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Search Query Sunday, 31st Edition

September 21st, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-31.jpg Search engine traffic set yet another record high for Karlonia.com this week, with 3,231 visitors overall and new daily highs for keyword-based traffic of 531 and 526 visitors on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. My latest initiative to compose and publish more pages based around targeted lists of relatively short or funny quotes has been responsible for most of the increase. Besides for the ongoing gradual increase in long tail queries, I have also managed to obtain top 10 rankings for a few of the more popular two-word phrases related to quotes, which is providing a significant boost to the overall totals.

The increase in traffic is also lifting AdSense revenue. My latest account figures reveal that I have already surpassed last month’s earnings totals. Based on a linear extrapolation of the current numbers, I’m on pace to reach the $90 mark by the end of September vs. $56 for last month. While the dream of living purely on AdSense will still take a long time to accomplish at these levels, additional income from affiliate sales and the acquisition of other revenue-producing sites provide hope that an alternative lifestyle based on the Internet economy is still possible. Meanwhile, here are this week’s selected long tail queries.

does crude oil make alcohol — Not exactly. The relationship between crude oil and alcohol is that both of them can be refined by a process of fractional distillation. But neither one actually makes the other.

“a united” “an united” grammar — It’s “a united” because united begins with a y sound.

5bucksaday for sale — This is a product that is popular with bum marketers because it provides ideas for beginners to establish several mini-projects with the goal of each one making at least $5 per day. Each project is designed to run mostly on autopilot so that you can build up several streams of passive income over time. You can buy the 5bucksaday system from here.

can i use my cell phone if it is in water — If your cell phone is actually IN the water, it’s probably not a good idea to use it as you will likely wind up with a short circuit. The general rule on these things is, as one forum poster aptly put it, electronics + water = fail.

can sim cards get wet — Well, let’s see…if you put something in water, it generally gets wet, so as long as a sim card is a physical object that can be placed in water, then yes, sim cards can get wet. Seriously, do people really need a search engine to answer this stuff? Sheesh…

can the fair tax support current spending — Supposedly yes, according to the latest “Fair Tax” proposal, it is designed to be “revenue neutral”, which means that it can support current levels of federal government spending. However, as long as this kind of spending continues to increase substantially, the amount of tax needed to offset it will also need to be higher.

can you eat lizards — Yes, this is certainly possible. Apparently in some parts of the Middle East people do eat lizards occasionally and make various meals out of them. This post from MuslimMatters.org has some pictures of such lizards and the prepared dishes. Although I have never eaten this particular kind of meat myself, most others who have tried it say that the taste is very similar to chicken.

how old can a frog get?/number — The exact life span of a frog seems to vary significantly depending on the type of frog and the source of information. According to this page from Sonic.net, the average life span is 16 years for bull frogs, 14 years for tree frogs, and 6 years for leopard frogs. Several sites report that the maximum observed life span of a frog was 40 years (although the species cited was actually a European Common Toad, scientific name bufo bufo).

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