot to be confused with Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, the original French city of Montpellier is located very close to the Mediterranean Sea and makes a nice place to visit for travelers or tourists. Interestingly, I found out earlier today that the city in Vermont was actually named after this Montpellier (with a slight variation in spelling) in honor of the French who provided assistance during the period of the American Revolution. This article by Patrick MacGougan provides some basic information about the main attractions in Montpellier that might be of interest to visitors. Meanwhile, for additional information you can also visit the official site of Montpellier here.

This city in the south of France is 10 kilometers inland from the Mediterranean Sea, situated on hilly ground. Whilst it is based near the coast, it does not have the style of a typical city in the area like Marseille and Nice, which are further east from Montpellier and have beaches in close proximity to their city centres. Beaches that are nearby to Montpellier are reachable by bus, however, not on foot.

First mentioned in 985, Montpellier became prominent during the 10th century as a trading centre. In the 19th century, the city developed into an industrial centre, and during the 1980s and 1990s a number of redevelopment projects took place, raising awareness about the area to potential habitants.

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Latest Ron Paul Letter Opposes Proposed Bailout

September 24th, 2008

no-federal-bailout.jpgAlthough it’s not exactly a major surprise, Ron Paul’s latest letter to his subscribers earlier today expressed strong opposition to a proposed $700 billion taxpayer-funded federal bailout of several large corporations that managed to get into serious financial trouble by backing questionable mortgage loans and other instruments of debt. Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain both support this unbelievably fiscally irresponsible proposal, with John McCain even going so far as to propose a new federal agency which would create an “intervention system” that would direct the federal government to interfere even more in the affairs of private companies that it already has in the interests of supposedly preventing another such “crisis.” Frankly, I would sooner vote for Obama’s socialism than put up with this piece of garbage!

Fortunately, we do have another alternative. Although Ron Paul correctly identifies the proposed bailout as fundamentally misguided, he is no longer running for president. But Bob Barr is, and he agrees with Ron Paul’s assessment. Bob Barr is the Libertarian candidate for president this year. He is the most qualified candidate we have had in a long time, and he understands that it is blatantly unfair to let major corporations off the hook for their fiscal irresponsibility when smaller businesses and individuals like us are not entitled to be bailed out at the expense of everyone else. You can check out Bob Barr’s campaign website here. Meanwhile, here is the text of Ron Paul’s latest newsletter.

Dear Friends,

Whenever a Great Bipartisan Consensus is announced, and a compliant media assures everyone that the wondrous actions of our wise leaders are being taken for our own good, you can know with absolute certainty that disaster is about to strike.

The events of the past week are no exception.

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Texas Libertarians Running Out of Yard Signs

September 23rd, 2008

libertarian-party-texas.jpgIn preparation for the upcoming 2008 elections, our Libertarian Party here in Texas is busy distributing yard signs, door hangers, and other campaign literature. Unfortunately, it seems that demand has outstripped supply at the moment, prompting executive director Wes Benedict to issue a call to members and other interested parties to contribute funds toward the procurement of additional materials. The current shortage is actually a good thing in some ways because it means that we’re actually getting our message out there and more people are beginning to take us seriously.

Fortunately I have a package of 10 yard signs left over from the 2006 election that I can still use this year because the signs are not dated or aimed at any particular candidate. I just need to remember to get out there before election day and find some appropriate locations for placement that will maximize exposure and traffic. Meanwhile, here is the text of the latest campaign update.

Dear Texas Libertarian:

The 2008 election is approaching FAST. We are trying to order Libertarian door hangers and yard signs, but we SIMPLY DON’T HAVE THE MONEY. We need your help NOW.

We are almost completely out of yard signs and door hangers now, and we do not have enough money to order and ship more.

Yesterday I had to tell two people who called for yard signs that I just couldn’t fulfill their requests. I was able to send them a few of our 30 remaining signs, but not as many as they were willing to put up. I hate not being able to provide materials to willing volunteers because willing volunteers are usually so hard to find.

We’re not totally broke. We have over $7,000 in the bank and a steady stream of funds from our monthly pledgers to keep basic operations going, but we wisely have a rule that requires maintaining a $7,000 reserve in the bank for emergencies. So, we have barely any spendable money.

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The Cyber Playground: Is Video Game Technology Good or Bad?

September 22nd, 2008

video-game-technology.jpgThis article by Patrick MacGougan explores the issue of whether the advent of video games and the Internet, which he refers to as the “cyber playground”, has been beneficial or not. Frankly, as a regular gamer since the days of Pac-Man, I was a little disappointed in the article. I would have preferred a more in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of video games and how they have affected us over the years. Nevertheless, this relatively superficial treatment of the issue does leave plenty of room for your comments should you happen to have relevant opinions or research that you would like to share.

It is common to look back at one’s childhood with rose tinted spectacles. The view that life is not as good as it used to be has been common, not just in this generation, but for years. It is clear to see that the way children are commonly playing has been changing with the development of more complex, more powerful video games. Whilst in the past, to explore different environments, one would need to physically move afield to areas away from the home, nowadays people can fly spaceships, fight aliens, control whole armies and do many more activities which seem unlikely in real life. How? With computers. Twenty years ago, it was unlikely that children in London would be able to play football with children in New York, whilst still at home. The Internet has made that possible.

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Search Query Sunday, 31st Edition

September 21st, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-31.jpg Search engine traffic set yet another record high for Karlonia.com this week, with 3,231 visitors overall and new daily highs for keyword-based traffic of 531 and 526 visitors on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. My latest initiative to compose and publish more pages based around targeted lists of relatively short or funny quotes has been responsible for most of the increase. Besides for the ongoing gradual increase in long tail queries, I have also managed to obtain top 10 rankings for a few of the more popular two-word phrases related to quotes, which is providing a significant boost to the overall totals.

The increase in traffic is also lifting AdSense revenue. My latest account figures reveal that I have already surpassed last month’s earnings totals. Based on a linear extrapolation of the current numbers, I’m on pace to reach the $90 mark by the end of September vs. $56 for last month. While the dream of living purely on AdSense will still take a long time to accomplish at these levels, additional income from affiliate sales and the acquisition of other revenue-producing sites provide hope that an alternative lifestyle based on the Internet economy is still possible. Meanwhile, here are this week’s selected long tail queries.

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Karlonia Approved for GlobalTestMarket Affiliate Program

September 20th, 2008

After a frustrating rejection nearly six months ago, I reapplied to the GlobalTestMarket program last week and managed to receive an acceptance letter from them yesterday. The actual email was fairly brief:

Dear Karl Erfurt,

Congratulations on being accepted into the Affiliate program for GlobalTestMarket.

You will be contacted within 48 hours by a representative of GlobalTestMarket to finalize all the details.

Thank you again for choosing GlobalTestMarket and participating in this exciting program. We congratulate you and are glad we can help improve the method by which you earn revenue.

Remember, the more members you recruit, the more you can earn.

Kind Regards,


The follow-up contact mail, which arrived a few minutes afterward, was also relatively sparse on content but did contain my active affiliate link to the registration page of the program and a link to a tracking portal on their site where we can view basic statistics on new signups and the number of surveys they have completed. Oddly, I could not find any banners or other campaign materials to use for posting on my site or in other types of advertising efforts. It seems as though the standard referral link will have to suffice, at least for now.

Nevertheless, the underlying paid survey company has been one of the highest paying and most reliable ones that I have encountered so far. Last November I posted some basic information about GlobalTestMarket including a screenshot of a check payment I had received for previously completed surveys. Here is a screenshot of a more recent check payment where I waited until I had 1200 MarketPoints to redeem:


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