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EasyBid Updates Site, Releases Newsletter

September 26th, 2008

easy-bid-auctions.jpgEarlier today I received an email confirmation request from EasyBid Auctions, a relatively new UK-based online auction site that may provide an interesting alternative to larger sites like Ebay. The confirmation email caught me by surprise because I had actually registered with the site several months ago just a few days after their launch. It seems that the company switched the autoresponder system that they were using for managing the email lists, so they needed me to officially opt in again. After I did so, I received this rather long newsletter that explains some of the recent changes to the site as well as some of the program’s important features. Meanwhile, if you would like to sign up with the new EasyBid Auctions site, you can do so from here.

EasyBid Auctions News — Changes To The Site

First of all thank you for requesting our newsletter. We can now keep you up to date with everything that is going on here at EasyBid.

You may have noticed some changes happening to the site. This is all part of a site wide update we are preforming to improve our service to you and give you more features and benefits.

Part of this update is a re-arrangement of the site categories - this may affect listings you may have posted, and may result in you having to re-list some of your items. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Another section that is being improved is the referrals system. If you did not know it already EasyBid gives you a small cash bonus whenever you refer a new user to the site using your personal URL. We also pay you a small cash bonus whenever one of your referrals lists an item. These cash bonuses will now be added to an all new feature - your membership account.

Credits in your account can now be used to pay for listing enhancements or if you are a gold member transferred to your affiliate cash account. Your balance can be found in your main members area summary at the top of the page or in the section labeled ‘My Account - Manage Account’. As a member you can add to this balance at any time to use on enhancements or to pay for store subscriptions.

Members will also be able to have a small debit balance on their account, however if this balance reaches the limit and is not paid your account will be suspended and all selling privileges revoked until it is.

Another new feature is called ‘Second Chance Purchasing’. This allows you to control who you sell your items to and to end an auction early if you have the amount you require. Second chance also allows you to offer duplicates of your items to a non winning bidder if they did not win an item but in your opinion bid enough for it. It is all up to you.

Over the next 7 days we will also be improving our site community and forum section, so keep an eye out for that. We will keep you informed as the changes and improvements take place, please watch the site news section on the home page and the member’s announcement section of your back offices.

Exclusive EasyBid Language Sites

Currently EasyBid can be translated by the user into French, German and Dutch. However these translations are basic! They include only the main member’s functions and selling processes. The site community, categories, special features and referral sections always remain in English.

To improve our service to our members that are from other countries we have launched TWO exclusive EasyBid sites, one in Dutch and one in French. These are EasyBid marktplaats and EasyBid EasyEncheres respectively.

As a member please ensure you are registered for and are using the correct site for your language - links to these exclusive sites are below and on the home page. We hope to bring more language specific sites to EasyBid as our membership grows.

Dutch Site: www.marktplaats.easybid.biz

French Site: www.easyencheres.easybid.biz

EasyBid Basics

As some of you may be new members we would like to give you a few basic reminders. EasyBid is FREE to use. We do not charge for registration, basic listing and there are no end of sale or selling fees. Any member can use the EasyBid site free of charge and list as many items as they choose for as long as they want.

To get started just login and click the SELL button!

So what do we charge for, well we are a business after all and do have some small fees - these are:

Listing Enhancements

Listing enhancements are optional extras you can add to your item to make it stand out more from other listings. They include highlight, bold ,and category features. Enhancements are chosen when you go through the listing process.

Seller/Buyer Verification

This again is an option but we think a very important one. Buyers and sellers need to know that the person that is selling them something to or buying something from them are legitimate. We advise all members to check that their seller or buyer is verified before completing any transactions. Verification is a one time fee and can be purchased from your member’s area - you will be asked if you would like to become verified whenever you go to list an item - of course this can be skipped if you so choose.

Store Fronts

We also charge for store fronts on the site. There are many to choose from and many options available. Stores have a small monthly fee attached to them depending on the size of the store you would like.

Site Advertising

We also have small changes for sponsored home page and banner ads. As our site currently enjoys 2-3 million hits a month and growing this is a very good way of getting your message across. More details on prices can be requested from site admin.


A gold membership is our premium option to members and is a one time fee, yes one time. A Gold upgrade allows members to negate all fees for enhancements for life, gives them free stores for life with no monthly fees, gives them free seller verification and also gives them a paid affiliate account with us that pays sales commissions as well as a passive income. More details on Gold membership can be found in your member’s area area or by contacting admin.

So there are the basics - EasyBid is all about YOU. It has been designed with the buyer and the seller in mind. Login today and start listing your items - there are no limits as long as your item or business is legal and if you have any questions about your account do not hesitate to contact us.

Michelle and Anthony Wruk/Roxy Locton

Admin Support - EasyBid

EasyBid House
9 Kingsmede
Lancashire FY4 3NN
United Kingdom

UPDATE 10/27/08: EasyBid has sent out another mail today that explains some recent design changes at the site and some information for beginners on how to get set up for selling your items.

Dear EasyBidders,

This is just to let you know that you may find the Home Page of EasyBid has changed slightly today.

We have been getting feedback from members that some people did not find it clear what EasyBid is about and what services they offer when visiting the home page.

We have therefore made changes to the home page to ensure everybody knows what EasyBid offers and how they can benefit.

We also wanted to make sure YOU the member also realized this - especially with the Christmas Season coming up.

At EasyBid it is:

  1. FREE to register
  2. FREE to list items for sale
  3. FREE to list items for trade
  4. FREE to list products and services
  5. FREE to use HTML and URL’s
  6. FREE to sell any items or products

This means as a member you can list any item, product, business or service on our site that you want FOR FREE and you do not pay any fees when your items are sold!

To get started all you have to do is LOGIN and click the SELL button.

The system will ask you if you want to be verified - if not JUST SKIP and continue on.

If you are listing an item or product or sale just go through the listing process.

If you are a free member and want to list a business, service or website then continue on with the listing process but choose the correct category and type of listing (We recommend Buy Out with a price of 0.01). We also recommend you put THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT in your listing description.

If you would like a more professional Ad for your item, product, business or service you can use the BUSINESS AD process. However this is optional and does have a small fee attached if you are a free member.

If you are an upgraded member (Gold or Preferred) then Business Ads is the best way to go for you. They are free for you and you can use them as many times as you wish. Please remember to use images!

Ladies and Gents we want to show the online auction, selling and advertising community that there IS ANOTHER WAY to do business, and it does not mean you have to charge people to list and sell.

Please do get your listings up on the site and let others know where they can pick up bargains and sell their own goods and services.

If anyone has any questions about their EasyBid account, please do not hesitate to contact our new accounts manager Derek Hope on accounts(at)easybid.biz

Thank you for your time today.

Anthony Wruk

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