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Search Query Sunday, 40th Edition

November 23rd, 2008

search-traffic-statistics-40.jpgAlthough the week’s search traffic levels have not changed much, I managed to get a nice boost of traffic from StumbleUpon when my post on redundant words and phrases was submitted by jpearce01 and received four positive votes. Meanwhile, yesterday I managed to discover a plethora of Xbox-related keywords that show good potential for SEO and affiliate marketing. The popularity of console gaming and related issues is driving lots of traffic through the search engines as expected, but I was surprised at how many niche keywords in this genre still have very few competing pages listed. I wound up compiling such a long list of juicy keywords that I will probably not be able to cover them all with posts here without turning this site into some sort of gaming blog. Therefore, I will probably save most of these for one of my upcoming Blogger mini-projects.

This week’s sample of keywords is as follows:

contact virusisolator — Unfortunately for those who have bought into this vaporware application, there is no valid contact address for VirusIsolator because it is a scam designed to separate fools from their money. One of my commenters actually got duped by this one a few days ago. If this person had taken the time to run a search and find my post BEFORE forking his money over to the scammers, he could have saved some money and avoided much embarrassment.

can i bake my cell phone if it gets wet? –Yes, this is possible but you’ll want to be careful about turning the temperature up too high because this could melt some of the components.

can roach spray kill lizards — Yes, it can if you use enough, but this would not be considered an environmentally friendly method as it would leave behind chemical residues.

can you buy sliced zucchini spaghetti — I have not seen this particular product for sale anywhere, but I have not specifically looked for it either. If you cannot find it, you can always make your own by peeling the zucchini and using a long julienne cut.

does heat or water mess up cell phones — Water can definitely mess up a cell phone if it seeps inside and causes a short circuit; heat can cause warping or melting of components at sufficiently high temperatures.

donkeymails.com real traffic? — This depends somewhat on what you would call “real traffic”. If you run a regular email ad at DonkeyMails, you can get actual humans to visit your site, but the quality of this traffic is debatable because most of these visitors will not have much money to spend and are clicking through to your site for a pitifully small incentive. However, it is possible to convert some of these people into referrals or opt-in leads for something that is free to join.

english lesson amount number — This is a good idea for my next English usage post. In short, use amount when referring to things that cannot be individually counted (such as time, food, or freedom), and number when referring to things that you can actually count (for example coins, computers, or people).

has anyone given the ssn to mysurvey.com — Any USA residents who earn more than $600 within a calendar year with MySurvey.com (or any other single income source) are supposed to provide their SSN (social security number) for tax purposes. I’m not sure exactly how many people fall into this category, but it is possible to meet this threshold if one has a high number of referrals and qualifies for enough surveys.

how do zodiac rings work — They don’t; these are bogus products sold by spammers. Amazingly, judging by the search queries and comments, there is still a significant demand for these items.

how long do amazon cookies stay on system — Unless it has changed very recently, 24 hours. This is an unusually short cookie duration for an affiliate program; the industry average is 30 to 90 days.

how long will pending last on treasure troopers — If an offer is not approved, the “Pending” status drops off after about one month, after which the offer is placed back in the regular list unless the advertiser has determined that it is no longer active.

how to count how many word in the text — If you have Microsoft Word, highlight the text, then go to Tools >> Word Count. A popup window should appear which will display the word count along with a few other statistics. This is also a good idea for another short tutorial post.

if my phone short circuits do i need a new phone — Generally speaking, yes you will need to replace the phone as it is rather tedious and time-consuming to attempt a manual fix, not to mention the hassle of obtaining replacement parts. If you do find out that you need a new phone, you can find one at TMI Wireless here. They seem to have some pretty good prices on cell phones, especially if you take advantage of the rebates.

in english, is i.e. correct? — It is correct as long as you are using it as an abbreviation for “that is” (from the Latin id est).

is “pizza pie” redundnat? — Yes, because pizza is Italian for “pie.”

is alot correct usage? — No, “alot” is not a valid English word. In most cases, you will need to replace this with either “a lot” or “allot” depending on the context of your sentence.

is www.mysurvey.com a scam? — No, this one is actually legitimate, although it will probably not provide you with a full-time income on its own. You can join for free here.

list all leap years up 2020 — Starting from the present: 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020.

what is the meaning of lol — Laughing Out Loud.

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