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Why You Should Be an Amazon Associate

October 3rd, 2008

amazon-associate-logo.jpgLast night, as I was browsing through the Entrecard forums, I ran across another blogger who was offering articles for guest posting in exchange for a link. Naturally, I was not about to pass this one up; I have been wanting people to submit articles for months but have not had any luck until now. Today’s post is from Gary R. Hess of ImpNerd.com and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an Amazon associate.

There are many PPA sites out there, but one of the largest and well known sites is Amazon. Although they started out as a bookstore, they now have tens of thousands of products ranging from computer accessories to t-shirts and jewelry. No matter what industry you are in, they have something your visitors will buy.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s version of an affiliate program. They have a large list of ways to advertise their products and services. As a personal favorite, I enjoy their product links. Product links are the traditional form of affiliates in which you place a link to the product allowing your visitors to buy. However, there are several others which have known to be quite successful.

Omakase - Amazon automatically lists products based on their knowledge about your webpage. This is similar to Google AdSense, but you may choose to place product images beside the links.

Recommended Product Links - List products based on product categories or keywords.

Banner - Link to promotions on Amazon or specific categories.

Search - Place a search bar on your website allowing your visitors to search through the Amazon store.

Your Video Widget - If you post videos directly to your website, you can use Amazon’s Your Video Widget to place referral links directly into the video. The links ‘pop up’ at the bottom of said video for users to easily find during the broadcast.

With Amazon’s aStore you can select products, categories, or keywords to create a list of products for your own store. I know several people who have had great success when this feature first went public, so it is definitely worth a try. Personally, I haven’t had much luck but who knows, maybe you will.

Reasons why Amazon is a great choice for your affiliate needs

Other than the large array of products, Amazon has other reasons why they are a great company to affiliate with.

Everyone uses Amazon. - It is a trusted source. People aren’t as afraid to buy from them as say, Fran’s Kitchen Appliances or Big Joe’s Book Shack.

Cookies stay. - The cookies don’t just disappear after they leave Amazon, they stay for 24 hours. This allows them time to find a completely different product and buy it, giving you the referral.

Amazon has a wide variety. - The large amount of products allows you to easily choose what you want to advertise. Likewise, the wide variety of products and services means visitors are more likely to find something to buy without it having to be the product you choose to sell.

Problems with Amazon Associates

Every country has its own Amazon website. - This means someone from Germany can’t buy from your US affiliate link. To get around this, you will have to detect your visitors country then echo the link accordingly.

Low referral rate. - Generally, referral rates are around 10-20% for products. Amazon’s has a tiered referral rates system, with the lowest at 4% and the highest at 8.5%. The more you sell, the higher your rate will be.

Amazon’s popularity. - Since Amazon Associates is popular, someone who clicks your affiliate link and doesn’t buy may later click someone else’s link, forcing you to lose your sale.

Overall, Amazon is a quality affiliate service with great earnings potential. Find out what works best for your site and never look back.

About the Author

Gary R. Hess is the author of impNERD.com, a blog about Internet Marketing and Publishing.

7 Responses to “Why You Should Be an Amazon Associate”

  1. comment number 1 by: The Fitness Diva

    I have them, and they are pretty easy to use. Don’t think you’re going to be making millions of bucks, though. Like many affiliates, the commission is small.

  2. comment number 2 by: Anna Glendenning

    Thank you for this wonderful article! I have been an Amazon Associate for several years and we feature a Store for books Adoptive Parents May need or want…

    Our Amazon Associate account has resulted in a very nice monthly profit actually as we have had several small businesses choose to purchase their offices supplies via our Amazon Associate Link… The only thing I wish was that I could discover WHO was supporting us and send them a Thank You note for doing so!

    This article has inspired me to plan some time and check out the variety of ways to Juice things up and maximize our Amazon Associate services!

  3. comment number 3 by: Texas Wanderer

    We (my wife and I) were Amazon Affiliates many years ago, I believe not too long after it first launched. Its been so long that my memory is foggy, but I know we didn’t remain an affiliate for long.

    If memory serves me correctly, the restrictions they placed on the site would take away too much other revenue we had coming in. And, when we did use it, the commissions were so small it didn’t make it worth administering the thing, when others were rolling in the bucks. And finally, didn’t they have some sort of ridiculous payout procedure, something like you couldn’t withdraw your money until you’d built up $1,000 or so. It was crazy.

    Maybe a lot has changed, and maybe I’m even remembering a mix of it and a mix of others. But, these are things to check out on any affiliate program anyway, so I thought I’d mention them.

    Good post!

  4. comment number 4 by: Gary R. Hess

    Currently payouts are $100+ and must be made during the same quarter. Yes, their commissions are low, but the trust factor more than makes up for it, IMO.

  5. comment number 5 by: Keith Stieneke

    I have been an Amazon affiliate for years and ran their links for quite some time without a profit. I may re-examine them as an income source in the future; however, a network marketing company I am with is soon going to offer over 5,000 products plus the ability to sell one’s own stuff.

  6. comment number 6 by: The Movie Screenplay

    Giving Amazon Associates a try now. Doesn’t seem too complicated, but we’ll see how the ads pay off in the long run.

  7. comment number 7 by: Automotive tools

    I am amazon association boy, I love to go with this marketing method.

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