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Karlonia Approved for GlobalTestMarket Affiliate Program

September 20th, 2008

After a frustrating rejection nearly six months ago, I reapplied to the GlobalTestMarket program last week and managed to receive an acceptance letter from them yesterday. The actual email was fairly brief:

Dear Karl Erfurt,

Congratulations on being accepted into the Affiliate program for GlobalTestMarket.

You will be contacted within 48 hours by a representative of GlobalTestMarket to finalize all the details.

Thank you again for choosing GlobalTestMarket and participating in this exciting program. We congratulate you and are glad we can help improve the method by which you earn revenue.

Remember, the more members you recruit, the more you can earn.

Kind Regards,


The follow-up contact mail, which arrived a few minutes afterward, was also relatively sparse on content but did contain my active affiliate link to the registration page of the program and a link to a tracking portal on their site where we can view basic statistics on new signups and the number of surveys they have completed. Oddly, I could not find any banners or other campaign materials to use for posting on my site or in other types of advertising efforts. It seems as though the standard referral link will have to suffice, at least for now.

Nevertheless, the underlying paid survey company has been one of the highest paying and most reliable ones that I have encountered so far. Last November I posted some basic information about GlobalTestMarket including a screenshot of a check payment I had received for previously completed surveys. Here is a screenshot of a more recent check payment where I waited until I had 1200 MarketPoints to redeem:


One of my favorite features of this particular program is that they will still pay you a small amount of MarketPoints (which are readily convertible to cash after surpassing the minimum threshold) even for screening out of a survey. “Screening out” means that we do not qualify to complete the whole survey based our answers to the initial questions and the target demographics. If you have ever been a member of many paid survey companies, you will know that this happens quite often and can be frustrating when the company does not pay anything at all in these instances. In the case of GlobalTestMarket, however, the small consolation prizes offered for screenouts can add up surprisingly quickly, especially considering that the volume of surveys that they send has been relatively high in my experience.

I am hoping that eventually they will implement PayPal as an option for payment requests, which would reduce the waiting time and hassle involved with processing paper checks. For some strange reason, very few companies in this genre offer electronic payments even though the technology has existed for several years and would probably be beneficial for them in the long run. Until they finally catch up with the 21st century, however, at least the check payments make nice images for scanning and posting as screenshots.

3 Responses to “Karlonia Approved for GlobalTestMarket Affiliate Program”

  1. comment number 1 by: Carl B

    How much does the GlobalTestMarket Affiliate Program pay per user? Thanks

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia

    @ Carl:

    It’s not much unfortunately. According to my tracking portal page, the rate is 50 cents per signup. The information that I read at their site (FAQ, Terms, etc.) suggested that this rate may vary depending on what kind of site you have approved with them and what geographic areas your signups come from (signups from countries where they have a higher demand for new panelists are supposed to pay more).

    However, their info is very vague on these points; I really don’t know what countries they’re looking for or if they really ever pay more than 50 cents across the board. If you happen to find out any more specific information on this, please let us know.

  3. comment number 3 by: Carl B

    Thanks for your reply, wow, 50c is pretty low. Right now I use a site called cpastorm (dot com) and I get paid $2.50 per US and UK user who signs up, but this is not valid for international users, hence I was considering signing up to GTM affiliates. Cheers

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