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Search Query Sunday, 33rd Edition

October 5th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-33.jpgOverall traffic continued to creep upward this week, with a surprising #1 ranking for a fairly popular quote-related keyword adding to the numbers on the search side while a greater focus on Entrecard activity is providing a steady boost to referring site traffic. The visitors from Entrecard are also beginning to add comments at a significantly increased rate. For the first time in this blog’s history, the number of comments finally surpassed the number of posts earlier this week when the totals for each were around 550. Meanwhile, the search queries seemed to take a turn toward mathematical and trivia types of questions along with the usual “how to” phrases. Here is this week’s list.

2020 will be a leap year — This is correct.

32nd sunday in 2008 — According to the calendar, this occurred on August 10.

1% fee atm — This is one that I have not heard of; all of the ATMs that I have seen up to this point charge a small flat rate fee, usually in the $1-$3 range. However, if banks started charging these fees as a percentage of the transaction, this could make things interesting because people would have to grapple with relatively complicated math in order to figure out the exact amount of the fee.

average computer cpu in 2008 — I have had several queries similar to this one where the searchers are trying to determine what the overall average CPU speed is for modern computers. There is not really an exact figure for this because it is constantly changing as new processor chips come onto the market and more people obtain computers with varying levels of CPU speed. Someone asked this question on Yahoo answers and the replies generally clustered in the 2-3GHz range. This seems about right; my own CPU was running at 2.66 GHz the last time I checked.

bank of america atm maximum withdrawal — After researching this, I found out that it is $500 per day for the ATM card and $3,000 per day for the debit check card. It is possible to raise the daily ATM withdrawal limit to $700, but this has to be set up in advance with their customer service department. Also, if you manage to exceed $3,000 in charges to the debit card in a single day, the ATM will not dispense cash until the limit resets.

number 1 alexa ranking — Currently Yahoo still has the #1 Alexa rank globally. Google is #2 and YouTube is #3.

what can multiply to make 525 — Here are some of the possible combinations: 21 X 25, 15 X 35, 7 X 75, 5 X 105, 3 X 175, 1 X 525. As far as I know, these are all of the combinations to make 525 from pairs of multiplied whole numbers. Obviously, if we include decimal and fractional amounts, things get much more complicated. Some of the number pairs can be further broken down if you are allowing for combinations of more than two numbers, for example 21 X 25 = 21 X 5 X 5 = 7 X 3 X 5 X 5.

which is the shortest word in english that contains the letters a b c d e f – Feedback.

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