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Texas Libertarian Party Election Records and Recap for 2008

November 11th, 2008

libertarian-party-texas.jpgToday Wes Benedict has released a letter detailing election day results and other related issues to members of our Libertarian Party affiliate in Texas. Despite the disappointing totals for presidential candidate Bob Barr, the party set several new records in other races, including highest percentage and vote total for U.S. Senate, highest number of candidates on the ballot, and over one million votes for our Court of Criminal Appeals statewide candidate. Only one other LP candidate, John Monds in the race for Georgia’s Public Service Commission, surpassed the one million vote mark nationally.

Here is the text of Wes Benedict’s email, which includes a link to the vote totals and percentages for all Libertarian Party of Texas candidates. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the election results for LP candidates nationally, you can find these at the LP.org site here.

Dear Texas Friend of Liberty:

Thanks to our donors for coming through recently and helping us to purchase more door hangers and yard signs. Our Assistant Director, Arthur DiBianca, and I worked feverishly for the past couple of months recruiting volunteers and shipping door hangers and signs to as many of you as we could find and recruit.

Texas Libertarian candidates did great on election day, breaking some new records. Thanks to all of our candidates and volunteers who worked hard for the past two years, and to our donors.

Unfortunately, after spending so much on campaign materials and shipping, the Libertarian Party of Texas does not have enough money to pay Art and me for our work in October. I do hope you’ll donate so we can get paid.

I knew I was taking a risk when I decided to buy all of those signs and door hangers. However, that was a risk I was willing to take in order to keep every willing volunteer and candidate supplied through election day. (And actually, the full risk is on my shoulders because the contract I agreed to with the LP Texas allows the party not to pay me if it doesn’t have the money available.)

However, I am very hopeful that after reading more about our hard work and the results on election day, you’ll feel like contributing so that Art and I can get paid.

Some of the highlights from election day:

The party had 173 candidates on the ballot, our highest count ever.

By getting more than 5 percent in at least one statewide race, we’re automatically qualified for ballot access in 2010.

William B. Strange, our candidate for Court of Criminal Appeals Place 9 (a statewide race), received more than one million votes (18 percent) in a two-way race. That is the first time any Libertarian in Texas has crossed the million-vote threshold. According to ballot access expert Richard Winger, William Strange is one of only two minor-party candidates to cross the million-vote threshold since 1970.

Yvonne Schick, our candidate for U.S. Senator, received over 184,000 votes, or 2.34 percent. That is the highest vote count, and the highest percentage, ever received by a Texas Libertarian for that office.

Libertarian candidates played “kingmaker” in several legislative races. In State Senate District 10, State House District 11, State House District 52, and State House District 105, it appears that candidates will win with less than 50 percent of the vote. Our presence may have been crucial in those races.

In Travis County, two Libertarian candidates played “kingmaker”, holding the winners under 50 percent, and possibly costing two incumbents their seats.

A table of the results for our candidates is at the bottom of this page:

Libertarian Party of Texas Vote Totals for 2008 Election

Our presidential candidate, Bob Barr, received over 56,300 votes in Texas (0.70 percent), which was the fourth highest percentage in the nation, and also the highest vote count in the nation. (To be fair, part of the reason Texas was so high for Barr is that the Libertarian Party was the only third party on the Texas ballot this year.)

We’ll keep compiling results and providing them to you, but collecting all of the results and analyzing them takes time. I do want to be straightforward about how we’re doing: while we have plenty of positive things to report, some of our percentages appear to be a little lower than they were in 2006. That was something we expected. Heated presidential races may cause many people to vote straight-ticket, which reduces third-party percentages further down the ballot. Additionally, in 2006, two very strong independents were at the top of the ticket (Carol Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman), which cut way down on the straight-ticket voting and helped our Libertarian percentages further down the ballot.

Nevertheless, I’m very proud of the hard work of our candidates and the results for the Libertarian Party of Texas this year.

I especially want to thank our Assistant Director, Arthur DiBianca, for working so hard. In just the two months leading up to election day, Art got busy on the telephone. He dialed 3,717 times to 1,695 people, reaching 745. Of those 745, 120 said they would donate, 35 additional said they’d maybe donate, and 232 said send door hangers. About 15 people said they already had door hangers from before but that they’d put those old ones up.

Thanks again to all of you who helped out. I’ve been working long hours seven days a week for most of the past couple of months, so I’m going to take a couple of days off.

I do hope you’ll contribute to the Libertarian Party of Texas so that Art and I can get paid for our work in October.
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I’ll be hard to reach for a few days, so if you’d like to contribute by phone, please call Art at 512-707-2809 (during business hours).

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Texas

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