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Student Personal Finance Options

November 27th, 2008

student-personal-finance.JPGThis article on student personal finances is one that I managed to find earlier today at a newly discovered site called DailyArticle.com. I could not find an author’s name to credit as the original source because it was purchased under private label rights, as is the case with most of the other articles from this particular venue. Eventually I will write up a full review of the site; it shows promise as a good place for webmasters to find original content of acceptable quality.

If you are just starting your college education, it probably has not yet hit you that for the next four years you will be poorer than you have ever been in your life. This is true for most students because usually parents will not send you much money for living expenses when you are in college, especially if they are struggling with money issues themselves. If difficult overall economic conditions are added to the mix, you will likely have difficulty finding a job since you have not yet graduated. Moreover, school can be very difficult and time consuming, putting further strain on your student personal finances.

With the cost of education being ridiculously high in many locales, you will need to find a way to save as much as you can. Fortunately, as a student you can take advantage of certain entitlements that will allow you to save a ton of money on things that you would otherwise buy anyway even if you were not in school. You can do this by shopping in businesses close to campus and letting them know that you are a student and would like to receive the educational discount. Here are some of the places where I have been able to get a student discount:

  1. Movies at Clearview Cinemas: When you go to the theater, you can tell them that you are attending college and would like to know if they have any student discounted movie tickets. They will most likely say yes, which will allow you to save a significant amount on the price of the tickets. Student tickets in our area are $4 and the regular price is $10, adding up to a nice savings for two or more people.
  2. Haircuts at Supercuts:: If you are in need of a barber’s services, take advantage of the cheap haircuts that students have on campus. You can often find someone to do the job for a relatively low price; alternatively, you can go to a shop that does haircuts for students and you will likely get your cut for half price. You will need to mention that you are a student and would like a student discount.
  3. Food at China Wok Chinese Restaurant and many others: Many restaurants near campus will give a discount to students of 10% or more. This may seem like a very small amount but every little bit counts and this will add up as the months progress. When you go out to eat or order over the phone, mention that you would like the student discount. You could also take advantage of events on campus that offer free food, thus saving yourself this cost by attending the event.
  4. Broadway tickets: You can save money by going to the box office and telling the clerk for the show that you are a student who would like to see a particular movie. This has gotten me tickets to The Lion King for just $20 even though they are normally $200. This represents a large savings on something that most people would probably do anyway. However, note that you will need to arrive at the theater around noon before the show starts because there are limited educational discount tickets available.

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