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LinkShare Publisher Newsletter

September 3rd, 2008

At the end of last month the LinkShare Corporation, a large affiliate network encompassing many mainstream e-commerce businesses that offer commissions to publishers who promote their products, sent out its latest newsletter. In this issue, the company describes its content and contextual ad formats, lists several companies known for being eco-friendly “green” advertisers, and provides some information about a WordPress plugin called DealFeed that makes it possible for bloggers to display RSS feeds of affiliated advertisers. If you would like to join the LinkShare network and earn commissions on sales generated from your website, simply click on the banner below to access the Publisher Signup page and fill in the required information.

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Easy Links

Product widgets are gaining popularity amongst publishers who are looking for engaging content ads to place on their site and earn revenue. LinkShare now offers you a “set it and forget it” solution to display relevant product ads on your site.

Contextual Product Ads

Easy Links are contextual product ads that use data from an advertiser’s LinkShare Merchandiser file. When you place the code for Easy Links on your website, our contextual technology will determine keywords that identify your page. We then query an advertiser’s Merchandiser file and display products relevant to those keywords and the page.

LinkShare offers 8 standard IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) sizes for Easy Links so you have the right fit for your page. In addition you can customize the colors of the Easy Link to match the design of your site.

With Easy Links, LinkShare makes it simple for you to promote the right Advertiser products on your website. Instead of having to navigate through hundreds and sometimes thousands of product links, let Easy Links do the work for you. Simply copy and paste the code onto your site and the Easy Link will serve relevant product ads that match the content on the page.

Predicting Conversion

After Easy Links determines the right keywords for your site, we use our knowledge of an Advertiser’s product links to serve the product ad that is most likely to convert to sale. This is accomplished by giving each product a score. The score is based on the performance of an Advertiser’s product links in the LinkShare Network. Publishers no longer need to guess which products are most likely to convert. LinkShare Easy Links leverages the immense knowledge within the LinkShare Network to serve up the products that are most likely to convert.

Easy Links can be found as a new advertiser link type on the “Get Links” tab in the LinkShare Publisher Dashboard (for those advertisers that have Easy Links enabled).

It’s Easy Being Green!

“The carbon emission of each item bought online and delivered to the customer is 132 grams of C02. A staggering twenty-seven items need to be bought on a dedicated car journey to the shops to achieve the same level of efficiency.” — Dr. Julia Edwards at the IMRG Online Green Awards 2008

In the world we live in today, consumers are more conscious than ever of the effects that their purchases are having on the environment. The merchant’s response has been to give the customer what they want. From hybrid cars to energy-saving light bulbs, there is now a whole market of “green” products — those items that are environmentally friendly, organic, or all-natural.

Many of LinkShare’s advertisers have chosen to highlight their efforts to help save the environment by promoting those products in their ad creative. We have compiled a sampling of some LinkShare advertisers that are offering environmentally friendly products. This list is a great way for you to find the information you need to add to your “green” category, or even to start a whole new green Web site.

Here is a list of some eco-friendly Advertisers:

  1. C&C California
  2. Destination Maternity
  3. Fastfloors
  4. Firebox
  5. Giggle
  6. JBandMe.com
  7. Luggage Online
  8. Lumber Liquidators
  9. Macys.com
  10. Miles Kimball
  11. Mimi Maternity
  12. Motherhood Maternity
  13. Online Shoes.com
  14. Origins
  15. PexSupply
  16. Saks.com
  17. Sierra Trading Post
  18. Smarthome
  19. The Body Shop
  20. The Home Marketplace
  21. Toys “R” Us

LinkShare RSS DealFeed for WordPress

LinkShare has launched a new plug-in for WordPress. For those not familiar with WordPress, it is popular blogging software used on a wide range of websites. WordPress offers their users “plug-ins” that could add additional features to their site.

The LinkShare RSS DealFeed plug-in makes it easy for WordPress users to promote RSS feeds from advertisers they are partnered with. Users simply download the plug-in, enter their token and choose the Advertiser feed they would like to promote. Publishers will need to be partnered with an advertiser to display that advertiser’s RSS feed content.

If you would like more information about RSS feeds, now is a great time to learn more about the plug-in at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/linksharerss-ads/.

You may also visit our web page at http://www.linkshare.com/publishers/

Lead Advantage Network

With arrival of the new Publisher Dashboard came a separate, completely redesigned Lead Advantage interface. Now you can manage your lead generation campaigns more effectively with streamlined navigation and enhanced usability.
Lead Advantage is an exclusive program that each publisher will need to apply for. With our easy new application system all you need to do is:

  • Login to your LinkShare account.
  • Click on the Lead Advantage tab.
  • Check the marketing channels you will be using to promote the various offers.
  • Click the apply button.

Once approved, you will be able to use any of the offers available in the Lead Advantage Network. Publishers are paid high, flat-fee commissions for sending qualified leads or new customers to Lead Advantage advertisers.

To learn more about the LinkShare Lead Advantage Network, please visit our Publisher Help Center.

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