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Clickbank Expands to French and German Languages, Adds Multiple Currencies

October 15th, 2008

clickbank-logo.gifThe popular affiliate network Clickbank released its October newsletter today, informing subscribers that the company has rolled out the second phase of its platform globalization plan. This includes support for both French and German languages on important web pages and in other types of communication involving customer service. Additionally, Clickbank is now able to handle payment transactions in 13 different currencies, which should allow for the possibility of doing more localized geo-targeting and making more sales to international markets. This edition of the newsletter also includes some informative articles about the relatively new recurring billing feature and the benefits of creating affiliate teams as a profitable marketing strategy.

Platform Globalization Phase II

ClickBank is making it even easier for your business to go global! We will soon launch additional international capabilities including the ability to sell and promote French and German language products and accept payments in 13 global currencies.

The upgraded platform will enable all interactions between the customer and ClickBank to be conducted in English, Spanish, German, or French, including the order form, confirmation page, customer service emails, phone support, and customer service pages on our Web site.

This is exciting news for ClickBank clients, because it means you can sell to more customers around the world, and convert your existing international visitors into customers.

Plus, we will further facilitate international e-commerce by accepting the following currencies:

  1. Australian dollar (AUD)
  2. Canadian dollar (CAD)
  3. Swiss franc (CHF)
  4. Danish kroner (DKK)
  5. Euro (EUR)
  6. British pound (GBP)
  7. Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
  8. Japanese yen (JPY)
  9. Norwegian kroner (NOK)
  10. New Zealand dollar (NZD)
  11. Swedish kronor (SEK)
  12. United States dollar (USD)
  13. South Africa rand (ZAR)

If you’ve been thinking about going global with your online business, there’s never been a better time than now!

Recurring Billing Essay Contest Winner: Corey Lewis

Corey Lewis of EasyTechVideos.com won for his story about how having a ClickBank Recurring Billing membership site has changed his perspective about his work and his life.

I launched my ClickBank Recurring Billing product on July 15, 2007 and I can say that having it and building a solid base of paying members has been life changing for me.

I went from working a dreadful full time job as a customer service rep in a call center for a big cell phone company to only working 20 hours per week at the same cell phone company’s retail store. Fast forward to today; because of my ClickBank Recurring Billing product working at my job is 100% optional! Now I actually like work more because I don’t have to be there.

The recurring billing product that has done so well for me is Easy Tech Videos, a membership site where I show Internet “newbies” how to build Web sites and do other tech stuff–everything from choosing a web host to setting up an auto-responder. Each month I answer members’ questions via screen capture videos.

Most of my members have been referrals from ClickBank affiliates, which brings me to the primary reason why I chose ClickBank as the processor for my membership site. The hands-off affiliate tracking and payment simply can’t be beat. These features have been crucial parts of my online success.

ClickBank’s built-in affiliate network made it very easy to find affiliates to promote my product. ClickBank’s affiliates are confident that their traffic will be tracked properly, and ClickBank will pay them on time! This confidence translates to more potential partners willing to promote my product. Not to mention that I’m able to use my own affiliate account to track my online advertising.

The only thing that I don’t like about ClickBank Recurring Billing is the lack of support for 3rd party membership site scripts.

Last but not least, I’ve used my recurring billing membership site to help my friends and family build a passive income. For example, I helped my mom drive traffic and promote my site and now, after about 6 weeks, she’s up to $600 per month.

That’s my story. I’m a real life ClickBank Recurring Billing success story, and I love telling everyone about it!

Affiliate Teams: The One-for-All Approach to Greater Affiliate Profits
by Jon Benson

You know the old saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it?” Well, consider this as an alternative: “If it’s working well, leverage it.”

Over the past fifty years of marketing analysis, we’ve seen three kindred spirits of pass-along sales techniques that work undeniably well. Affiliate marketing, which you are probably familiar with, has come of age in the past ten years. Efficient affiliate management tools, combined with merchants like ClickBank, have enabled hundreds of thousands of people to earn fantastic money online.

Multi-level marketing (MLM), while a bit tainted in name, has gold under its foundation. Leveraging word-of-mouth to the nth degree, MLM strategies warrant examination by any serious marketer.

Then we have the second-tier reward system. A weaker cousin of both affiliate marketing and MLM, the two-tier approach can help you leverage the power of those closest to your top sales performers. Typically this is a tier-based commission system that rewards affiliates who refer other affiliates, by giving them a small commission rate on sales made by the affiliates they’ve referred. For example, if Joe refers Sally to your site as an affiliate and Sally makes a sale, Joe gets a bit of cash for the effort.

What if there was a way to combine all three of these affiliate sales techniques, while at the same time creating a spirit of friendly competition among aggressive marketers? Enter affiliate teams.

An affiliate team is a pre-defined group of affiliates who come together to mutually promote one or more products at a specific date or time. Unlike two-tier commission structures, team commissions are more lucrative in the shorter term and can be based on more than just who makes a sale. Teams can be rewarded on criteria ranging from the team leader who recruits the most active affiliates for a campaign to the team who makes the most diversified sales. Of course, the top sales performer is rewarded as well, but rewarding “team” sales performance allows smaller teams to reap bigger rewards.

