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Thrifty Tips: How to Afford a Housekeeper

September 9th, 2008

housekeeper-cleaning-supplies.jpgThis article by Ashley Ludwig presents an interesting idea. She suggests that it may be possible to outsource your cleaning chores by cutting back on unnecessary expenses, thus saving time and money simultaneously. While the idea of hiring a housekeeper doesn’t apply very well to my current situation, one thing that I have learned from my blogging and Internet marketing endeavors is that there are times when it is more efficient and profitable to outsource some of the most time consuming tasks instead of trying to do everything myself. If you happen to be in a position where you are spending a significant amount of time trying to keep the house clean but could stand to reduce expenses in other areas, perhaps this strategy could work.

Are you tired of seeing the dust on your plantation shutters? Does the ring around the bathtub fill you with loathing? Do you acquire yellow rubber gloves with the same care and precision of deciding on a new pair of shoes? Working moms, stay at home moms, home schooling moms! Stand up and pay attention. Step out of that Starbucks line and do the math. You, too, can afford a housekeeper.

Do you barely have two dollars to rub together, yet find yourself waiting in line at Starbucks a handful of mornings a week? Well, with the following example, you can find out all it takes is some clever budget manipulation with your kitchen money and you can free yourself up to hire a housekeeper to do the dirty work.

Most stay-at-home moms and home school types find social aspects of life surround the local Starbucks, It’s a Grind, or other area coffee shop. Time can be spent commiserating into Cappuccinos, Frappuccinos, or the expertly ordered Cinnamon Dulce, half-caff, or Dulce Latte. Huh? Since when did you measure your time in tall, grande, or venti, anyway? Slip that five dollar bill back into your wallet and put it in the kitchen jar. Soon, you’ll have enough cash to hire a cleaning service to come to your doorstep once or even twice a month, depending on your level of thriftiness.

Do you have toddlers in the house? Having bulk-item cleaning products can be more of a worry than a convenience. Remember, many housekeepers bring their own cleaning supplies. When you hire a cleaning service, consider the notion that you can save at least twenty dollars a month in personal restocking fees for the deep clean products that can be dangerous for toddlers to come across anyway!

The trick is to interview several companies, keep an eye out for fliers tacked to your doorknob or on the club house bulletin board, and talk to your friends and neighbors. Chances are they’ve already done much of the weeding out process for you. When it comes to something you know you can do yourself, we all tend to become incredibly frugal, and rightfully so! Bear in mind that if you become a loyal member of a cleaning service and give referrals that pan out, sometimes you can get a rate reduction of five to ten dollars a month.

Take that extra time and money, and get the kids out of the house. Enjoy a trip to the local art museum; study up on area history; take a field trip to the local agricultural areas. Watch their faces as they learn something about their world — you may learn something right along with them. Get out of the house, away from the chain coffee retailers, and step into your life, returning to house beautiful.

So before you lament that you can’t afford the luxury of a housekeeper, perhaps you should be asking yourself: can you afford not to?

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