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Texas Libertarians Running Out of Yard Signs

September 23rd, 2008

libertarian-party-texas.jpgIn preparation for the upcoming 2008 elections, our Libertarian Party here in Texas is busy distributing yard signs, door hangers, and other campaign literature. Unfortunately, it seems that demand has outstripped supply at the moment, prompting executive director Wes Benedict to issue a call to members and other interested parties to contribute funds toward the procurement of additional materials. The current shortage is actually a good thing in some ways because it means that we’re actually getting our message out there and more people are beginning to take us seriously.

Fortunately I have a package of 10 yard signs left over from the 2006 election that I can still use this year because the signs are not dated or aimed at any particular candidate. I just need to remember to get out there before election day and find some appropriate locations for placement that will maximize exposure and traffic. Meanwhile, here is the text of the latest campaign update.

Dear Texas Libertarian:

The 2008 election is approaching FAST. We are trying to order Libertarian door hangers and yard signs, but we SIMPLY DON’T HAVE THE MONEY. We need your help NOW.

We are almost completely out of yard signs and door hangers now, and we do not have enough money to order and ship more.

Yesterday I had to tell two people who called for yard signs that I just couldn’t fulfill their requests. I was able to send them a few of our 30 remaining signs, but not as many as they were willing to put up. I hate not being able to provide materials to willing volunteers because willing volunteers are usually so hard to find.

We’re not totally broke. We have over $7,000 in the bank and a steady stream of funds from our monthly pledgers to keep basic operations going, but we wisely have a rule that requires maintaining a $7,000 reserve in the bank for emergencies. So, we have barely any spendable money.

Please help us raise $5,000 immediately. If we surpass $5,000, and raise $7,500 by this Friday, September 26, I’ll personally kick in an additional $2,500 myself, which will put us in a super-strong position to break new records for 2008 and keep all of our willing volunteers supplied with campaign materials. I’ll keep results of the progress on this September 26 $5,000 goal posted on our home page near the other graphs.

If we can’t raise the money, we might be able to afford some of the materials, but we won’t be able to ship them. We don’t want to be in a position where we have door hangers, and we have willing volunteers, but we can’t afford to ship the door hangers to the volunteers! Please don’t let that happen by donating right now.

I need to make sure you understand, the National Party and our State Party are TOTALLY SEPARATE ORGANIZATIONS. We get NO MONEY AT ALL from the national party. Even if you give $1,000 a month to the national party, that does us no good here in Texas. But we are still responsible for all the candidate recruitment, all the training, all the campaign materials, and all the paperwork. Whether or not you have already donated to the national party, we desperately need you to donate here in Texas.

Our Assistant Director, Arthur DiBianca, has been making fundraising phone calls daily for a couple of weeks with some success (plus asking people to put up door hangers). I expect he’ll continue to make calls until November. But mostly, that has brought in small donations of $25, $50, or $100. What we need to keep racing full speed ahead is a few $1,000 donations, plus a few $500 donations.

While the Libertarian Party nationwide has had quite disappointing results for the past several years, the Libertarian Party of Texas has been setting the standard for excellence! We broke so many records in 2006 in candidates run, funds raised, campaign materials distributed, and votes received, that I’m not going to take the space to list all of the details here, but hopefully you’ve seen them presented before.

Once again, in 2008, we have a record number of candidates: 173 in Texas (compared to 549 total in the nation). While Texas is only 8% of the total population, Libertarian Party activism in Texas comes closer to 30% of nationwide activity by some measures. Additionally, I’m especially encouraged that some of our county chairs are organizing a lot more events than in 2006.

Unfortunately, some unfulfilled promises and unwise decisions by the national party and the Bob Barr campaign have hurt Libertarian morale. But I don’t want that to stop us in Texas. Let’s make 2008 a banner year, and show everyone how strong and productive we are!

The Libertarian Party of Texas has a realistic goal of raising $150,000 for 2008, but we can’t get there without your help. We’re at about $110,000 already (matching our 2006 full-year record). The only question is, will we have the extra money that allows us to fund all of our willing volunteers with a supply of yard signs and door hangers so they can help publicize the party and build it for the future.

I’m just begging a few of you to please step up to the plate, as I know you have before, and make a $500 or $1,000 contribution to help fuel us full speed ahead through election day.

If you can’t afford a donation of that size, please respond immediately to this email and give whatever you can.

Things are very busy right now. I’m being bombarded by new volunteers, organizations requesting information on our candidates, and even the mainstream press for comments about the Libertarian Party or information on our candidates.

I expect to help Arthur DiBianca make more fundraising phone calls. But, my time is limited and I’m already working seven days a week. Plus, I get endless complaints via email and by strangers on the phone who are unhappy with this or that about the Libertarian Party. Those complaints take a larger toll on me when I’m not able to direct those people towards productive activities, like putting up yard signs or door hangers.

If the funds don’t come in, we’ll just have to coast for the rest of the year. But I hate to coast the rest of the way when we have the potential to race full speed ahead, and show off to the nation once again how strong the Libertarian Party of Texas is! And maybe even scare the Texas Legislature into respecting taxpayers for a change!!!

Please donate now. Please give as much as you can afford.

Call me to donate over the phone any time, seven days a week, between 8 AM and 10 PM. My number is 512-442-4910. If I miss your call, I’ll return it shortly.

Thank you. Please donate right away.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Texas

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