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Search Query Sunday, 36th Edition

October 26th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-36.jpgSearch engine traffic continues to increase, both in terms of unique visits and overall share, thanks in part to interest in Microsoft Office Word issues. Renewed interest in the national sales tax idea, possibly related to the upcoming presidential election, is also helping to drive higher traffic to a few of my older pages.

Meanwhile, people are continuing to find creative ways of dropping their cell phones in the water and then worrying about how to fix them. My wet cell phone repair page now has 14 comments, some of which are pretty funny to read. It seems that there is a certain segment of the population that considers cell phones to be an essential part of civilization and cannot imagine what life would be like without them. If I could find a relevant affiliate product or even create my own e-book on cell phone repair, I could probably make a few sales from it after I get the pages set up properly. But before I research this particular issue, we can take a look at some of the other topics that our searchers are asking about before arriving at this site.

what is required to run a winning campaign? — Three things: money, money, and more money! Political savvy and charisma can help too, but I have noticed that the amount of money raised is almost always the deciding factor that determines how many votes a candidate receives on the election day. Interestingly, this seems to hold true even more for minor parties than it does for the majors. About two years ago, I saw a table that listed the vote totals for all Libertarian presidential candidates along with the amount of money that they raised during the campaign. There was an almost perfect direct correlation; in fact, the ratio in all cases came out to a little more than one dollar per vote.

your2cents paypal — No, they don’t pay by PayPal, although I really wish they would. Ditto for about 90% of the other paid survey companies. They do still pay by check, however.

“getting rid of ants” “boiling water” — Yes, boiling water will work. Just pour it directly on the ants and it will kill them instantly. Technically, the water does not even need to be boiling; anything above 140 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient. This is especially handy if you have ants (or other pesky critters) in your sink because you can just use the hot water, spray the bugs, and rinse them down the drain without having to use any chemical poisons.

amazon affiliate withdraw the money — You do not need to actually withdraw the money from your Amazon affiliate account. It can be set to transfer into your bank account automatically after you reach the minimum $10 threshold. Their payments are rather slow, however; effectively they pay on a net 60 basis, which means that at the end of a given month, you will be paid whatever your commission balance was two months ago. If you’re below the $10, it carries over to the next month. For people outside of the USA or who do not have a bank account linked with Amazon, payments are made by check with a minimum threshold of $100.

articles on “consumer behavior” {pdf} — If you’re looking specifically for a PDF document, you can do this in Google (and possibly other search engines) by typing filetype:pdf after the other words of your query. This will return results that are only PDF files. This little trick is very handy for finding certain e-books because most such documents are created in PDF format, especially within the Internet marketing industry.

how to make flat cola — Although not usually considered desirable, flat cola normally occurs when a cola-flavored soda is left unsealed for a few hours or more, which allows the carbon dioxide to escape from the liquid. Alternatively, if making cola from scratch, you could simply avoid adding the pressurized carbon dioxide in the first place.

is have went ever correct — No, because went is the simple past tense of the verb to go. The past participle form is always have gone.

what is meant by “cyberchondria”? — Cyberchondria is a shortened form of “Internet hypochondria”, a condition where people begin to fear that they have various types of diseases after reading about their symptoms in Internet medical literature.

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