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What Are Private Label Rights?

November 26th, 2008

private-label-rights-what-is.jpgPrivate label rights, often abbreviated PLR, represent a license agreement which effectively provides the owner legal free rein regarding the use of an associated product. Technically, the original author retains copyright but under this type of license, the acquiring owner may alter the product in any way, including taking credit as the author. PLR products may include text, graphics, source codes, or software, but the most common form is written content organized into articles or ebooks.

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Typically the original author of a written work will sell private label rights on it to another interested party for a fee. The author can then sell the same license to other parties as well, and eventually make more money than a regular ghostwriter would for selling a unique article.

How Can I Make Money with PLR Articles?

For those who manage to procure private label rights to a set of articles, this presents several opportunities for you to make money. For example, you can:

  1. Sell the product as is through various online venues including Ebay, Craigslist, or even your own website.
  2. Divide a long article or e-book into two or more shorter articles and sell these separately.
  3. Combine several short articles into an e-book and sell it as a different product.
  4. Rewrite or add to the text to improve an article’s quality. You can also add value by including photos, illustrations, audio, or video clips.
  5. Use the articles as content on your blog or other website. If you decide on this option, it is recommended that you rewrite or add to the article first to avoid duplicate content in the search engines. You can then make money through AdSense, affiliate links, or other advertisements on your pages.
  6. Find affiliate products that are relevant to the article’s content and place links to them in appropriate places within the text. If you happen to acquire an e-book with affiliate links already in it, you can simply switch out the existing links with yours and make money from any resulting commissions.
  7. Give away some or all of the content as a gift for subscribing to your list or newsletter.
  8. If you are already selling another product, you can offer the content as a free bonus to increase sales.
  9. If you gather a significant amount of PLR content, you can use it as material for a paid membership site.
  10. You can transfer or “burn” the content onto a CD and sell this to people who prefer to have a physical copy of the material.

How Are Private Label Rights Different from Master Resell Rights?

Master Resell Rights are slightly different from PLR. Most MRR licenses allow you to freely distribute the product either by giving it away or selling it for a profit. You can even transfer the resale rights to the product, which is what is meant by the “master” part of the phrase. However, unlike PLR you cannot substantially change the content or take credit for it. There may also be other restrictions depending on the specific terms of the product, which is why it is always a good idea to read the disclaimers on these before deciding what to do with them.

An example of a master resell rights product is an e-book called “Cashing In With Private Label Rights” that I managed to acquire from a membership site. Under the terms of its license I am allowed to sell it or give it away, so I will allow you to download it for free here as a bonus for reading down to the bottom of this article. Note that it is in PDF format; therefore, if you would like to save it for later reading, you can do so by clicking the “Save a Copy” option in the upper left of the page. The book explains more about the advantages and disadvantages of private label rights content and what you can do to derive maximum profit from it.

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