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LPStuff Offers 10% Discount, Letter Templates

October 2nd, 2008

lpstuff-bumper-sticker.jpgThe Libertarian merchandise site LPStuff.com sent out its weekly newsletter today, but this time instead of just showing images of the campaign materials, it actually had a significant amount of content. In addition to offering 10 percent off all items in preparation for the upcoming election, the newsletter includes an interesting template for writing a letter to the editor in states where polls show that the presidential election will not be a very close race. There is also a rather humorous template for a writing a letter to members of Congress regarding the proposed bailout of fiscally irresponsible financial companies.

Meanwhile, in case you haven’t figured it out already, if you want to visit the LPStuff.com site, you’re supposed to click the brightly colored banner below.

As Libertarians, we are very interested in getting our message out to others. LPStuff.com plays a vital role in this effort by providing quality products that help spread the word about the advantages of a Libertarian world. Here are two ideas that cost you nothing and you can use at home to help.

Because of the way the Electoral College works, the presidential election is actually decided in very few “swing” states. In all others, such as Kansas (or Massachusetts), the outcome is a foregone conclusion. If you live in one of these many non-swing states, whether red or blue, consider sending the following letter to the editor of your local newspaper:
(Of course you will need to change it for your state and its “color”.)


Don’t Waste Your Vote

As citizens of the Great State of Kansas, we are lucky when election day comes. Because of the Electoral College, Kansans do not need to feel constrained by such base concerns as politics; we get to actually vote our conscience. It’s a form of freedom not shared by voters in the so-called “swing states.”

It works this way: when members of the Electoral College meet to select the president, all six delegates chosen by Kansas voters cast their votes for either the Republican or Democratic candidate. It’s a winner-take-all system.

Our state is a “Red” state and traditionally sides with the Republican. In fact, candidates on both sides are so sure of this that neither party even bothers to campaign in Kansas. It would be a waste of their time. If, for some reason, Kansas were to side with the Democratic candidate, that candidate is sure to win, not because Kansas is a swing state but because it is a landslide for the Democratic candidate.

Knowing this, our national political leaders seldom need to even consider the desires of Kansans when shaping policy. They know Kansas will support the Republican no matter what, and do not need to shape their policies to gain our support. This hurts Kansas!

In November, we have an opportunity to change this. We, as voters in Kansas, can be sure our voice is heard at the highest levels of policy making in the future. This is possible if enough voters cast their ballot for one of the “third” party candidates.

On November 4, vote your conscience: If you are a socialist and believe the government can do a better job providing health care, mortgage, or banking services than the private sector, you should vote for Ralph Nader or any other socialist on the ticket.

If, on the other hand, you believe prosperity comes when the government permits the greatest possible freedom to its citizens, vote for Bob Barr and the Libertarian candidates.

Once all the votes are counted, those who count such things will find that Kansans voted, say, 55% for John McCain and 42% for Barack Obama. Where, they might wonder, did that other 3% go and what must the two major parties do to bring them into their fold?

This is the only way to insure your vote counts in Kansas. Don’t waste your vote! Vote for a third party candidate for President.
Another possibility would be to contact your local elected officials about the bail-out with something similar to the following:

Honorable [elected person],

I am contacting you regarding the bailout plan that I understand is before Congress. I have contacted your office by telephone and learned that you do not support the plan, at least in the manner it was presented by the President.

In the event you find that a satisfactory bailout has been crafted and are inclined to support it, I hope you will give favorable consideration to including me and my family in the bailout. In the past several years, I have made some investments that turned out badly and have some more that may end up in the same condition. I fear that if Congress does not include me and my family in its bailout efforts, we will suffer extreme hardships. In all likelihood, this will have a ripple effect on friends, businesses in my community, and Wall Street since I will no longer have the capital I formerly had. It will even adversely impact several charitable organizations I have supported over the years and which have become somewhat dependent upon my support.

Perhaps most importantly, if I do not receive an adequate bailout, I will no longer be able to support political candidates.

As you can see, the fallout could be extremely serious.

In advance, I thank you for your favorable consideration to this request.

Very truly yours,

[Your signature here]

There you are, dear reader. Our effort to help Libertarians everywhere spread the word and move our country in a Libertarian direction. Well, at this point that is probably optimistic. Let’s just say we are trying to inhibit our rush to a totally Statist government.

If you use either of these ideas, please let us know if they were successful.

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