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Turquoise Jewelry: Fashionable at Any Age

September 30th, 2008

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It is as blue as an Arizona sky. Turquoise jewelry is timeless as the desert itself. The birthstone of December, a gift for the fifth and eleventh wedding anniversaries, the gem is easy to identify and as dressy or casual as you want to wear it. The question is: what makes turquoise jewelry the right decision for you this holiday season?

Easy to mine, and easier to shape, turquoise jewelry has graced cultures from ancient China to the Pharaohs of Egypt. It is, however, Native American turquoise jewelry that captures the attention of all who wear it.

True turquoise can range in color from pale blue to sea green. Native American artisans have mined and used the mineral in their crafts for over 1000 years. Rich with culture and history, the wearing of turquoise jewelry is said to heal, promote friendship, and protect the wearer from adversity. As a bonus, it is striking to the eye and easy on the pocketbook.

Turquoise jewelry is made from its natural state, or a composite of stone, which is less valuable although by no means less beautiful than the chunky squash-blossom necklaces or silver Concho belts that were popularized in the 1920s. Whether you are interested in the heavy Native American necklaces or lighter fetish carvings with animal shapes, interspersed with coral and other gemstones, turquoise jewelry runs the gamut of what is possible in jewelry design.

The differences are found in whether the turquoise is natural, stabilized with resin or wax, or if it has been color treated or infused. So how does one distinguish between a fine turquoise mineral and one of lesser quality?

Less than ten percent of mined turquoise stone is usable in its natural state. Natural turquoise is simply the stone that is shaped and mounted into the jewelry setting. Though turquoise is porous, it is difficult to scratch. Regardless of how it is treated, turquoise jewelry needs to be handled properly and is best cleansed with soapy water and a soft cloth. Antique turquoise jewelry can be affected by perfumes and oils from the skin, eventually turning greener in color. Stabilized turquoise is treated to stabilize the color of the stone; however infused oils and resins can yellow over time, decreasing the value of this mineral. Color-treated turquoise involves a similar process to stabilizing, without the detrimental effects. The method, however, decreases the hardness of the original stone leaving it easily scratched. Regardless of treatment, turquoise jewelry is a beautiful enhancement for all kinds of settings.

Turquoise jewelry can add festive flair to any style of dress, whether it is set in a watch, necklace, belt-buckle, bracelet, or earrings. Truly a mineral that transcends gender, lighter shades of turquoise tend to be thought of as more feminine, while chunky green shades can be considered more masculine. A fantastic gift, turquoise will remain a timeless stone for all who are daring enough to wear it. From casual and whimsical, to dressy and bold, turquoise jewelry is fit for any occasion.

2 Responses to “Turquoise Jewelry: Fashionable at Any Age”

  1. comment number 1 by: Annette

    I just love antique turquoise jewelry… It is looking so nice!!

  2. comment number 2 by: Keva Servantez

    I’m sure my sister would like to have this jewelry!

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