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Search Query Sunday, 35th Edition

October 19th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-35.jpgThis week we managed to receive more than 4,000 visits from the search engines, which set another new record and helped to offset a decline in traffic from referring sites such as Entrecard. The major performers continue to be the quote, cell phone, and rejection letter pages, although my articles on the Fair Tax and scurvy are attracting more visitors than they have been for the past few months. Meanwhile, articles that discuss computer-related issues such as removing toolbars or fixing slow CPU performance are turning out to be some of my best pages in terms of revenue.

Yesterday I received another check from Clickbank (I still haven’t deposited the last one, which in this case is a good sign because it means I’m getting paid more often), and after checking my account, I discovered that most of the sales are coming from software products such as registry scanners and removal tools. Now I just need to find some way to better monetize the rest of my pages that are receiving the majority of the traffic. Of course I already have AdSense on these pages, but if I could find a relevant affiliate product that can convert as well as the computer problem, bum marketing, and paid survey niches have so far, I could probably increase my income several times over. Ultimately I will need to do the necessary research to match up products with the right keywords according the bum marketing method and create more articles that can be monetized well from the beginning. But before we get into that, we can have some fun looking at what our searchers have in store for us today.

what does local law mean — A local law is one that is enforced (surprise!) locally, meaning that it only applies to a relatively small area such as a city or county and not the entire country. Some local laws can be pretty wacky because of people’s regional biases and overall stupidity. See DumbLaws.com for some examples of this.

what is the capital of vermont — Montpelier.

“world makes money go round” — Actually I thought it was supposed to be “money makes the world go round”, but if this idea works in reverse too I suppose that’s OK. Now we just need to figure out how to catch some of that money while it’s flying around the world.

2020 is leap year or not — Yes, it’s a leap year. It also happens to be the title of a news program on the ABC network that sometimes features John Stossel, one of the very few libertarian journalists that is actually employed by the mainstream media. Note that technically the title of the show is spelled 20/20.

amazon “affiliate link” — Wow, I’m glad you asked! You can buy your products through this Amazon affiliate link and I will receive a commission on any completed orders. Although most such commissions are a pitifully small 4%, the funds will be used to further the cause of stamping out ignorance and providing you with informative content.

are kubotans legal in all states? — As far as I know, yes. As a practical matter, it would be pretty stupid to make them illegal because a kubotan is essentially the same thing as a short stick or a large pencil, depending on your perspective and the exact design. Attempting to ban them would be roughly analogous to banning kitchen knives or some other common implement. But then again this is America, the same country that is still trying to ban things that literally grow as weeds, so one can never assume the prevalence of common sense in such matters.

correct english for i seen? — It should be “I have seen”. If you’re using the ordinary past tense, it would read “I saw”.

food recommendation for scurvy clients — While I have never heard of a “scurvy client” before, if your clients really have scurvy you should recommend foods that contain vitamin C. This includes citrus fruits and most types of vegetables. Alternatively you could just give them a vitamin supplement, which should help them to recover while they try to figure out how in the world they could have developed scurvy in the first place.

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