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SendEarnings Newsletter with Black Friday Trivia

November 5th, 2008

sendearnings-banner.gifThe November issue of the SendEarnings Newsletter has been released, this time with some interesting facts about “Black Friday” included. When I first started reading, I thought this was a reference to the “triple witching hour” phenomenon that occurs around the last Friday in October when various options contracts expire simultaneously, which often has the effect of introducing greater than normal volatility in the stock market. However, the newsletter was actually referring to the Friday after Thanksgiving, which many people regard as the beginning of the holiday shopping season (others consider this period to begin on the first day after Halloween). Apparently, the Black Friday thing started back in the 1800s as some type of “gold rush” phenomenon where prospectors were able to have a dramatic effect on the financial markets of the time.

Meanwhile, I am beginning to make significant progress with the SendEarnings program. Just before I received this newsletter email, I had received another message informing me that one of my previous offer completions had been credited, putting me over the $30 minimum payout threshold on my account. Now all I need to do is redeem the earnings and I should receive another check. An image of one of my previous checks from the program can be found here.

Remember that if you join this program, you actually need to do something in order to accumulate earnings. While it may seem like a radical idea for some people, “doing something” in this context means completing some of the available offers (there are many free ones that do not require credit cards or money up front) or at least clicking on the emails. There are also Shopping and Games options that will allow you to earn credit more quickly.

Although it seems like common knowledge that there is no such thing as a “free lunch” (using politicians to force other people to pay for it doesn’t count — someone still has to pay eventually), after looking at my referral stats I have noticed that there are many of you who are signing up and then just sitting there, as if this will magically cause $30 or more to pop out of the computer screen and into your lap. Unfortunately it’s not quite that easy; there is a reason it is called “work from home” after all. But it is still relatively easy compared to most other jobs and will allow you to build up a nice little reserve of extra cash in your accounts to supplement your other income. Now it’s time to move on to posting the text of the newsletter and publishing the next article before I turn this into a full-blown rant about how the laziness and ignorance of the American sheeple will eventually lead to the decline of our civilization and the loss of our individual freedom.

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Fantastic Facts

The original Black Friday occurred in 1869 and refers to a steep drop in a financial market due to prospectors attempting to corner the gold market.

Today, this typically refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is the unofficial start to the holiday shopping season. This seems to have a much more positive meaning than the original, depending on who you ask.

To early rising bargain shoppers, Black Friday is the best day to get great deals.

To retailers, who generally see an upward spike in sales, it’s a day they are sure to be in the “black” rather than in the “red.”

For retail workers, it’s one of the worst days to work of the year as deal hungry people engage in “combat shopping.”

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Member Story

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Cindy J.
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