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Latest Scam Warning: DonkeyMails Investment Program

September 19th, 2008

spam-scam.jpgEarlier today I received a spam email regarding an investment program supposedly being run by DonkeyMails.com. The mail uses a false header to make it appear that the message originated from the administrator of the DonkeyMails program. Interestingly, my Gmail application detected this and posted a bright red message stating “Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information.” The actual text of the message reads as follows:

Dear DonkeyMails members,

We are happy to tell you that first payouts (45%) has been sent to the members of DonkeyMails Investment Program! The rest of investors will receive their payment on Monday.

Today, we invite new investors to sign up for the DonkeyMails Investment Program! We pay you 45% weekly.

Please read attached investors invitation for details.

The email includes a small (2 kilobyte) attachment labeled “Investors_Invitation.” Of course it is not advisable to click on or download the attachment, as there is a strong likelihood of it containing a Trojan horse application or some other type of malware. Last week BeenPaid.com reported a similar type of spam message in which members of DonkeyMails were promised the opportunity to earn 45% per week in a new investment scheme. Most reports from the forums suggest that it is a phishing attempt designed to trick users into revealing sensitive information or paying for bogus membership upgrades.

Earlier this year many current or former members of various paid-to-read (PTR) sites were spammed with messages promising recipients $400 in bogus lottery winnings for being the “1,000,000th visitor” to DonkeyMails.com. The purpose of the message was to entice readers to click on a link in order to find out more details and collect the money. The link resolved to a dummy site that was designed as an exact replica of the real DonkeyMails site. Once there, readers were notified that they had to upgrade their membership in the DonkeyMails program in order to qualify for the $400 prize. If readers followed through with the scam, they were directed to an appropriate payment page from E-Gold or some other payment processor where they could fork over their bogus membership fees to the scammer.

On the surface, it seems unlikely that anyone would be foolish enough to actually lose money to these types of scams, yet it still happens more often than one might think. While searching for information related to the latest fake DonkeyMails messages, I ran across several archived entries from a Malaysian blogger named Keel Wong who actually followed through on the bogus DonkeyMails lottery scam described in the paragraph above. Fortunately for this particular victim the loss was relatively small ($8.60) and E-Gold eventually blocked the account that the scammer was using to receive payments.

UPDATE 9/26/08: Another related spam message has arrived. This one starts with a subject line of “Donkey Investment: 52% weekly!” and promises to increase the benefits for new investors. There is also an attachment with an identical file name to the previous one. Here is the message text:

Dear members,

We invite new investors to sign up for DonkeyMails Investment Program. New investors will receive 52% weekly! All our existing investors received 45% for their investment this week. Automatic withdrawals awailaible 24/7 every business day! Withdraw directly to your e-gold account or to LibertyReserve, AlterGold, PayPal & AlertPay. This is a limited time offer, we will stop accepting new investors after 48 hours from now.

Please read attached investors invitation for details.

4 Responses to “Latest Scam Warning: DonkeyMails Investment Program”

  1. comment number 1 by: Poseidon SEO

    i got the same e-mail today and i forward it to the webmaster of donkey mails right away.

  2. comment number 2 by: Scam Detector

    DonkeyMails delete accounts without reasons. Is waste of time.

  3. comment number 3 by: lubang bisnis

    some one help me…. i have been a member in a donkeymails.and when i request pay out. i cannot enter again in donkeymails website.and i havnt receive the commission from donkeymails to my e-gold. have any experience like this?

  4. comment number 4 by: rty


    MY LAST ORDER 12/17/2010 10:39 51510541 U0870591 (edelweis) - $4.25

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