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Search Query Sunday, 30th Edition

September 14th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-30.jpgTraffic from search engines set another record last week, with a total of 2,813 unique visitors for an average of over 400 per day. A new daily record for keyword-based visits of 477 was set on Tuesday. Most of the increase in traffic is coming from my relatively new pages on how to get rid of frogs and lizards, with the frog page attracting 195 visitors for a second place showing overall while the lizard page scored 146 visits and finished in fifth place. Meanwhile, this week’s selection of long tail queries and answers is as follows:

google federalism essay — This one represents a curious trend that I have noticed in recent search habits. Ever since the word “Google” started gaining traction for its use as a verb, some people are typing it into the search box in front of every query even though they are not actually searching for anything related to Google itself. This is not necessary and will probably introduce a bias in the results that are returned. If you really want to “google” something, just type your actual query into the search box and use specific phrases whenever possible. Most of the time this will give you much better results than using generic keywords or including words that are not actually related to your search.

a or an before the number 1 “vowel sound” — When pronounced the number 1 sounds like “won”, so we would put a before it rather than an because the initial sound is a consonant.

“indefinite article” consonant ymca — The letter y is pronounced with a consonant sound, so we would say “a YMCA member.” We would only use the indefinite article an in cases where the first letter of the acronym is pronounced with a vowel sound.

atm eat cards? — Yes, this can happen in some cases. Specifically, this can occur when you either input an incorrect PIN too many times or fail to remove your card for a certain amount of time after completing the transaction.

best pork sandwiches — Probably the best I’ve had so far are these Harley Hog Pulled Pork Sandwiches that I posted about during July of last year. If we make these again I need to remember to take a good picture of them so that I will have an appropriate image for the post.

blondes in america — I have a page from last December with two videos (#3 and #4 at the bottom) of some American blondes that had me rolling on the floor with laughter (metaphorically of course — I don’t actually roll on the floor :) ). Although it may not be politically correct to talk about the dumb blonde stereotype, it seems that some blondes really ARE that dumb!

can lizards kill people? — This is extremely unlikely. Although there are a few species of lizards that are capable of biting when threatened, these would be neither large nor poisonous enough to cause death for humans.

how long does the check from your2cents take to get — In my experience, it takes about four weeks; however, my last check payment from this program was several months ago. Since then, they have supposedly implemented measures to speed up check processing, so the actual time may be less than this for current requests. Later today I will probably request another check from my account, so we will see how long they take this time.

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