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Search Query Sunday, 34th Edition

October 12th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-34.jpgTraffic to the site is continuing to increase in small increments, with average visitor counts now approaching the 700 per day mark. AdSense earnings were slightly lower last week, however; apparently the high traffic and bounce rates on my quote-related pages are beginning to dilute the quality somewhat even though most of the visitors are coming from search engines. It appears as though I will need to go back to doing SEO research and targeting articles to keywords that can be better monetized either through AdSense or relevant affiliate products. Meanwhile, we had some pretty good questions included in this week’s batch of keywords.

what is national supremacy — In the study of civics and political science, this is the idea that governments at the national or federal level should take precedence over other levels of government (such as state, provincial, county, or city). This often comes into play when laws enacted in different jurisdictions come into conflict; most of the time (at least in the USA) the federal government wins by using national supremacy as its “trump card.” The only major exception to this occurs when the federal law is struck down by the courts as unconstitutional, which in my opinion does not happen nearly as often as it should.

have you made money from bum marketing? — Yes. In fact, there are a few pages of this site that have been optimized for bum marketing by aligning affiliate products with appropriate keywords and using SEO skills to obtain the right traffic. I really need to create more of these types of pages in order to increase my overall income. The main difficulty with this is that it takes significantly longer to properly research and set up a page for bum marketing purposes than it does to write a standard article. One possible workaround for this is to hire others to write the articles, but as a practical matter very few authors know anything about bum marketing or SEO, which means that the articles they produce are almost never as well written or optimized as what I am able to do myself.

how is alexa ranking derived — Alexa ranking is derived from the total number of visitors a site receives (measured as “reach”) and the number of page views per visitor (measured as “page views”). Traditionally, such visits were only counted toward the rankings if the visitor had either the Alexa toolbar or the Firefox Search Status extension installed. However, several months ago Alexa supposedly revamped their system to allow measurement of other types of traffic besides what could be detected through the toolbar. The descriptions that I have read from the company were very vague on this point; I have not been able to determine exactly how they are measuring the traffic or whether or not the toolbar hits are still counting disproportionately toward the rankings.

what happens if your phone short circuit? — In a nutshell, you’re pretty much screwed. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to obtain information from others who have more experience with these things than I do about possible methods for repairing a cell phone in cases where there has been a short circuit. Unfortunately, I have received very little useful information on this topic. The majority opinion seems to be that it is not worth the hassle or expense of trying to perform repairs on a short-circuited phone. Almost everyone suggests that you should either purchase a new phone or return the old one to your original service provider and request a replacement.

“an united” or “a united”, grammer — It’s “a united” because united is pronounced with a y (consonant) sound at the beginning. And that other word is spelled grammar, not “grammer”!

can people cure ignorance — Yes, ignorance can be “cured” through education and exposure to relevant information, which happens to be one of the main purposes of this site. Completely eradicating ignorance is notoriously difficult, however, because it’s much like pulling weeds in a garden. Every time you think that you have them all wiped out, more will appear to replace them.

can you bake brownies with whole wheat flour — Yes, in fact they actually seem to taste better than the prepackaged boxed brownie mixes when using this method. It is also possible to control the amount of sugar and oil in the mixture, which can help you to improve the taste of the brownies while avoiding unnecessary calories. For a good starting point on this, see my whole wheat brownies recipe.

cannot find google — Just go to www.google.com and type your favorite keyword into the search box.

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