Usually anyone can create a team in a matter of minutes. The team creator determines the bonuses and rewards he offers to members of his own team based on their sales. To attract affiliates to join your team, consider some creative rewards. Also, team members can recruit new members to join and be rewarded for their efforts.

Affiliate teams can work over the long haul to develop group-specific promotional bonuses for customers. For example, an affiliate team can create a series of videos only available if the client purchases through their affiliate link. This helps differentiate a team from the competition.

Additionally, tracking systems are often utilized that allow for team tracking based on the total number of sales in a given promotional period. The tracking for products driven through ClickBank.com is much easier to handle. Due to ClickBank’s efficient tools and reporting system, there are no questions as to sales and payouts.

Of course, trust is a factor. The best out-of-the-box ideas involve a level of personal trust. As a rule of thumb, choose to work with affiliates you either know personally from prior joint ventures or by their reputation. If an individual applies to be a team leader and you do not know him or her, call to make contact. The team structure offers more lucrative rewards, far better networking capabilities, and some fun competitive energy to boot, but it does demand a bit of due diligence. The results are worth the effort.

The end result successfully fuses top marketing strategies, as well as making affiliate marketing fun again. Affiliates mingle and meet. New friendships are formed. Sales are rewarded, and top affiliates are given a nice cut of the net.

That’s the best part about affiliate teams–everybody wins. That’s what I call leveraging what truly works.

Jon Benson from JVProfitcenter.com is the author of four e-books on fitness and nutrition, a year-long digital audio series on total mind/body transformation, and a digital video series on overcoming any challenge.

Tools & Tips - Using ClickBank Instant Notification
by Greg Lems, Director of Application Development

This month’s tip is for both publishers and affiliates.

I read once that in the very early days of Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos and his engineers had wired up their server to make a cash-register “ka-ching!” sound every time they made a sale. As business picked up, they had to turn it off because it was going off all the time!

It got me thinking whether a fun little widget like this might be something that ClickBank publishers and affiliates are interested in.

To build something that performs an action with each sale, you can use ClickBank Instant Notifications, a feature we enabled earlier this year.

Feedback Loop

What do you think about the ClickBank Newsletter? What would you like to see covered in future issues?

Email general feedback or story ideas to: commfeedback(at)clickbank.com.

UPDATE 10/28/08: Clickbank sent out a follow-up press release today providing further information on the new international features:

ClickBank Adds New International Features to Its Online Platform

Internet’s largest digital products retail network now transacts business in 4 languages, 13 currencies

In an effort to significantly expand the moneymaking capability of affiliates and product publishers using its powerful online sales platform, ClickBank, a world leader in online retail of digitally downloadable products, now enables commerce in French and German and accepts payments in 13 global currencies.

ClickBank’s upgraded transaction platform enables all interactions between the customer and ClickBank to be conducted in English, Spanish, German or French — including the order form, confirmation page, customer service emails, phone support and customer service pages on ClickBank’s Web site.

ClickBank’s international e-commerce capability has been further broadened to accept payments in the Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Danish krone (DKK), Euro (EUR), British pound (GBP), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), Japanese yen (JPY), Norwegian kroner (NOK), New Zealand dollar (NZD), Swedish krona (SEK), United States dollar (USD) and South African rand (ZAR).

“As a global enterprise with clients and customers worldwide, providing the ability to transact sales in multiple languages and currencies is critical for continued international growth,” said ClickBank CEO Bob King.

ClickBank began its platform globalization effort in March with the implementation of Spanish language transaction capability. Industry statistics estimate that 102 million Internet users worldwide speak Spanish and 118 million users worldwide speak French or German.

Since it began offering Spanish language capabilities, ClickBank’s Spanish language sales have grown 20 percent month-over-month on average. More than 400 products have been created and approved for the Spanish sales platform.

In 2007, ClickBank’s revenue grew 26 percent to more than $300 million, and the company is on track to achieve another year of double-digit revenue growth in 2008.

2 Responses to “Clickbank Expands to French and German Languages, Adds Multiple Currencies”

  1. comment number 1 by: Jordan McClements

    That is good news.

    Does this mean that they will be able to pay me in GBP now instead of sending out US Dollar cheques checks?

  2. comment number 2 by: Karlonia

    @ Jordan McClements:

    This is a good question actually - according to the recent updates, Clickbank is able to accept payments in GBP from customers, but I am not sure about payments to affiliates. Since I am currently based in the USA, I don’t have any personal experience with this since my checks arrive in USD by default.

    However, I know that there are many active affiliates in the UK including Harvey Segal from the Clickbank Success Forum and other “super” affiliates that pull in a lot of sales volume. They should know the answer to this type of question. Therefore, I would either check relevant forums or do a more specific search for UK-based Clickbank affiliates and see if anything useful comes up.

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