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Search Query Sunday, 29th Edition

September 7th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-29.jpgThis first week of September has been the best so far in terms of search traffic, with a new daily record of 438 search engine visitors being set on Wednesday. Overall search traffic for the week was 2,443 visits on 1,665 separate keywords. Much of the recent boost is coming from my article on how to get rid of frogs, which managed to attract 106 unique visitors for the week and has moved into fourth place (out of 525) as the most visited page on the site. Another recent article that is doing relatively well is the one on getting rid of lizards, which scored 52 visits and 11th place overall.

These experiences show that my keyword research has paid off; there is definitely a hardcore niche of people who strongly dislike frogs and lizards, and will do almost anything to get rid of them. After these two pages drop off the home page over the next few days, I will be able to monetize them with AdSense or Chitika (or maybe both) and increase my income. Meanwhile, here are some of the other long tail queries that we have received over the past few weeks.

apostrophe grammar numbers 19**s — It is not necessary to put an apostrophe after numbers that denote years or decades; you can just write 1980s, 1990s, etc.

chinese new year 2009 actual date when — Next year’s date for Chinese New Year will be relatively early. It’s January 26 and will officially begin the year of the ox.

“professional chatter” — This is a good example of how comments can increase a blog’s search traffic. On my chat etiquette page, someone from India recently commented on the article and mentioned that he was a “professional chatter.” I’m not sure exactly how one qualifies for this particular profession or how well it pays, but the fact that someone added this phrase to the content of the page caused me to rank for it and bring in at least one extra visitor that I would not have had otherwise. Eventually I will need to figure out how to increase comments to this blog. Being able to receive free content even while I’m sleeping is definitely a good thing.

abbreviations while chatting bbl — In chatting, bbl is short for “be back later.” It is also used as an abbreviation for “barrel”, usually referring to barrels of crude oil.

abbrevition usage p.m. or pm? — p.m. (with the periods) is better because the letters are an abbreviation for the Latin words post meridiem.

can cell phones dry out? — Yes they can, but it may take a few days depending on how much water is in your phone and how far it has penetrated into the various components.

how many people fall for spammers — A surprising number of people actually click on links from spam emails and even buy products from them occasionally. A search of recent survey results reveals that the portion of Internet users that purchased from spam at least once in their lifetime ranges between 11 percent (according to a 2005 study by Mirapoint and the Radicati Group) and 29 percent (according to a 2008 survey on Marshall Limited’s website). However, keep in mind that these figures are NOT actual conversion rates for each spam mailing; the actual conversion or response rates for spam are considered by most experts to be very low, typically around 1 in 10,000.

what does ratify mean — Ratify means to officially adopt or authorize. It is usually used in reference to legally approving a constitution or legislative act through some type of vote or referendum process.

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