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Search Query Sunday, 32nd Edition

September 28th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-32.jpgOverall search engine traffic increased slightly again this week to 3,309 unique visitors, but the big story was a boost in referring site traffic from StumbleUpon. Someone managed to Stumble my post on Ron Paul opposing the proposed bailout, after which it received 12 “thumbs up” votes as of this writing along with 308 visitors. I also received my first “thumbs down” review from this page when a reader objected to the obvious your vs. you’re grammar error in the post’s image. Apparently “Torchiest” did not realize that my choice of image was intentional and did not understand the overall message of the article. Nevertheless, we still had plenty of interesting search queries for the week. Here is a small sample:

effects of pork barrel spending — Probably the main effect of pork barrel spending is to increase the size of annual deficits and the national debt, which is now nearing $10 trillion. It also has the unfortunate side effect of helping to reelect incumbent politicians because many people are still dumb enough to get fooled into voting for them.

add an apostrophe to a day or a week correct — As far as I know, we don’t add apostrophes to days or weeks. I have noticed a trend in recent grammar errors, however, where people will insert apostrophes into plurals of days of the week, such as writing “Monday’s”, “Sunday’s”, etc. These are almost always incorrect. If you just want to tell someone that you would like to take Fridays off, you don’t need to put an apostrophe in there!

can you use parentheses inside parentheses — Yes you can, but doing this with English prose is considered rather awkward and should be avoided if possible by rewording your sentence. Nested parentheses of this type are more commonly used in mathematical expressions, however.

correct use of money — While the exact use of money is debatable depending on your situation, if you can manage to avoid spending more money than you have, you’re on the right track.

does removing programs reduce cpu usage on your computer? — If you mean actually removing programs from your hard drive, then no, this should not have an effect on CPU usage. In order to reduce CPU usage, you need to close programs that are actively running. You don’t need to completely delete them from your computer.

how to chase lizard away — This should not be very difficult; most lizards will scurry away quickly if you move within a few feet of them. If this doesn’t work, you can always stomp your foot or slap your hand close to where they are sitting, which should get them moving.

jewelleries spelling is it correct — Jewellery (British spelling) or jewelry (American spelling) is one of those words where the singular form is the same as the plural, which means that you do not need the -ies suffix.

next non leap year divisible by 4 — This will be 2100.

payment to owl — This is a curious one; I have never heard of owls receiving payments before. And if they did, would they know what to do with the money?

pros and cons of taxing products sold to the internet — This is another curious query. I never knew that it was possible to sell something directly to the Internet! Where does the Internet get the money to buy all of these products? And exactly what does the Internet do with all of the products that it buys? Does it try to build stuff with them and create its own civilization? That could get pretty scary…

2 Responses to “Search Query Sunday, 32nd Edition”

  1. comment number 1 by: ranjeet

    hii.. nice blog…xlink?

  2. comment number 2 by: mketu

    You can notice many grammatical errors on websites translated from English to other languages utilizing Google translation software. I think bloggers should be careful and should get their articles edited before publishing them, if they don’t have knowledge about the target language.

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