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Using Themes for Print Design in Microsoft Word 2007

November 21st, 2008

ms-word-2007-double-spacing.jpgThis latest article by Angela Baca is a brief description of print design themes in Microsoft Word 2007. The feature is supposed to help in streamlining your document production tasks by saving you time that would otherwise be used to configure your formatting options. It can also affect the appearance of your documents by having them appeal more to your particular aesthetic preferences or making them look somewhat more professional.

Microsoft Word 2007 offers new features that give people without publishing experience the capacity to produce top-notch documents. One improved feature in Word 2007 concerns the theme. When you use themes, your publications look more sleek and stylish. Your audience does not need to know that you produce your own publications.

A theme involves uniformity of style. Think about your local newspaper. You see the same headers used on each section, from the sports section to the help wanted ads. Wouldn’t you like to achieve that same level of print quality the next time you publish a newsletter or advertisement?

Using themes in Word 2007 forces you to stick to a combination of styles that you find visually appealing. You can use free web resources at Microsoft Office Online for creating themes and saving them to your computer desktop.

Creating a theme for a Word document involves your formatting choices, including the style of your headings, chunks of text, borders, page numbers, colors, and margins. Microsoft Word gives you the choice of using preformatted themes instead of building your own.

According to the authors of Microsoft Word 2007 Inside Out, Katherine Murray, Mary Milhollon, and Beth Milton, the newest version of Word “attempts to cut out much of the time you spend selecting options to control the format of your document.”

Murray, Milhollon, and Milton also point out that a great theme can be used over and over to regularly produce documents for your organization; themes can also be used in other Office programs such as PowerPoint. You can use the Help feature in each Microsoft Office program to adapt a theme from one program to the other.

Using uniform styles builds a theme for your office publications. Explore the possibility of self designed or professionally designed themes in Microsoft Word 2007 for substantial time savings when writing your next newsletter or business publication.

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2 Responses to “Using Themes for Print Design in Microsoft Word 2007”

  1. comment number 1 by: hey3

    so…how do you use it?

  2. comment number 2 by: Jane

    Yeah good point. What’s the point of an article that implies it’s going to tell you how to use it… and turns out to be just a ‘puff piece’ about how nice/useful it is?

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