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Search Query Sunday, 38th Edition

November 9th, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-38.jpgOverall traffic did not change much last week, but I am beginning to see an increase in the number of article pages receiving visits from search engines and other sites. According to Google Analytics, there were 312 different pages on the site that received traffic with a total of 5,248 page views. Meanwhile, the best news of the week was that I received my first AdSense check from this site’s earnings, which I will probably be posting about in a few days after I do the image scan. I am also beginning to broaden my range of available affiliate programs, which should increase future monetization potential. Meanwhile, here is our usual eclectic mix of questions from the search engines.

“rather then” or “rather than” english — It’s “rather than” in almost all cases.

2008 libertarian vote totals — The Libertarian Party’s website at LP.org has the vote totals for all Libertarian candidates in the 2008 election here. The link points to the page with the full list; from here, you can click the appropriate links to look at the list for each state or only the presidential candidate totals.

abolish income tax cons — I can’t think of any actually, unless you consider the idea of governments not being able to extort as much money from you as a “con”.

amazon affiliate earnings — Based on my last check, my Amazon earnings are up to about $13 now, which is quite pitiful considering the amount of time that I have had their links on this site (about 7 months). Fortunately, Google AdSense and Clickbank are doing much better.

are randomizers scams — Technically I would not consider them scams (assuming that the randomizer programs in question are honestly run), but they are a gamble as far as making money is concerned because this depends on a combination of random luck and other people buying into the system after you.

can gasoline be made into a solid — It can if you get it cold enough! Determining the exact freezing point of gasoline is rather complicated, however, because it is actually a mixture of different hydrocarbons, each of which will start to become more viscous or crystallize at different temperatures. The composite view that I have been able to gather from the Internet is that some components begin freezing around -97 degrees Fahrenheit while the majority of the liquid referred to as “pure unleaded” (that is, gasoline without additives or contaminants) does not become solid until it reaches about -150 degrees F. As a practical matter, you will not need to worry about the gasoline in your car freezing unless you’re driving around in Antarctica during certain periods, but even in these instances you will probably have some additives in the fuel to prevent freezing.

can hot water kill lizards — Yes. Specifically, water that is heated up to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit will kill most living organisms including lizards. As a general rule, you can tell how hot the water needs be by attempting to briefly touch it. If it’s hot enough to cause scalding on human skin, I have found that it is plenty hot enough to kill any bugs that you’re trying to get rid of.

can resistance to change actually be a good thing? — Of course it can if the change is unfavorable! For example, if politicians are trying to institute change that would take away more of your freedom, it would certainly be a good thing for you to resist it as much as you are able. On the other hand, changes that move society in a libertarian direction should not be resisted, especially since the status quo generally sucks.

can you put a cell in the oven to fix it from water damage? — Yes, this is possible, and a few people have even reported success after using this method. However, you need to be careful about the oven temperature because if it is too hot it can melt some of the cell phone’s components.

clear cache often firefox +why — Clearing your cache regularly can provide some protection against viruses that happen to slip in there, and can also prevent problems with not seeing updates to web pages that have changed content since the last time you visited them.

coke blak price — Although I have not seen it available in our area for several months, on the last occasion where I saw it for sale at HEB it was selling for $4.99 for a carton of four bottles. This seems overpriced when you consider that each bottle only contained about 9 oz. (less than a standard 12 oz. soda can and much more expensive). Even if you’re lucky enough to find it, you’re probably better off making your own version by taking regular Coke and adding a small amount of coffee to it. I have been doing this with my Cokes ever since I figured out their formula; it seems to add a pleasant enhancement to the usual cola flavor.

cons of prostitution raising revenue — This is another one that I have a difficult time coming up with cons for; if you’re one of those people who can bring in revenue from prostitution, well, more power to you! People like me are not so fortunate, however, which is one of the reasons that I’m running this website.

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